You can’t help but read this story and be so impressed with his generosity of spirit and good nature. The state wants to shut him down for being incompetent, but his poor patients and other medical professionals testified to his competence. Can you imagine what life would be like without healthcare? Fortunately very few of us have to face that problem.

Health care is so difficult for millions of people still in the United States. Even after Obamacare millions are still not covered. So many inefficiencies in Health Care. Some people rob to get health care.  An optimistic spouse improves partners health care. You can use your mobile phone for health care. You have to have compassion to be healthy. If you are obese it affects your job prospects if you are a woman. Cute cartoon by the Middletons. The importance of record keeping for health care. One opinion that Steve Jobs bought his liver. One example of a risk to life with a house fire caused by Apple. Touching WWYD about health and giving people a break. A story from my past about a problem with a cough. Want to know one of the secrets of the happinest man on earth. A natural earth remedy heals my headache. Funny that wanting things makes us happier than having them. Some thoughts of health and the illusion of separateness. Can a smartphone save your life?

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