Microsoft Making It Easier To Ditch Windows For A Mac

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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Microsoft Making It Easier To Ditch Windows For A Mac. It must no longer be a choice for MS to have compatibility with older versions of itself. It must be a sign that Google and other email providers are threatening its dominance. This is something that could have helped MS maintain dominance, but like always, the arrogance of market leaders is its own undoing.


Microsoft Mobile Strategy – Clear as mud? (via OpenBytes)

Does the market understand it? They aren’t buying it.

It would be of little surprise if I voiced my horrific experience of Windows mobile as I often cite it as a reason I will never have a Microsoft based phone again.  I think its safe to say that even the people who didn’t suffer it on a mobile device would have read the numerous complaints and bad press about it.  That was then, although it did take Steve Ballmer a considerable amount of time to finally be reported as saying: Microsoft screwed up … Read More

via OpenBytes