Playing Tetris can weaken your will to live

Playing Tetris on a smart phone for as little as three minutes can weaken cravings for drugs, food and activities by as much as one-fifth, new research shows. In the first test of its kind to study people in natural settings outside of a laboratory, participants were monitored for levels of craving and prompted to play the block-shifting puzzle game at random intervals during the day.

Source: Tetris can block cravings, new study reveals: Playing ‘on the go’ reduced cravings by one fifth — ScienceDaily

So this explains a lot of my misspent youth. Reading books, playing Tetris, oh Time thy sting is strong!

I was totally addicted to Tetris in the past. Once I got good enough to be limited by my dexterity I knew it was time to give it up. If they come out with a version that is controlled by your thoughts, I might try again.

What was so amazing to me is that at the time on the NES system I thought it was such an incredible experience. Do you ever play a game or do an activity and you get in “the zone”? Isn’t that an interesting feeling? It gives you such a feeling of accomplishment to not have to think of how to do something but to be able to instinctively do it. It is impressive no matter what the skill. For example when I go to my dentist and he effortlessly does that scraping thing with the sharp tool I wonder how he seems to know exactly what to do. I know I would be fumbling around in someones mouth where I can’t really see the sides and back of their teeth. Even though he has tools, the skill he has in doing it gently and easily is always so impressive. It is impressive seeing people with skill work on you.

So if you read the article it talks about how it decreases craving for a number of things. I wonder if it can work in reverse. If it occupies your brain imagery perhaps you can motivate people by occupying their brain imagery. I’ve tried this informally for years by picturing and sharing my imagination for years. It does seem to work. When I paint a dramatic picture it usually makes people laugh, which isn’t influencing them, but it does amuse them. Many times I have been surprised because what seems so logical and sensible to me makes others laugh. Sharing your mental images is risky, but for the most part is has been well received by those I share it with.

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