Partial seasons have a payoff

Partial seasons have a payoff for the content holder.

Allow me to explain. Years ago I watched a show that I liked called WareHouse 13. Unfortunately they only had two episodes on Netflix, so I never watched past that. It seemed to be on TV but because I didn’t watch because it wasn’t a priority.

So yesterday I see it listed on Amazon Video. Now I don’t like Amazon at all, but I also am very curious about what happened. I also like the story line because it thoughtfully examines different ideas. So I paid the $29 to watch the season 4 and my curiosity is satisfied.

It makes sense that content makers want people to get a taste and then buy things. I don’t mind supporting them in this way. It has brought me lots more pleasure than $29 worth. I think more and more in the future what we will see are productions that are self funded and bypass the traditional gatekeepers.

You see this now with the incredible number of original programs by streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Some things seem so inevitable, that you look back and it seems weird for it not to happen. Take the internet for example. We look back and wonder what life would be without it.

Many people share this sense of curiosity that I have. I am so glad I bought this season. It features Brent Spiner who was Data on Star Trek. He adds a charm and interesting variety to the show. In some ways the show seems to be grasping at straws by bringing in a big hitter like him, but its ok because I like his character.

When we like something we can forgive almost anything can’t we? I guess now I will be looking Amazon video over for other shows I might enjoy. I tend to like Netflix but Hulu had some good series as well. Why can’t they just have a service where you can pick exactly what you want?


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Service battery soon message on MacBook Pro

I’ve been seeing the service battery soon message on Macbook Pro. The thing is I am not going to do anything to fix it.

I have been increasingly dissatisfied with Apple. It is not my intention to talk about that here. What I will say is that in the past I wanted to support Apple because they were the underdog, but now Apple is the aggressor.

Why? Lets take how the iPhone 7 audio jack was removed. This was another dumb decision. Not everyone can afford or buy bluetooth headphones. More importantly, bluetooth doesn’t last for a long time so people who commute with headphones probably won’t find the affordable bluetooth headphones with enough battery power. It is common for trains or other mass transportation to be late or delayed and that often happens.

What this is then, just like the Apple watch is apple trying to appeal to the rich and forgetting the poor who made them what they are. It is very common for companies to go “upscale” and forget the customers who made them profits in the first place.

Yes some of you are saying that Macs have always been expensive and yes they are. However over time the prices have slowly come down, and for many products what Apple offered was amazing at that price. For example the $999 mac airs were wonderful. I bought one for a friend and she still has it. It is 6 years later and it is working great. What a value that was.

Apple products can save money if you buy wisely. I love the build quality and almost any non Apple computer feels so cheap in comparison. Even expensive metal laptops that have windows which are nice are not the same build quality as Apple. They still have flaws but ultimately Windows on them ruins the experience.

I won’t buy an expensive Windows laptop ever, and fixing an old Apple laptop is a tough sell. It still works fine, I just can’t be truly mobile with it. Which is fine it just sits on the couch with me anyway.

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