5 disadvantages of using Chrome

I used to believe in Chrome but now I have been using Firefox for the last several months. In that time I have seen enough problems that I wanted to share why you may want to reconsider your choice of browser.

  1. Chrome Bug AllowChrome incompatibility. It used to be that Chrome was amazing because it was compatible with all websites often working better than Safari/Internet Explorer. This is no longer the case. It is probably the least compatible browser. Chrome made a change in its plugins that stopped many companies and technologies from working properly with it. For example, if you play games on the Internet you may have installed Unity Plugin in. Well Chrome doesn’t allow that, so my recent post on a fun free Unity-based game means you couldn’t play it in Chrome.
  2. Privacy. It used to be that Microsoft was the evil empire seeking to destroy your privacy. It still may be, but Google presents a much bigger threat. Since normally most people use google to search for things, there is a ton of information about you available and you don’t control it. You may delete your information, but don’t doubt that some information about you still lives on. It is clear that Google’s need to sell advertising triumphs their promises of user privacy. You just can’t trust someone whose business model is to sell information.
  3. Battery life. Google is working to be more efficient, but if you have laptop/smart phone then using Chrome sucks up your battery power. I noticed a big difference on laptops by using Firefox instead of Chrome. Even if you have a desktop, why waste electricity and money if you don’t have to?
  4. Speed. Chrome slows down when you use plugins and crash. When I tried to use 2 plugins in Chrome that were popular and well-regarded, it crashed. You don’t save time when you have to start and reload where you were working.
  5. Updating. When Chrome wants an update it will cause Chrome to work erratically. Things will be slow or not work right. When Firefox needed to be updated it was updated when it was started (in the distant past) and honestly and I don’t even remember having to do an update. It is unobtrusive. Exactly like a software program should be.


Firefox is best for privacy

The article says that Firefox is the most secure. I have been using Firefox for the last several months since giving up on Google. I wrote it about here in my frustrations with Google.

Google seemed to be an incredible force until about 2010 in innovation and challenging Microsoft and Apple. I thought that it would overtake both of them, but I was wrong. I loved how they had a better grasp of the Internet, but they have a terrible understanding of the average user.

For example, I have worked with Android phones before but never had one myself. Every time I have used someone else’s android I was disappointed at the user interface and applications. Many technical people like Android, but that doesn’t say anything about the general population. Right now in Europe Android devices are losing popularity. People bought android devices due to financial concerns (the article I read said), and now they have more money they are buying an iPhone. People are only sensitive to price when they don’t have money, but when they do they switch to a better product which is clearly the iPhone.

I am not here to push the iPhone. I don’t believe in pushing products. I talk about the benefits, and then let people make their own choice. When people buy the competition like Europeans are buying the iPhone now, it must be because they believe that spending the extra money is justified. For me, I don’t try to assume what people are thinking, I just look at the bottom line which is their behavior. People buy what they think is worth it.

I think the value of Google in being free is decreasing. People have gotten many free services and things and that isn’t enough to keep their attention. In fact, having the product being perceived as worthless/free sets a low bar that they associate with your product. Everyone knows that the “free” phone they get with a yearly contract is garbage. They want something more premium and make them feel successful. I am convinced that the only way to beat the iPhone is something significantly better. Like a voice/thought activated chip that you could wear on your ear that would be the entire phone. You could play with a screen if you wanted as an optional choice. We have a screen for legacy reasons but it is not required. People would love to have a full voice interface on a phone. Why hasn’t this been done yet?

To get back to the point of privacy, it is impossible to believe that Google is maintaining privacy when their entire business is selling ads. When google gets out of the ad business it is done. Which means that its entire model is based on supporting selling user data. Apples business has never been that. Microsoft business has been selling user data, and most companies have been which is why I avoid them. I think the future is either open source, or companies like Apple that realize that people are becoming wiser about privacy and making decisions based on their right “to be forgotten”.