Achievement First mentioned with Greenfields program and the role of individual learning

I used to help out a group called Achievement First and they have a noble goal to let every child get the best education. I wonder why programs like this don’t get more publicity? This article discusses the role of individual learning.

5 occasions when it's OK to put your smartphone awayIsn’t it interesting that it used to be that only the special needs student or the gifted students had the opportunity for individual learning speed in the past? If it was good for those populations, why did it take so long for the rest of the students to help from this? It is kind of crazy isn’t it? In a society where the individual is supposed to the most important, we have a rank and file and hierarchical approach to education for the most part. Rather than allow educators to innovate, many factors conspire to make education more of a political matter than a practical one. What is the price of ignorance to society?

Individual learning has always been the way that I have learned the most. With the Internet you can learn as much as you want. No longer are schools, books and media gatekeepers the holders of knowledge. Isn’t progress wonderful?

Personalised learning lets children study at their own pace – tech – 02 January 2015 – New Scientist.