Done with BackupBuddy

I am done with BackupBuddy. It has been the Windows of WordPress plugins. That is to say, doesn’t work for long, needs frequent updates, and more trouble than it is worth. I have switched to UpdraftPlus backup software and so far so good. Time will tell if it is better. It is $20 cheaper, so that is something. It also seems to have more remote file storage options so that is nice.

BackupBuddy is a WordPress backup software. I have tried many kinds of backup software and it has been difficult to find a reliable one. I hope this works and doesn’t require awkward updates like BB did.


NGPixel » Mac App Store – “You have updates available for other accounts” bug

NGPixel » Mac App Store – “You have updates available for other accounts” bug. I followed Solution 1 listed there and it did not work. Trying solution 2 now. Thanks NGPixel! Actually thank you Renso who came up with a working solution. Do this:

Here is what you do:

1. Go to…
2. Download “Find Any File” APP (Download link on the right side)
3. Run the APP to search for “_MASReceipt” on your HD
4. It will find several APPs with this folder in question.
5. Narrow down all of the APPs that you had installed that might be potentially a “pirated” APP.
6. Throw the folder and its contents in the Trash can and kiss your problem goodbye!


HT1338 Error 103 App Store Update…: Apple Support Communities

HT1338 Error 103 App Store Update…: Apple Support Communities. Thank you Derek for the answer. This is something that I am sure that Apple will fix.

I had the same problem, which may arise from having multiple “stacked” updates available—Mountain Lion 10.8.1, iMovie, and iPhoto.

This resolved it for me:

1.     Under Software Update, click “Show updates.”

2.     In the update window, click “More …”, which shows all updates available (in my case 3), and lets you install them seprately;

3.     Install the 10.8.1 one first, letting the computer restart;

4.     Repeat the process to install the remaining ones.

After you install 10.8.1, you may be able to install the remaining ones together, but I did them separately. Each of them is a long download.