Study shows that all you really need to know you learned in Kindergarten

Kindergarteners’ social-emotional skills are a significant predictor of their future education, employment and criminal activity, among other outcomes, according to a study.

Source: Early prosocial behavior good predictor of kids’ future — ScienceDaily

So the skills you learned in kindergarten make a huge difference in your life. Maybe you learned them at home before coming to kindergarten. Either way, your early personality shapes your future in powerful ways.

Even more interesting, our behavior can be shaped by our experiences in the womb. Isn’t it amazing that we are so sensitive to our world and responsive to it?

Probably few adults remember their kindergarten years but I remember mine clearly. I remember how fun it was to learn new things like to tie my shoes. Simple skills that made you more like a big person. It is wonderful isn’t it how children are curious and want to grow and become? You really have to be determined and have good mentors to maintain that curiosity and love of learning into your adult years.

The article states things like: helping others, resolving peer conflict, sharing materials as signs of pro-social skills that help people achieve and be happy in life. I always wondered why these skills weren’t taught directly in school. The world which has issues cries out for peacemakers, mediators and skillful problem solvers. It isn’t that people don’t know what to do, it’s just that they don’t or can’t get past the emotional blocks that are holding them back. This was one of the most frustrating things I see with self-aware people. They know what they are doing isn’t helping them, but they continue to do it. Why? The mystery of why we hurt ourselves is a complex one.

Sometimes being pro-social with others is first being pro-social and helping yourself. If you didn’t learn that in kindergarten it’s not too late to learn now.

Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson Elegantly Debunk The Right Brain, Left Brain Myth – StumbleUpon

Source: Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson Elegantly Debunk The Right Brain, Left Brain Myth – StumbleUpon

I like how he focuses on having a conversation with someone. I don’t like labels either. They don’t help anyone.

I have seen the older I get the less permanent characteristics seem true about people. If anything, people tend to make decisions based on the situation, rather than their personality.

I used to be nice and not challenge people on their mistaken ideas of racism, sexism or any other isms. Now I point out their error and that it is not acceptable. The color of a person has no bearing on who someone is and their character.

The people I want to know are people who are unique, interesting and not afraid to be who they are. I admire people who don’t slavishly follow popular culture but find out what makes them happy. What makes you happy?

Isn’t it refreshing to see people who are smart and also personable and human? Some people have that gift like Fenstein, Asmoiv and so on. They share their intellect in a way that the average man can understand. It is inspiring to read people who can not only understand difficult things, but have the gift to share and break it down for the common man. It isn’t just smart men who move things forward, but also normal intelligences who value the benefits of research and science. It is always a team approach that makes things happen. It is surprising when this isn’t obvious to everyone.

What teams have you been a part of that have done more together? The greatest things in the world have been accomplished as people have worked together. Isn’t it amazing all we have done by cooperation?