Sad series called Hoarders

Homeless Hoarder

Image by richardmasoner via Flickr

There is a TV show called Hoarders which is very sad. It shows the life of people who hoard things, and the reasons why they do that behavior. I have first-hand experience with hoarders. You can read the producers thoughts in this article.

I had a friend growing up who lived in a hoarders home. They lived in the poor section of town and the outside looked just like the inside. With limited funds I can see why people don’t want to throw things away. Another person was someone I knew and they also held on to everything. They even saved bits of string. I can see that people want to feel they have some control, and people who do this have multiple issues. They have good intentions, but somewhere their thinking becomes distorted. It is easy to identify bad thinking when it comes to stuff. I wish it were similarly easy to distinguish bad thinking when it comes to how we treat people.

Anyone else having problems with Netflix streaming?

I have used 3 laptops and all of them have had streaming issues with Netflix. My friend and I both have MacBook with 2GB of ram, and an older Dell Latitude.

I have done the normal troubleshooting steps. I have rebooted the computer, tried it with being minimized or maximized and experimented with different browsers. The worst browser on Mac seems to be Safari, then Firefox. The least problematic seems to be Chrome. Having the screen maximized seems to cause the most problem. Buffering it doesn’t seem to help. The Silverlight preferences don’t offer any help and I am using the newest version.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?