Find yourself randomly thinking of songs during the day?

Do you ever find yourself randomly thinking of songs during the day? I do, and this is the one that often comes to mind. One of the lyrics goes “Things are never as bad as they seem, so dream, dream, dream.” Do you find music to be inspirational as well?

It is funny about music isn’t it? No matter how much we listen to it, we still seem to enjoy the emotional and spiritual feeling it gives us. Lots of things in life say that they will make us happy. New possessions, relationships, ect. Yet how few things really give us happiness so unconditionally? Yes relationships and everything material is work, yet how easy music is for us to acquire and enjoy.

For example, I have shared in this blog many times and ways that I have had to adjust my music collection and I have been richly rewarded each time. Every service, every problem in dealing with a playlist has brought some kind of reward. I would have happily stayed with Rdio until they sold out, but now I found something better. Well something better for me. I don’t like the radio station approach to music. I am very specific in what I like, and I find most radio to be a complete waste of time. Even when you customize the songs you don’t like it still is harder to say no than just say yes to what you like.

I think in the future all content will be free. It will be cheaper than other forms of advertisement. Music I think is being transformed into “bait” into getting people to reveal themselves. Remember how Apple said that they used to identify the person who bought the music in the music itself? Now I think that streaming services are dying, artists are seeing that their effort isn’t worth it. The ones who benefit in this system are people who are using music to gather information on the people who listen to it.


Best music streaming service: Tidal

Source: Tidal review

The best music streaming service: Tidal beats as the leader for streaming music. Unfortunately Rdio went bankrupt and was bought by Pandora. So when this was announced I did some research and have been using Tidal. At $10 per month it is the same cost, but I wanted to share my experiences in using it.

Using Tidal has several advantages over Rdio.

  1. It has better compatibility with car entertainment systems. Rdio would not stream music when I was backing up, but Tidal streams no matter what else the car is doing.
  2. Making songs work in Offline mode to save having to constantly download the data is easier. Instead of having to select each song and say “Download to Mobile” as Rdio required, you can just select one button and your entire playlist is downloaded and becomes available off-line. Nicely done!
  3. You can watch videos if you want in the app. This is a nice feature.
  4. You can buy things, and you have access to exclusive content. They do seem to also treat artists better and pay they more than other streaming services.
  5. Tidal says that they have 30 million songs which is also what other music streaming services are claiming. I only lost 14 songs in my playlist moving over to them, and I really don’t notice what songs I am missing so they were not my favorites. It looks like they are committed to adding content and keeping up with the major players.
  6. This is from a company that is focused on the artists and not some side project like Apple Music/Google Music. I like the fact of dedicated focus in some industries. I don’t like a company try to be everything to everyone. It just doesn’t work. As great as Apple is, I don’t think we need to give them all of the economic pie just because it is easy.
  7. The darker interface makes it easier to read in the daylight and for people with glasses like me. When you wear glasses then when there is alot of white on a page, it makes it harder to read text for longer periods of time.
  8. The music sounds clearer. It is lossless and I heard things in songs I have heard dozens of times that I never heard before. So that was very surprising to me.
  9. The third-party method to import music to Tidal was great. I really appreciated not having to rebuild the library.
  10. It appears that it is focused on the music, more than pushing mainstream albums and record companies. I appreciate the unique take on music.