Want to share content on a TV screen from your computer through wireless?

Source: The Nerdy Teacher: InFocus JTouch and LiteShow 4 Review #EdChat

There are many ways to share content from a Windows computer to a TV screen/projector.

  1. Using a LiteShow 4 that would wirelessly connect a computer to the LiteShow network. Windows 7 has the ability to both connect to a wired and wireless network. I had a friend who has this and it works perfectly with his desktop configured with a usb wifi adapter. You have to install the supplied software for this to work and then put in the code.
  2. Connecting through the video out to TV screen with a VGA or other adapter cable.
  3. Using an Apple TV to connect through the network. This works very well and doesn’t require any additional hardware or software. This works only for Macintosh devices. Windows devices wouldn’t see an Apple TV by design. You might be able to use third-party software like AirParrot to make this work. It supports streaming to a PC.

Apple’s iPhone 6s approaching waterproof

Source: Apple’s Clever Tech Makes the iPhone 6s Nearly Waterproof – StumbleUpon

So again Apple exceeds expectations in the design and manufacture of things. Apple and Tesla consistently push the technological edge. It is really amazing what they could accomplish together isn’t it?

So the adhesive strip that you see in the photo shows a little bit of waterproofing. The main part is silicon which protects the most critical components. This is really nice that they are finally making this a priority. I wonder why they didn’t buy the company that covers all the electronics completely. It is a strange choice.

Apple likes doing many things alone. Probably because they like the secrecy of others not knowing. Apple tends to still prefer things that lock people in instead of open standards. The choice of the iPhone charger instead of a mini-usb was silly in my opinion. It might be technically better, but it would have saved their customers lots of money and time.

In software too they try to establish boundaries that are really meaningless. Gatekeeper is supposed to help with security but it was broken, and it can be turned off. So just like a regular lock, it only keeps honest people out. Security should not be an option otherwise it is not security. It is just something made to help people “feel” safe.