Affiliate marketing says general sites do better than niche sites

alien comic

This means I need to stop being a nerd immediately and have more general content. Oh no! Once again I’m barking up the wrong road.

Well not barking really more coughing from having the AC up too high. Now this means I need to purge content that is too specific and focus on attracting a general audience.

Sure no problem. When all websites are a variety hour how can anyone show their specific talents or interest? AI talks about the normalization of mediocrity. We already have that. We have normalized mediocracy when we accept anything less than the best for our needs. We accept a poor experience in every aspect of our lives.

The question isn’t that we need to attract a general audience. The question is that how can people still be convinced to spend money and buy stuff they don’t need? We don’t care about quality, we care about novelty.

That’s why we get into relationships that we don’t benefit from because they are new. The internet appeals to our sense of newness not our sense of intelligence.

Which is a good thing because I don’t have many intelligent things to say. As long as this monkey can spin shiny plates I will have an audience. Dance monkey dance!


Are we entertained yet? How much stuff do we have to buy before we realize that fun and kindness are better than artificial gatekeeping and meaningless words? We drown in words but we rarely drown in good feelings. I think that’s why humor is so valued. People want to feel good for a moment before they go back to drinking to avoid reality.

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That’s what my focus group tells me away. I might be wrong.