Stories from my past: I told you not to touch the invoices!

After watching the show WWYD I am more inclined to stand up and say something when I see an injustice. I had the opportunity to put that to the test with a new lunch place I visited. It had great food and service and I was enjoying my lunch at a table when one of the managers said very meanly to one of the employees “I told you not to touch the invoices! Don’t do it again.” I was just trying to enjoy my lunch when this emotional scene unfolded. I could see that the worker was embarrassed and quiet.

So this caused me to flashback to a time in my past when my first job was working at a fast food restaurant. My ignorant boss also yelled at me in front of people and I remember how embarrassed I was. She used to say “I never graduated high school, and look at me now! I’m a shift manager and making twice as much as you that did graduate high school.” What can you say to that? Anyway, I snapped back to the present and made a decision.

I asked to speak to the manager and explained that yelling at an employee is front of others was bad enough, but you don’t do that in front of customers as well. I said that I had worked in fast food and that yelling never helped me do any better. He agreed with me and apologized and said he would handle the situation. If we take care that everyone is respected, what a world this will be!


Feedly buckles under DDoS but defies attackers extortion demands | Ars Technica

Feedly buckles under DDoS but defies attackers’ extortion demands | Ars Technica. I like Feedly and use it everyday. It is a nice way to get content from multiple websites. I am considering now paying for the service so that they have the resources to defend against this kind of abuse. I wonder if other people are going to do the same?

Feedly buckles under DDoS but defies attackers’ extortion demands | Ars Technica


Stories from my past: I got this one

I love going to restaurants when I have the money. If I find one that I like, I tend to go there until I get tired of it. That usually means that I have a pretty regular presence at whatever my favorite place happens to be. This often has lots of benefits, like what happened to me in this story.

I was with a coworker and had been at the restaurant a few times that week already. My hobby is food so it is fun exploring food and cuisines. After we both got our meals delivered to our table, the manager came over and said “Thanks for coming by. The meal is on me today. I got this one.” I thanked him. It has been my experience that when you visit a restaurant regularly you tend to get free things. I never ask for them, but it is always a pleasant surprise. I have always appreciated the gifts that I have been given, and it seems like going to a restaurant on a regular basis for more than a month seems to be the key for them to want to give things to you. Perhaps it helps if you are nice to staff, or offer feedback on what can be improved. I am not sure really.

What is the best part of being a regular at a restaurant is that you develop a relationship with the staff/cook. At one different restaurant that I used to visit everyday the chef actually asked if I would be interested in trying items he had been experimenting with to get feedback. That was a fantastic. In exchange for my opinion I got free food! Usually it tasted great and I felt like I was getting the best end of the deal. Other times you will get your choice of seating, and most places are ok with you choosing where you want to sit. I have only experienced some resistance at high end places, which I turn around and walk out. The best tasting food isn’t any good if you don’t feel comfortable while eating it.

I appreciate the hard work that people do to make a good experience for the consumer and I always compliment those places that have great customer service and/or product. To me, customer service is the key that keeps me going back.


Spotify vs Rdio vs Deezer vs Rhapsody vs Grooveshark vs BeatsMusic vs Slacker vs Google Play All Access vs Rara

I received an email yesterday saying that my online music service Mog was going away and going to be replaced with BeatsMusic.

The Pros – Most of my music was transferred within 24 hours. So that was nice. Two albums were not, one which was parental guidance and one which was not. I was able to find the album with PG, but the second one was not available from that artist. Not a big deal. I like the album but nothing is perfect. The app is more responsive on iPhone than Mog was when you interact with it.

Update: I sent an email to customer support for the missing album. Their advertising said that their library was “built on” the Mog library which doesn’t seem to be the case. To be fair, other music services haven’t had all the albums I’ve wished to listen to. If its not possible I will accept it, but the impression is misleading.

Update 2: It might take six weeks to get the missing album. More importantly is that I just realized I am missing a playlist that contains at least 50 individual songs. I sent an email to support about it. Waiting for the update.

The Cons – The interface is not intuitive. For example, I created a playlist but I can’t seem to delete it. Their FAQ didn’t solve it, and the first level support was useless. They said they would escalate the issue. I don’t think that they have updated their instructions because it isn’t matching what I am seeing in the iPhone app. The design is very web page centric, and I liked the design of the older mog service more. Also the webplayer is not as good as Mog, but the selections it is choosing are interesting. I had to comb through more music on Mog to find albums I liked, but there is still 90% that is filler. I have given it information on a couple dozen albums/artists so perhaps in time it will get smarter.

Update: It turns out that the instructions were not clear. It was not available on the webpage, but only through the app. This is something that Mog had. The way to do it on the iPhone is not intuitive and awkward but possible.

I’ll give this a month and see if it grows on me. If it doesn’t, I may just go back to evaluating online music services. I still like Grooveshark, but their lack of iPhone app is irritating. It is dangerous to try to adjust the iPhone in traffic when picking up my friend in his car and I can’t accept that risk. I’m not crazy about the backers of the project either, so I might disconnect just because of being forced to move off mog.

I have been researching and I found this very helpful article with a great chart. You should visit this page. It breaks down like this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 1.47.25 PM

So I have to immediately throw out Spotify for its offline storage limit. I have to throw out Slacker/Rdio for its low audio quality. Google play gets the boot for its anti-competitive practices. I just tried listening to Slacker and it sounded terrible. How can people accept that?

Rara is another music streaming service like Slacker, Spotify, iTunes Radio in which you can’t select music to play on-demand. To me, that puts it in the not interested category. Rhapsody/Deezer I have already tested and found them to be lacking. Avoid.



JetBlue knocks it out of the park with customer service

I had a friend buy me a ticket to JetBlue recently to come visit him. I had never flown JetBlue before but you know, one airline is like another right? Boy was I wrong.

I had a problem with my flight with JetBlue and I contacted customer service. In that same day they responded with a human email letting me know my legal options if I disagreed with their decision. They also credited me $50 which I didn’t ask for, I just wanted them to be aware of the problem I face if it happened to others. I have never had an airline respond to me personally like that, and never in the same day on a National Holiday. I am so impressed that they have a lifetime customer.

Thanks JetBlue!