OSX 10.10 networking problems and solutions

OSX 10.10 networking problems and solutions

Every version of the Mac has issues and 10.10 is no different. I have noticed in my use of it that it has real problems in resolving webpages with Safari. It tends to be slow on the Internet, freezes Safari, not resolving working websites, and in general difficult to use. Many mac users have noticed this.Why DNS in OS X 10.10 is broken, and what you can do to fix it | Ars Technica

There are many webpages with complex solutions to this including deleting system files, and changing your DNS server. This is not always practical in a large company due to DNS being required for custom applications, and not easy to automate deleting large numbers of system files.

This article suggests replacing a system component with an older version. I don’t agree with this solution. Messing around with changing Apples software stack is immediately unsupported and will not give Apple a chance to fix the issue in a later update. What is more effective is to give Apple feedback and let them know how many users are affected by this problem. When I have done that in the past and let Apple know that hundreds or thousands of people were affected, it has always gotten fixed in the next version of software. Lucky? Perhaps.

Why DNS in OS X 10.10 is broken, and what you can do to fix it | Ars Technica.

Want an custom built iOS app for a cheap price?

Sara’s list below is an excellent summary of the options. I used Como and in a matter of minutes I had the start of a custom built iOS app. It was so easy! I just followed the easy step by step process and it couldn’t have been easier. It showed me what the screen would look like on the iPhone and how the changes I made instantly were updated. Anyone with basic computer skills could make an app. You don’t have to be a designer or work with computers for a living.

The only downside I see is that the template based approach of this might make your app look like every other app. However on the other side of this, having a standardized and known good look might make your app more popular. To me I would appreciate my dentist or other professional having an app like this especially if it could automatically schedule an appointment or have secure information about my case that I could easily reference. This is probably years away though. Still a guy can dream can’t he?

Of course your other option for a custom built iOS app would be to pay for a programmer to do one. Considering how most programmers cost at least $100 an hour, it is easily to see why this program could be a great first step for a company to get their feet wet in the iOS world. If I was a business owner I would try one of these and then when I worked out something that was useful for my customers I would approach a programmer for custom things that these templates may not offer. Still knowing that you can change things yourself is a pretty powerful approach to managing your business.

Best App Maker - App Builders and Creators - Business News DailyWhat a nice service for your customers to have your business information easily accessible for them.

Best App Maker – App Builders and Creators – Business News Daily.