iPad Pro is too big for me

I was in the Apple 5th Avenue store today and tried the iPad Pro for the first time. It was humongous!

I have talked before that I am not impressed with the iPad series, so it was a short testing time with the Pro. Of course it has a beautiful screen and quick and everything you would expect from Apple. The problem is that I just don’t like iOS apps and that isn’t going to change because Apple makes the screen larger.

I shared before how I got the 6+ phone and I hate it. It is so awkwardly large that it has been encouraging me to leave it in a drawer when I don’t need it. I think this is partly why the recent sales of the iPhone SE are so high and Apple is having a problem keeping them in stock. Everyone who bought a 6+ is unhappy and wants something smaller that isn’t so awkward to handle.

iPad Pro is too big for meWhat is disappointing about the iOS apps is that even though they are millions of them, most of them are very low quality. You might play a game for a while, or use an app for a while, but then you forget about it. Plus the cost of constantly keeping them updated both in time/data make it different from a regular computer app. A regular computer app you don’t care if Microsoft Word auto-updates itself. It practically goes unnoticed. But it slows your iPhone down when you have lots of apps updating, and they always update when you just want to download a new app to test it.

I can’t think of any app that use on my iPhone that I have kept through upgrades. If I download an app, 99% I delete it when I’m done using it. Right now I have only 2 extra apps on my iPhone and I’m not convinced I am going to keep them. One of them is Box and the other is an app for my car. Both of them I rarely use but just wanted to learn. When I had dozens of apps it slowed my phone down and make it unreliable so since I actually use my phone for a phone, I want it to be the most reliable it can be. I never have a problem with calls since limiting the number of apps I use.

I get it. Its fun for people to try apps and certainty there are lots of free apps. I just don’t find most of them compelling. I would rather spend that time listening and exploring music than wandering through app land. Different strokes for different folks.

Firefox on Mac slow – spinning wait rainbow

I was helping a client who complained that Firefox on her Mac slow – spinning wait rainbow. Then another person called saying the same issue. This required some investigation.

Both computers had the newest version of Firefox installed. Both had the latest OS installed, and both had 4GB of ram. Figuring it was low on memory I first restarted the computer to see if it helped. It did not.

Running just Firefox I watched Activity Monitor to see if there was other activity running. There was not. So this was probably just junk that had accumulated or perhaps some plugins that were causing issues. I disabled all plugins and still slow. I deleted the cache and reset the browser, still slow.

Firefox on Mac slow - spinning wait rainbowSo the laptop she is using is a MacBook Air about 4 years old. I looked at the amount of free memory. Out of a 250 GB drive, she only had 25GB free. Apple recommends 25% of the total drive space free, which in this case is about 63GB. I rounded up for those math majors. This was a major cause of her spinning. Her computer was very limited on the virtual memory which causes this kind of slowness.

It didn’t help that Firefox doesn’t run in parallel which is scheduled to be fixed with the next version due in the next few months at the most. So in macs that have low system resources using Safari/Chrome might be best until Firefox updates. However as I wrote before both Safari/Chrome are removing functionality like Flash, Java, Silverlight and so on and more, so they may not be compatible with the websites that you want to visit.

There is not a clear winner for the average mac user using a web browser. Most people who use macs, need to have a variety of browsers to be compatible with all business websites. Often the most problematic websites are from the government, or older application compatibility.

I like Firefox even with this limitation. Oh, what happened to that female mac Firefox user? Did she get her problem solved?

Yes, it turns out that due to the junk built up on her computer, it made more sense to reinstall from scratch and reinstall her applications. Once I did this, performance was fantastic. It makes sense to rebuild/refresh computers that are heavily used whenever issues like this occur.


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