Swiss make swiss cheese of the ALPS

Source: Gotthard Base Tunnel – Herrenknecht AG

This article is in-depth and discusses many of the problems and solutions they found to create this groundbreaking tunnel. It is a feat of engineering, that had 8 unfortunate deaths as well. However it will save lives due to less traffic and less impact on the environment in the future.

Besides saving an hour off of the trip between Z├╝rich to Milan, a trip I’m sure all of have taken, it will probably be cheaper as well. Since the trip doesn’t require climbing the heights of the mountains, it won’t require helper locomotives which mean less equipment and fuel. They also haul more freight and do it faster than current standard practices. Nicely done Swissies.

So what is impressive about this besides everything is that this kind of major infrastructure work which took decades of planning was done. This was probably more complex than the US interstate road system, yet it was still attempted. Isn’t it amazing when we can as a culture create such technology as this? I admit you have to be a bit of a nerd to want to read all of the link above, but I did and was glad. I didn’t fully understand everything like some of the details, but who is ever going to understand everything? You can still appreciate the thought and effort and how many lives it will change for the better.

For example the article said that the current transportation was really difficult due to the ALPS current roadways. Now this is going to make a measurable change in people’s lives. Plus tunnels are kind of cool. They not only provide shelter, but also provide a great service in simplifying logistics. Things like this make Elon Musk’s hyperloop seem more real and possible.


AT&T Customer Service Check #CustomerServiceFail

Source: AT&T Customer Service Check #CustomerServiceFail @ATT – StumbleUpon

Just like this person, I had my own nightmare customer service problem with AT&T today. I helped a customer who had problems and it took 3 calls to fix the problem. Terrible support. I have Verizon and they are just as bad with customer service.

It is interesting isn’t it? In this link above at&t is defended even when their actions are indefensible. When a company has stunning silence you can only interpret that as customer service doesn’t matter. I don’t support companies with bad customer service and one day people will learn not to support them either. Why give money to support those who abuse you?

Monopolies are interesting aren’t they? They are the foundation of our current capitalistic US society yet more people are concerned about the negative consequences of them. We block mergers about entertainment, but approve them for health care providers. Our priorities seem very focused on making things easier not cheaper. I wonder why we are so short term focused? Can we not see what is going to happen past the financial quarter?