Constant updates are too much for people

Constant updates are too much for people. I help people everyday and there are always updates to do. It overwhelms people and ultimately causes worse security.

See here is the thing. Anyone who doesn’t do IT doesn’t care about updates. We IT people have talked till we are blue in the face, but to the average computer users updates only cause problems. It either slows their computer down, causes new problems, or changes things and people hate change. So when you tell them that it will secure their computer from hackers, they say “It won’t prevent a hacker from getting into my computer.” The thing is, that is completely true.

Constant updates are too much for peopleThe truth is, that even when you update the system there are always hacks that aren’t public. For example, I have talked about Apple only updating its users of security problems when a fix is available. While that may make sense for consumers, for business it doesn’t make sense at all. Some businesses like financial markets need to know this information as soon as Apple knows it, and withholding it only hurts the weakest and most vulnerable businesses.

Now of course every business has many ways to stay safe. It can’t depend on just one system. However as a consumer relying only on Apple is a mistake. Yes it has fewer security problems in some ways than Windows, but it also is a big question mark with things that Apple doesn’t share with us.

This is the biggest problem I see in Apple and updates and security in general. When you ask people to update to keep their system safe, you make the users responsible for something that the vendor (Apple/Microsoft) should be responsible for. This is never going to help people secure their systems. In this way, asking people to update their systems is so incomplete to help them feel secure. People need multiple levels of many systems to be safe.

Simple solutions are often wrong.

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Recent Apple OS updates have taken 30 minutes on average

I have a MacBook Pro from 2012 and recent apple OS updates have taken 30 minutes on average. I bet I am not the only one.

I have 4GB of ram, but that should not be an issue since Mac OS updates have been booting into a pre Macintosh environment where they show progress with a line at the bottom. Since no other applications are loaded but the OS, there should be no slowdown due to the amount of memory. So then I can only wonder that the slowness is due to probably massive numbers of files being written to the drive, and then I wonder why.

Recent Apple OS updates have taken 30 minutes on averageIn the past, we had fast updates even between different OS systems. It seems that with time, Apple updates are taking longer to update. With faster hard drives available now than in the past, the amount of time to update should be decreasing not increasing.

Ok I hear those people who are saying “You have a 4-year-old machine. What do you expect?” One of the amazing things about the mac in the past was its ability to support newer Operating systems. Now with the iOS, watch OS, I get the impression that Apple cares less about the Mac OS and supporting its legacy devices.

I can understand why this change would be done. Obviously they want to encourage purchase of newer hardware. They are a business after all and that is what businesses do. I am not going to tell them they shouldn’t do this. They are free to do whatever they think is best. I find it interesting that those of us who have been around the mac for awhile feel that the quality is decreasing. I wrote an article about this earlier about my concerns.

This it not a rehash of that article, but rather supporting reasons that concern me about Apples future. Apple has always made controversial decisions and somehow survived and even thrived. Some people feel that Tim Cook doesn’t have what it takes. Who knows he if does or not? I do not care to speculate in life.

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