PDF’s problems displaying in Chrome or IE

For years, web browsers have had problems displaying PDF’s in Chrome and IE. It doesn’t seem to matter the version of the browser, or the PDF viewer, it often caused heavy-duty pdf users to have issues. The issues ranged from not displaying, to getting a vague Adobe PDF error, to crashing the browser. I read and did everything I could to fix this issue including updating the Adobe Professional application, updating the browser, clearing the cache, resetting the browser, doing the Hokey Pokey and turning all about. Nothing seemed to be the permanent fix for this.

Finally I realized that if you can’t fix the issue in the browser, maybe the best thing is to disable viewing PDF in the browser. I went to the Google plugin settings and disabled the built-in Chrome PDF viewer and since the Adobe PDF viewer wasn’t listed I didn’t need to disable it. Then when someone clicked on a URL to download and view a PDF on the web, instead of viewing it in the browser, it downloaded and opened up in the PDF application. This seems to work very well, and it didn’t give any errors.

I am sharing this to say that if you can’t get something working after a few years of working with the system, perhaps its best to avoid the “feature” and just do it another way. The person who needed this was happy it was viewable in the program and that she was able to see the PDF. I had done all of the suggested troubleshooting, but since she views hundreds of pdfs everyday she needed something that was rock solid.

Thinking about Social Security?

16 Ways to Get Bigger Checks From Social Security – DailyFinance. This article had information that I didn’t realize. Did you know for example that taking a distribution at 62 can lower your total payments out by 25%?

I always thought that I would work as long as I can. I enjoy doing things so I never understood the people who wanted to do nothing. I suppose that not everyone is curious and wonders how things work. It is really a good feeling to learn something each day. What have you learned today?

I also found many of the comments interesting on this article. This is an interesting website that has all kinds of good information. I actually created an account on the government SS website because of reading this article so that I could see my benefits. Since I move often, I haven’t gotten the paper that shows your SS benefits for years. On the http://socialsecurity.gov website you can create an account and see your benefits privately. It was surprisingly easy to sign up and see.

I did some retirement calculators and it said that for someone who is my age, I should have 1.6 million dollars saved. I’m only about 1.6 million short of that goal. I think I’ll probably be working the rest of my life since it is really hard to save money. I have noticed that everywhere I have worked, my coworkers find it hard to save money as well. Just paying for rent and the basic living expenses make it hard. I am not asking for sympathy but just sharing that if I find it tough to make ends meet with no kids, I can’t imagine how people with kids pay the bills. I sometimes ask parents that and they say that they find a way. I think they must be getting by because of those tax breaks like Earned Income Credit and deductions. You really get socked on taxes when you have no children.