World photos battles depression

World photos battles depression

This guy who took these photos has depression and apparently travels the world. I wonder how effective this is?

26-Year-Old Battles Depression by Traveling the World and Capturing Magnificent Photos - StumbleUpon

Depression is caused by many factors. Racism is linked to depression. Thinking negative thoughts turns into depression. If you work more than 11 hours a day you can become depressed. Even a computer program that can detect depression in bloggers posts. Of course there is always the perverse incentive. Even now you can have a quarterlife crisis. The classic depression moto of use it up and why this is making a comeback. The more things change the more they stay the same.

I have had friends who are depressed and the classic signs is that they sleep often, have negative self-image, use addictive behaviors, feelings of no hope, anger, loss of energy, self-loathing, so on. It is really amazing how many very talented and wonderful people feel bad about themselves and kill themselves because of it. It must be hard when you are so talented that others don’t always appreciate you, or their jealously makes you feel bad about yourself. I have learned that in life when others don’t respect me its time to move on, and not try to apply their issues to my sense of self.

I had someone tell me once that the way that someone treats you says everything about their personality and nothing about you. They don’t know you, so their way of treating you is only their fantasy and understanding of who you are. So if someone is not respectful to me, then I move on to someone who is respectful. Make sense?

26-Year-Old Battles Depression by Traveling the World and Capturing Magnificent Photos – StumbleUpon.

Avoid men to live to 109

Secret to living a long life: Avoid men to live to 109

Jessie Gallan says that:

My secret to a long life has been staying away from men. They’re just more trouble than they’re worth,” Gallan, who has never married,

The cost of burying our tramatic life memories. If you have a sense of meaning and purpose in life you will live longer. A popular book by Carl Sagan about Life and Death. A great list of stories of when Life gives you lemons. Book review of  How will you measure your life? Some thoughts about how life is like a juggling act.

Some mystical orders have claimed that the energy that is not spent in procreation can be channeled for spiritual growth. People make interesting choices don’t they? Some studies show that women who get married tend to live shorter lives while men live longer lives. So there is some proof that women get the short end of the stick. However, it is also true that men are more likely to die at every stage of life, so I’m not sure that being one gender is more advantageous than the other.

It is kind of funny isn’t it? Too often you hear men and women complain about each other and the stereotypes that each gender faces. It is true that we have thoughtless and cruel people in our lives who make us suffer because of our gender. However it isn’t personal. I had a wise person tell me once that how someone treats you says everything about their own personality and nothing about you. They don’t know you, so how could it be about you? I wonder why people try to hurt each other when they would benefit far more by helping each other. That is one of the mysteries of the human condition. We know that we should cooperate, yet we find every reason to not cooperate. Strange species aren’t we?

Want to Live to 109? Try Misandry and Porridge, Says 109-Year-Old Woman – StumbleUpon.