North Korean accordion cover of a-has “Take On Me”

North Korean accordion cover of a-has \. It is a classic song that is handled really well by this group. I didn’t think of it as being done, but it is done well. World tour next?

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Did you know your Facebook traffic looped through China and South Korea?

Downloading Communism
Image by OwenBlacker via Flickr

AT&T Facebook traffic takes a loop through China You know if this were 60 years ago and McCarthy was around, he would find this very interesting. I guess this means that AT&T is a traitor for this “mistake”. Right. Guess we need to blacklist AT&T don’t we? Don’t you wonder how the United States is going to have a chance in the world with this kind of stupidity? Our best and brightest monkeys are running AT&T? Oh don’t get me started on Facebook. It has more security holes than a family of mice in Swiss cheese.

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