Sony Remote play works great on the mac

I have been playing Sony Remote play on a MacBook Pro and it works great. Even thought the MacBook Pro is probably 5 years old, it plays as though I was right in front of the PlayStation. Which is amazing considering how it is set up.

Sony said that you only need a 5 MB wired connection between the Internet and the PlayStation. I have a 50 MB wired connection. On the MacBook Pro end there is a 10 MB connection and Wifi that is old 802.11b that uses the 2.4 GHz spectrum. It only has 4 GB of Ram and it works wonderfully. I have no doubt that any PC in the last 5 years would work as well or better.

I didn’t detect any lag or issues. I could not watch Netflix using Remote Play, but I was able to play any game that I tried. I tried DC Online and it worked great as well.

What was amazing is that with the PS4 controller connected to my computer with USB it acted as though it was a wireless connection to the PS4. I like that USB connected idea since controllers often lose power quickly and this would fix that problem. I played a variety of missions and even with 8 other players, it was just as responsive as being in front of the PlayStation.

What I don’t understand is that if my computer was connected to my PS4 then why wasn’t there more lag? I would expect general slowness from those many connections but it wasn’t the case. I wonder if this client is making dual connections to both my PS4 and the PSN network directly? So that it sends the keystrokes, and then simultaneously it updates the screen. Fortunately my Internet provider has low latency, so remote play will probably cause people to change their ISP.

This is a great service for families or anyone away from home. Now instead of having to be in front of the system, you can play games anytime you have an internet connection. I have no doubt that this will cause the PC side of DC Online to suffer. Why have the limitation of a PC only technology, when you can have a PS4 and have either the console or PC as a choice of platforms? I think what will happen is that the PC only company will see their sales decrease since now they are the under-performer, and eventually Sony will take over the PC client possibility just merging it into this remote play system.

Since this is Sony we are talking about, I expected failure. I am grateful that they didn’t screw this up. Good job Sony, keep innovating like this and we will continue to buy your products.

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Sony Vue not worth it

I tried Sony Vue last night and for me, it is not worth it. Here are the reasons why.

  1. Sony Vue not worth itPrice. The price is very expensive compared to Hulu/Netflix. Even though you get local channels as part of it, there isn’t anything compelling that makes that worthwhile. There are good aspects of the service but not enough to justify the price. You need a PSN account, a PS3/4 and that makes the price too high for the average person. The good aspects are that it has clear video, and with a 50MB internet connection there were no hiccups.
  2. Interface. I found the interface confusing and quite silly. When I first started it, it automatically choose a show and was playing it in the background. That should not be the first thing that happens. You should be given a choice of what to watch, and not forced with any auto-playing content. With all the buttons of the PS controller it wasn’t clear how to control the interface. Things were labeled but not explained. They need to redo the entire interface in my opinion. I think Netflix/Hulu interface is much better.
  3. Trial period. It was a brief trial period. Netflix/Hulu seemed to offer a 14 day trial when I signed up, and a 7 day period is just silly. A new service needs to offer the same thing as its competitors and then offer more. You set a bad precedent by offering fewer features for a higher price.
  4. Owned by Sony. Sony has had a terrible record of network reliability. The PSN network goes down regularly, I know because I play DC Online a PSN dependent game. I would not pay Sony for its network, and when my subscription is over, I will not renew. Sony has been a terrible cloud service provider. Their customer service is terrible, and my PS4 is dying so when it does I won’t buy another one. Sony used to be good, but its quality has been worse as the years go by. It is crazy. Sony makes bad decisions about everything else and loses money and yet they can’t give PlayStation owners what we want. Reliable internet PSN connectivity and reliable hardware. I had my first PS4 break and only because I bought an extra extended warranty and paid more money do I have a working system. That is not acceptable level of quality.
  5. Recycled content. There wasn’t anything on the Vue that wasn’t already on Netflix/Hulu. Even though it had local stations, you saw advertising!! You don’t pay $50 a month to get advertising. Advertising either makes something free, or it is eliminated. I don’t believe this service offers enough at the price, advertising and content to make this worthwhile. It just doesn’t make sense. People are not consumption robots. We don’t need advertising shoved down our throats. I make it a rule to never buy anything that is advertised. This service feels like Sony’s arrogance thinks that people will think this is a good deal. It is not a good deal, and I would avoid anything that doesn’t allow you to re-watch content on demand or save content you want.

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