Stories from my Past: Where the sidewalk ends and where it begins.

As I wrote before in this post about Shel Silverstein Where the Sidewalk Ends was a very influential book as a child. I loved the imagery and creativity that I felt in those pages. I even memorized Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout would not take the Garbage Out! as part of my show and tell in 2nd grade. Boy was the teacher surprised when I told him I had it memorized.

I read yesterday an article about Shel Silverstein and it reminded of an experience that I had forgotten that I wanted to share. I had a beloved teacher who lost her husband in the past, so I went to her home to visit her and show my support. While I was there she introduced me to her grandchild she said who was “creative” like she thought I was. I spoke with the kid for a bit since seemed to want us to talk, and I suddenly remembered that I had just bought the book Where the Sidewalk Ends. I was so pleased to read the poems again after not reading them in so long. I excused myself and went out to my car and came back and asked my former teacher if it was ok to give her grandchild a gift. I have found that it is always best to get parental permission before giving a child anything from my experiences in daycare. The teacher said yes and so I presented her the book. She was so surprised and thanked me.

I hope that she found the book as enjoyable as I did as a child. I always thought that imagination is where the best things in life came from. We imagine we can love someone, and then we accept that person and choose to love them. Thanks Shel for your gift of sharing joy with others.


Disk not ejected properly: Apple Support Communities

Disk not ejected properly: Apple Support Communities. Robin did some excellent standing up for herself and finding a solution. Sometimes you often get the impression with first line support that they want to blame the problem on you. Clearly it was a system issue. Here is the solution she followed in the link above.

Disk not ejected properly: Apple Support Communities


1. Pull out your ethernet cable and disable WiFi and any other network connectivity you have.

2. Open Finder, go to your computer and then select you Macintosh HD (or whatever you have renamed it).

3. Go to Macintosh HD – Library – Preferences

4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and you ewill see a folder called SystemConfiguration

5. Pull this folder onto the desktop.

6. Go to System Preferences – Sharing and change the name of your computer, even just a litlle bit.

7. Reboot

8. Re-enable Wifi and Ethernet

9. If you have installed Jettison, remove it and remove it from your start up items.

You shoudl be good to go.

My machine was constantly ejecting my USB drive, even if left for onnly 10-15 minutes, since doing this I have not had one single ejection and I am into 48 plus hours of run time.

If you like what Jettison does but don’t want to eject the disks everytime your computer sleeps and it will!, then try UnDock from the Mac App store.

Very similar functionality BUT it is a manual process.

In my case if I am going to be going out I will simply use the key combo I hae seletced Ctrl-Alt-Command plus U and all my external devices undock.

I really hope this helps one or more you you guys.




Time Machine extremely slow on Mavericks

Time Machine extremely slow on…: Apple Support Communities. So I had a problem with Time Machine on Mavericks as well. After I upgraded my Time Machine external hard drive wasn’t recognized. I just replaced it with another USB hard drive. It offered to reformat it and I allowed the OS to do what it wanted. Then halfway through the backup it said the hard drive had disk errors. It is a older hard drive so its possible. I reformatted it again and then let it continue a new backup. However I had to help a friend so it never finished. I will update this if I have a solution to that problem.

Time Machine (Apple software)Generally using another hard drive is a practical and safe suggestion with an OS upgrade. It is unfortunate that so many people have problems, but given the amount of data and the crucial nature of it, its best to be cautious. I don’t understand people who only have one external hard drive. I think having one of anything is being careless. Things fail and then what do you do?


USB Bluetooth adapter stops working…: Apple Support Communities

USB Bluetooth adapter stops working…: Apple Support Communities. This would be frustrating. Fortunately Awww has a solution. Thanks! Bluetooth is so popular.

USB Bluetooth adapter stops working...: Apple Support Communities

Thanks! That solved my problem. I just had to swap in my device id which was different than yours.

I converted my USB adapter’s idProduct value from hexidecimal (0×2101) into decimal (8449) and added this configuration:

                    <key>BroadcomUSBBluetoothHCIController_Dongle – IOGear2</key>















Don’t see a USB/Flash drive when you connect it to your mac?

It used to be that Apple just had it automatically pop up or appear on the desktop. However due to security reasons probably, this is no longer the case. Mende1 has the solution below.

At the left part of the Finder window, you will find its sidebar. Here, you should see a “Devices” list at the bottom of the sidebar. If you don’t see it, scroll down, and finally, choose the USB drive.

To show it in Desktop, just go to the menu bar and press the “Finder” button, and then, select the “Preferences” option. Then, in the window you should see, tick “External disks”, and the USB drive should appear in Desktop

via HT2518 when i connect my flash drive to…: Apple Support Communities.