Steam offers game refunds

This is an interesting that Steam offers game refunds – change of strategy for Steam. I had discussed that I stopped using Steam because I paid for a game that didn’t work. Steam at that time didn’t care and neither did the publisher. So for many customers this is too little, too late to get us back.

I am sure they will do fine however. The reason that I am sharing this with you is that companies are better understanding how fragile their relationship to their customer is. I never wish harm for a company, but I do not support those who harm others. In an ideal world, companies contribute towards solutions rather than just to make money. Nothing wrong with making money, but it is not enough of a reason to support a business.

apple product logoI suspect that the future of customer service is that with automation and intelligent robots, customers might have a one-on-one relationship with a company. It seems inevitable that the things that the rich have as a matter of course (concierge, bespoke (custom products)) will filter down to the unwashed mashes. Small tease of Ann Rand there. It has always been the case that to differentiate products, things that were luxury go mainstream. Clearly Apple is more mainstream than luxury in first world countries. Many fashion brands have gone downscale, and companies that command premium have always limited their production. It is a interesting how people will be attracted to an artificial scarcity. As if just the uniqueness of something is enough. I would propose that what really would be desirable from a cultural standpoint is cultural relevance. That the best products allow the most culture, opportunities, and benefits of technology to the widest groups of people. For a long time I thought that Apple brought technology down to the level where anyone could use it. It is true they have. But with that, they also try to control it, which is something disturbing as well.

Perhaps you can’t have a company feel that I can survive from going open source and sharing its technology. The Tesla superchargers have been shared and Tesla seems to be doing great. I wonder why other companies can’t have a similar kind of vision? It about tomorrow as well as today.

WebEx not flexible enough? Try Adobe Connect.

Adobe Connect reseller says that this is the best virtual classroom product on the market. It’s very easy to use, and has strong integrations to 3rd-party products. This is a product with very deep capabilities; the design is modular and each module has its own learning curve which can be confusing for users.

I had a vendor who did some training with Adobe Connect and it was fantastic. Nothing to install and it was super easy and simple to connect. Everything is in Flash and it looks very nice. I have used WebEx and GotoMeeting and other conferencing software but this was full featured.

It has the ability to give lots of feedback to the presenter, to easily share video/audio, to collaborate with files, there is an option to either have a 100 user limit, or unlimited users, so many other features. What makes this even more neat is that with so many options you can control a web presentation in ways that other products don’t allow. Most web software like WebEx/GotoMeeting are set up to easily set up small meetings. However as your team increases, being able to control more aspects become crucial. The review below goes into why that may be important for you.

I know that most of the webex/web presentations were normally poor quality PowerPoint or Word file screen sharing. Adobe Connect is a lot more. It really represents what one day will be the standard for web conferencing. It does require a bit of work, but in some ways it is actually easier. For example you can have “permanent” rooms so you don’t have to set them up each time. Rather than ‘create’ a meeting, you can just click on a link and boom the meeting is started. Pretty neat huh?

Source: User Review: Adobe Connect: what “grown ups” choose