Is the Save As dialog box in Windows 7 not coming to the front anymore?

I had a friend who had this problem and we did the following trick below and it worked. Thanks Tylerg.

This is a fix that worked for others:
a)    Open registry, click Start, Type regedit and press enter.

b)    Locate the key:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

c)    On the right pane right click on the following key and select modify:

d)    ForegroundLockTimeoute)    Select Base as decimal and then type 0 (zero) in the value data box and click on Ok.

f)     Exit from registry and restart the computer.

This occurred after a Microsoft patch Tuesday update. Many times after patch Tuesday things go wrong and you have to fix them. It especially is bad if you use any registry edits or hacks to support unsupported software. Some companies ban registry fixes, while others don’t seem to care. I prefer the companies that ban them since it helps to standardize client configurations and makes it easier to support and troubleshoot in the future. Its very difficult when you have a team to start making untracked changes to software.

What else is interesting about this is that Windows requires so many regedit fixes for software. I am so glad that Apple doesn’t have this issue. Apple used to suffer from a similar problem with corrupt plist files, but rarely is that a problem anymore. I personally haven’t had to fix that for several years and hope that part of the Mac history is past.

Its difficult for businesses to support such rapidly changing software. Windows 10  promises to have updates, and from what I have seen, early adopters of Windows 10 are complaining about the constant updating. Of course bleeding edge people will put in more effort, but I have to wonder if this is just a sign of things to come. When Microsoft has the ability to update anytime, why wouldn’t they use this as frequently as possible to advance their own interests? There are many articles already that talk about how Microsoft is going to ban or possibility delete illegal or pirated software, and that it is spying on its users even when features are turned off. This is hopefully something that will change and their commitment to user privacy continues as their words have said.

I like the fact that software is proprietary and contained with one person to be responsible like Microsoft or Apple. As much as I like and use open source components for clients, at the end of the day you need support and security and right now proprietary is the way to go in my opinion. Open source is so vast and the lack of people with those skills are apparent. It was always the problem for Apple for corporate adoption is that they had a hard time finding people skilled in Mac support. Open source is no different. Now both mac and open source people are growing, but most IT people are Windows people for better or worse so that seems to be the main reason Windows is so popular. Its certainty not because of its merits, because clearly Open source and Mac are superior.

Problems syncing your iPhone to a VW GTI?

Source: – how do i sync my i phone bluetooth to my car?

This link talks about VW owners who have problems syncing the Bluetooth on the iPhone to their VW. I helped a friend with this yesterday and we had problems as well. The first time that we tried to sync, the iPhone wouldn’t see the Bluetooth of the car. So I rebooted the iPhone but when we tried again it didn’t show the number code on the phone.

Normally when you connect a smart phone to a car you will be asked to verify that the number shown on your iPhone matches the number that is shown on the dash screen. In this case the VW didn’t properly send that number to the phone, but it did identify the phone by the name of the Phone. So my friend answered “yes” when it said is this the number displaying on the phone. Then there were two choices. One was just to sync with the phone calling capacity, and the other was to use the AD2P profile which allows things like music to sync to the phone. I had her choose the AD2P profile. If you have a choice this should be the one that you use in a car.

In other cars they don’t allow you to choose the profile, but always select the most featured one for you. Cars that are pre-2010 seem to not have AD2P as a common functionality. So many cars have Bluetooth but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can sync your iPhone and listen to music in your car. However every car that has Bluetooth that I’ve experienced will let you play your smartphone through it. Some cars are not good at dealing with the newest iPhone’s which have a newer Bluetooth, but when I suggested for a friend to go to the dealer and get a firmware update it seemed to solve the issue.

Bluetooth in cars works pretty well. The biggest problems are just interference that rarely happens when other Bluetooth devices like other iPhone’s are in the car. More common is the problem of having multiple iPhone’s in the same car. Some cars do not deal well with multiple Bluetooth connections. For example a friends Lexus doesn’t seem to want to connect to a second Bluetooth profile from a second iPhone. This is a 2010 Lexus so the dealer doesn’t have any additional updates. My friend has to connect his iPhone through a USB cable which is fine but not all systems have the capability. Many car models only have a Bluetooth connection so YMMV.

The other thing that is helpful to know is that the quality of the sound from a Bluetooth connection is better than the old tape adapters that directly connect to the sound out. I used to use a tape adapter when I listened in friends cars but now that they have Bluetooth and USB they are better connections. The tape adapter introduces a very faint hiss and reduces the quality somewhat. It is really remarkable as technology progresses how you find the limitations in the old way of doing things. I have been amazed as I have listened to music that I have listened to for years in basic sound systems sound completely different in high-end systems. It is humbling when you help someone who is rich and the experience of music is that it comes to life. Now even economy cars have great sound. Isn’t technology wonderful?