Crashplan vs Backblaze vs Mozy vs Carbonite vs SOS vs Livedrive

Online Backup Comparison Chart (Updated July 2014). Nice matrix that shows the features. I have a friend who uses Carbonite and loves it. Great work Tim.

Feature Crashplan Backblaze Mozy Carbonite SOS Livedrive
Unlimited Plan(s)
Limited Plan(s)
Business Plan(s)
Free Plan(s)
Free Trial
2+ Computers per Account 2 2
Multi-Device Syncing 3
No File Size Limit
No File Type Limits1
No Fair Use Limits
No Bandwidth Throttling
Windows 8/8.1 Support 4
Windows 7 Support
Windows Vista Support
Windows XP Support
Mac OS X Support
Linux Support
Other OS Support
Native 64-bit Software
iOS App
Android App
Windows Phone App
BlackBerry App
Windows 8 App
Desktop File Access
Web App File Access
Transfer Encryption (128-bit)
Transfer Encryption (256-bit)
File Encryption (128-bit)
File Encryption (256-bit)
File Encryption (448-bit)
Additional Encryption Option(s)
File Versioning (Limited)
File Versioning (Unlimited)
Drive-Level Backup
Folder-Level Backup
File-Level Backup
Backup From Mapped Drive 5
Backup From Attached Drive
Continuous Backup (≤ 1 min)
Backup Frequency Option(s)
Idle Backup Option
Bandwidth Control (Simple)
Bandwidth Control (Advanced)
Offline Backup Option(s)
Offline Restore Option(s)
Multiple Backup Destination Option(s)
Locked/Open File Support
Backup Set Option(s)
Integrated Player/Viewer
File Sharing 3
Backup Status (Email Alerts)
Backup Status (Other Alerts)
North America Data Center(s)
South America Data Center(s)
Europe Data Center(s)
Asia Data Center(s)
Africa Data Center(s)
Australia Data Center(s)
Phone Support
Email Support
Chat Support
Forum Support
Self Support

Stories from my Past: Where the sidewalk ends and where it begins.

As I wrote before in this post about Shel Silverstein Where the Sidewalk Ends was a very influential book as a child. I loved the imagery and creativity that I felt in those pages. I even memorized Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout would not take the Garbage Out! as part of my show and tell in 2nd grade. Boy was the teacher surprised when I told him I had it memorized.

I read yesterday an article about Shel Silverstein and it reminded of an experience that I had forgotten that I wanted to share. I had a beloved teacher who lost her husband in the past, so I went to her home to visit her and show my support. While I was there she introduced me to her grandchild she said who was “creative” like she thought I was. I spoke with the kid for a bit since seemed to want us to talk, and I suddenly remembered that I had just bought the book Where the Sidewalk Ends. I was so pleased to read the poems again after not reading them in so long. I excused myself and went out to my car and came back and asked my former teacher if it was ok to give her grandchild a gift. I have found that it is always best to get parental permission before giving a child anything from my experiences in daycare. The teacher said yes and so I presented her the book. She was so surprised and thanked me.

I hope that she found the book as enjoyable as I did as a child. I always thought that imagination is where the best things in life came from. We imagine we can love someone, and then we accept that person and choose to love them. Thanks Shel for your gift of sharing joy with others.


Why does the Open Source Community love Apple?

Why does the Open Source Community love Apple?. I had a discussion today about Open Source and its value and how Apple hardware seems to be developers Open Source platform of choice. Many developers that I have supported in the past used Apple hardware and worked on open source projects. It really is surprising how well Apple has integrated open source projects.

Why does the Open Source Community love Apple?

Of course Apple isn’t perfect. The SMB/file sharing continues to have issues especially in networked environments, but its a big improvement over how it used to be.


Disk not ejected properly: Apple Support Communities

Disk not ejected properly: Apple Support Communities. Robin did some excellent standing up for herself and finding a solution. Sometimes you often get the impression with first line support that they want to blame the problem on you. Clearly it was a system issue. Here is the solution she followed in the link above.

Disk not ejected properly: Apple Support Communities


1. Pull out your ethernet cable and disable WiFi and any other network connectivity you have.

2. Open Finder, go to your computer and then select you Macintosh HD (or whatever you have renamed it).

3. Go to Macintosh HD – Library – Preferences

4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and you ewill see a folder called SystemConfiguration

5. Pull this folder onto the desktop.

6. Go to System Preferences – Sharing and change the name of your computer, even just a litlle bit.

7. Reboot

8. Re-enable Wifi and Ethernet

9. If you have installed Jettison, remove it and remove it from your start up items.

You shoudl be good to go.

My machine was constantly ejecting my USB drive, even if left for onnly 10-15 minutes, since doing this I have not had one single ejection and I am into 48 plus hours of run time.

If you like what Jettison does but don’t want to eject the disks everytime your computer sleeps and it will!, then try UnDock from the Mac App store.

Very similar functionality BUT it is a manual process.

In my case if I am going to be going out I will simply use the key combo I hae seletced Ctrl-Alt-Command plus U and all my external devices undock.

I really hope this helps one or more you you guys.




Stories from my past: Oops, sorry mamn!

I like to go to Goodwill for many reasons. Once I found a pair of pants I liked and wanted to see if they fit. So I went over to the dressing room area. There was a worker in a wheelchair and I asked if there were any available rooms. She pointed at one and I opened the door. Turns out that there was a mature woman inside getting dressed, and thankfully she was fully dressed. I said “Oops, sorry mamn!” and closed the door quickly. She seemed surprised and embarrassed.

Goodwill IndustriesI spoke to the manager and told her my experience and asked that someone else be given the responsibility of directing customers to the dressing rooms. I understand that the purpose of Goodwill is to give jobs to people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity, but that it could have been a disaster for everyone and embarrassing for the customer who was in that situation. She said she would talk to the employee. The reason I am sharing that here is that because sometimes good intentions aren’t enough. You also have to have the skills for whatever duties are assigned to you.

So I go to the register and it turns out that the person in front of me has a vase that has the wrong sales tag on it. It says $3.99 and the manager who is now working the register says that the real value of the vase is $19.99. She said that it was inlaid with gold, so that’s why it is so expensive. The couple talk to her and ask why it had the wrong price on it. She said that often people take the price from one object and put it on another object. She said if they wanted to buy it for the real $19.99 price then she could sell it to them. They declined. When she went away for a minute to take the vase back to the person who was labeling prices the couple among themselves that they didn’t believe someone did that and that they don’t like the way that Goodwill does business. I considered speaking up and saying something, but they probably wouldn’t have believed me either. So when the manager got back she finished ringing them up.

I put my two shirts on the counter and she rang it up. $13.26 she said. I gave her $15 and said to keep the change. I had been to other Goodwill’s where customers complained about the price. I am happy to give money to help those less fortunate than ourselves and never understand people who complain about giving.