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Now what computer you have doesn’t matter

No this isn’t me trying to convince you to choose a particular computer, but rather warn you it doesn’t matter. According to this hackers are now able to attack the most popular computers with the same malware.

This is a fascinating development. This goes to show you that hackers are finding new and more efficient ways all the time to get things from people. Right now it is impossible to fully secure someone from hackers, but attempting to have the best security is always helpful. It may not prevent a determined hacker, but like a lock, it discourages lazy hackers to move to another target.

Now what computer you have doesn't matterIdeally one day security will also be tightly integrated with enforcement. I hope that security products one day will have forensic evidence and send it to authorities who can stop this attack. I always send notifications to ISPs that their users are hacking a company and attacks from that IP stop. If everyone did this, those hackers would have nowhere to hide. Unfortunately lazy IT people and lazy ISP’s allow this kind of criminal behavior to continue.

It is really getting so that one day there will be automatic and robotic responses to these kinds of attacks. Some software is smart enough to crowd source and immediately stop attacking behavior like Palo Alto. Other software as well is catching up like the iBoss and Sophos I wrote earlier about.  Having all of these would be a great defense. Of course there is always more to secure, which makes security very interesting.

One time I had a recruiter ask if I wanted to accept a security job and the company would train me. I have had these offers before where a company has offered to pay for my education. It is a flattering offer, but I don’t want to be just security. I find it very interesting, but variety is the spice of life as they say. However I am finding security more compelling the older I get. It seems to me more interesting that things I have been interested in before. Perhaps my career focus will change.

Until then, stay safe and keep your security software updated.

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Need a security/web filtering device? Try iBoss.

I said earlier that I was evaluating iBoss and other options. I have had some time with it and I am impressed.

Need a security/web filtering device? Try iBoss.Of course it filters the web. Many products do that. However it can also limit access to things that other devices don’t do. Like the specific parts of Facebook you might not want access to. Or defining web services in an easy way rather than burdening your firewall with configurations. It is amazing what built-in functionality it has.

With that said, the downside is that it takes some time to configure and is more geared toward companies that have at least 300 users. It would be a hard sell for smaller companies than that. It also requires some time to manage and figure out its weird issues. For example it blocked a site that I had white listed (allowed) and it was not obvious why. It took a call to iBoss to figure out why.

So this devices does some of what I have talked about other devices I have used already. It does some security like Palo Alto, and some endpoint protection like Sophos. It is an interesting combination of both. I would still suggest a Palo Alto for a company as a firewall/much more, and possibly iBoss instead of Sophos. Depending on the size of the company, Sophos for 300 users and smaller, and iBoss for larger.

I love the competition that is happening between technology companies. It is really amazing how far and fast software is progressing. iBoss has many options that I am just beginning to learn the depths of. I will update this review or create a new one as my experience with this product improves.

If you are trying to decide on something on the basis of cost don’t bother with this product. The products that talk about cost are never the best value. The best products are ones in which combine features that the competitors don’t. I like Apple because they always combined features from the competition. Sometimes outright stealing them. Of course stealing is not helpful, but it does provide a great value for their users.

Bottom line: This is the best web filter/security software appliance I have used next to the Palo Alto.

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