Head Start program played anti-segregation role in the Deep South

Source: Head Start program played anti-segregation role in the Deep South — ScienceDaily

So according to the article HS employed people who didn’t have formal teaching degrees, and that enabled social improvement. Isn’t it interesting that even without trying, often there are benefits of programs designed for one group of people. It’s almost like you can’t help one group without helping other groups.

Equality is interesting isn’t it? When we treat some groups as less than equal, we do a disservice to everyone. Historically our attempts at making decisions have been ineffective. It’s not my goal to tell people how to make decisions, but certainly skin color is not relevant at all. I wonder when people will judge people by their intentions, character and situation rather than some arbitrary standard?

It is the most common thing to see people who have been marginalized because they were not what someone else thought they should be. In the past I was discriminated against on the basis of a religion. I certainly understand the frustration of people who face discrimination on a daily basis. With the recent ruling on marriage equality that is a promising sign that we are growing as a civilization. One day I hope we look back at our past discrimination and wonder why we were ever so immature to think so limited.


Have dry eyes from looking at screens all day? Some suggestions.

I used to get dry eyes from looking at a computer screen all day helping people and then watching TV or playing games at night. It seems that if you look at a screen more than 12 ┬áhours a day your eyes don’t blink enough and they get dry. Here are some suggestions that I have found reduce that problem for me.

  1. Break it up. Break up what you are doing on the computer or looking at a screen by taking breaks to do other tasks. Even if you don’t need to do something else, taking a short break even a few minutes help refocus you. I like to do tasks that are simple and don’t require looking at the screen during this time like calling someone back or looking at a book.
  2. Close your eyes. Close your eyes when you are typing. It is kind of fun to type and not see what you are typing. I find it to be very relaxing. Most programs come with auto correction and honestly my typing improves when I am not looking at it. I find myself typing faster because rather than reading and thinking what I want to say, I am just thinking of what I want to say.
  3. Drink water. I tend to have my cup of water at my side when working at the computer and find that if I drink fairly often like at least every 30 minutes, I don’t get dryness. By the time you feel thirst your body is already significantly tired.
  4. Move around. I like to stand and move around when I am working. By doing so you don’t cause the passive staring at the screen that you do when you are just zoned out and looking at it. When I see people work at their computers they seem like they are in a trance and don’t move for significant periods of time. I wonder how often they get dry eyes?
  5. Look away and blink. Look away from the screen and blink rapidly every now and then. It moistens up the ‘ol eyeballs and keeps things working well. It is fun to pretend you’re in a disco and you see the strobe effects when you do this. You have to find fun in small things in life.

I went to a doctor of course and they said that after 12 hours its normal that eyes get dry. These suggestions might get you a few extra hours but it still helps to take as much of a break from the screen as possible. Life has so many fun things to do!