Teaching My Silver Surfers! (via Technology Information)

Senior Citizens Find That New Ulm, Minnesota, ...

Image by The U.S. National Archives via Flickr

Is this a touching thing to do? This man obviously values his elders and doesn’t consider the effort wasted. Every life is valuable.

Since I teach computers predominantly to seniors, my “Silver Surfers”, I am in a unique position to observe the challenges they face adjusting to the technology age. I have observed this with their use of cell phones, DVD players, TIVO, but predominantly with computers. In so many ways they are left behind and are running to catch up. They struggle to acquire basic computer skills. Moving and clicking a mouse while trying to assimilate what is ha … Read More

via Technology Information


Mossberg says the iPad is the top 2010 product



Mossberg says the iPad is the top 2010 product. I agree that iPad is a top product. I haven’t bought one but I understand when others do. I had a friend let me use his and it is interesting, but too limited for me. Perhaps in the future when it is more like Mac OS X and less limiting.