Lookout is security for your iPad & iPhone

Lookout is also compatible with Android as well. It helps to secure your smart phone and even has a free version.

This is crucial for Android users who suffer from lots of malware, but still a good idea for everyone else. One of the reasons I choose to talk about this product is that they have a great partnership with Apple and Microsoft. In addition they work with popular MDMs such as MobileIron and Airwatch. So they are a great fit for enterprise as well.

Lookout is security for your iPad & iPhoneI researched other options for smart phone security but none of them have the backing and ease of use that Lookout has. I have to say I have been a user for a week and it was simple. The free version didn’t pester you with upgrading, but made it easy if you did choose to upgrade. For the small fee of $30 a year this is a simple decision for me. Yes you can use the Apple provided utility to find your phone, but this also lets you send a message to the person who has your phone in case it is lost, and also a high-pitched noise. Some deterrence and attention getter.

I had shared before that I had an iPhone stolen from me on the train. While I was unhappy that happened, I didn’t have any security software on it. At that time the apple utility didn’t work to find it, so I was out of luck. This at least will give me a chance to recover it in case I simply forgot it.

Of course this app does much more than just that. It also scans for bad programs, and detects if bad programs try to install. This is the critical thing for non IT people. They don’t know what programs to trust, and bad programs even slip through Apples very detailed and careful process. This program is like a nice doorman who keeps those who wish to harm others out of the building.

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Windows 10 upgrades itself and runs out of space

A few days ago I said I was buying a cheap Acer laptop. It has been great hardware wise, but Windows 10 as always is problems.

I opened it and it said it was updating. Great! As a computer person we like updates. When it went into the desktop I noticed the computer was much slower. I looked at the hard drive space and it was almost out of space! I ran Disk Cleanup and got more space but it was still very little free space. I looked at the hard drive to see what was inside the folders and a new folder had appeared. Windows.old. This means that Windows upgrade created a new folder and kept the old folder in place!

Windows 10 upgrades itself and runs out of spaceThis was shocking to me. You didn’t see this behavior unless you upgraded your version of Windows in the past. For it to keep the older folder when it booted properly with the new one was silly. The average person would not know how to use disk utility, or the special way you have to run it to delete system files. This made their visit with an IT person likely.

What is surprising is that hard drives with a very low amount of space like this one have so much garbage installed. I deleted lots of advertising programs. If a HD is less than 50 GB the OEM should have disk utility setup to run on a weekly basis. It was just laziness this was not done.

I have to say that after using Windows 10 I am completely unimpressed with it. It has several things missing that were in Windows 7. For example Family protection now requires an email address to set up. This is silly since most kids don’t need an email address. Even a fake email address will get spam. Windows 10 ability to automatically update itself should be able to be turned off even in the home edition. It is an option in the Professional version I have read. Users have the right to control their experience. Mac doesn’t turn on updates by default, and I doubt they ever will.

It’s not my purpose to explain how Windows 10 is problems. You can read plenty of places about that. For me the lack of privacy is killer. It means that I won’t do anything important with this laptop. It certainly means that in the future I won’t ever suggest for a client to buy another Windows machine. Windows is determined to kill itself. The more you push your customers, the less they want to be customers.

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