tesco virtual supermarket in a subway station

Thanks to Tesco, grocery shopping became much easier than before. Tesco creates a virtual supermarket in a subway station where commuters can shop items that they normally see at a supermarket while waiting for the subway. Commuters can use their smartphones and use it to scan the bar codes on the items. Once the items are scanned, they are placed into their online shopping cart. After the transaction is completed, the grocery items are then delivered to the customer’s home the day after. Pretty neat huh?

Read and watch about this creative marketing ploy right here


Did you know your Facebook traffic looped through China and South Korea?

Downloading Communism

Image by OwenBlacker via Flickr

AT&T Facebook traffic takes a loop through China You know if this were 60 years ago and McCarthy was around, he would find this very interesting. I guess this means that AT&T is a traitor for this “mistake”. Right. Guess we need to blacklist AT&T don’t we? Don’t you wonder how the United States is going to have a chance in the world with this kind of stupidity? Our best and brightest monkeys are running AT&T? Oh don’t get me started on Facebook. It has more security holes than a family of mice in Swiss cheese.