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Blue Apron not worth it

Blue Apron not worth it to me.

Blue Apron not worth itI thought I would like Blue Apron but I did not. It has some positives, but way more negatives. Here is why I didn’t like it.

  1. Not organic. They have some organic items but most of the stuff isn’t organic. In fact, they send canned goods which I avoid. Cans have BPA and that is a known problem. There are non BPA canned goods which should have been sent.
  2. Terrible recipes. The recipes are almost always terrible. I have made 12 different ones and they all were worse than something I could have have created myself. The ingredients were bland, and overpriced.
  3. Over-packaged. Everything had way too much packaging.  It was very wasteful and created so much garbage. Convenience came at too high a cost to the environment.
  4. Lack of care in delivery. Even though I was home the driver never rang my doorbell just left the items on the doorstep. When I heard him leave the packages I got up and he was already gone. I have never talked to any of the Blue Apron employees so that I can ask questions about the delivery and service. Whats more, not calling before you come is just rude. What if there was an emergency and having big boxes blocking your front door don’t help you?
  5. Poor policies. I canceled my Blue Apron subscription but rather than cancel your orders and refund your money, they insist on making a delivery for the next week. I canceled my service a week ago and because they charged the box they said they couldn’t give me a refund. Listen I understand if the delivery is on the way, but a week later a delivery should be canceled.
  6. Trying to cancel was difficult. You have to send them an email to cancel, and then approve it again to cancel your service. This is silly. If I want to cancel, I want to cancel now without creating more hurdles to canceling. They think making it difficult will slow customers. It will just anger your former customers to write articles like this warning others.
  7. Customer service was unhelpful. I did a chat with them and they were like a robot. I never had the feeling that they cared about me as a customer and wanted to find a solution to my concerns.
  8. Wasted goods like Nordic Ice. This goes back to the packaging complaint. The Nordic Ice keeps it cool but they put in so much that the food is basically frozen. Plus once you get this every week they are wasted and I ended up having to throw them away.
  9. Didn’t save time, took more time. So I thought this would save time, but all of these issues resulted in spending more time handling groceries. It isn’t worth the effort.
  10. No excellent meals. There were no excellent meals in this experience. If I am going to go through all of this and the meals don’t even have one excellent meal after spending $300, then it is not me it is them.

So do what you like, but for me, Blue Apron is a strong avoid.

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Fairtrade shirt is fantastic from Visible

I received my first Fairtrade shirt from Visible and it is even better than I expected.

What did I expect? I don’t have much experience with Fair trade clothing so I didn’t know what to expect. It looked nice on their website, but you know many things can look nice and be poor quality. However when I put it on it felt better and was nicer than the most expensive non fair trade shirt I have ever purchased. It was perfect. It had no flaws unlike most of the conventional clothing I have purchased even from luxury brands.

Fairtrade shirt is fantastic from VisibleWhat else did I like about it? I liked the fact that it was shipped without going overboard on packaging. Many companies overpack their stuff, but this was nicely packed. It was inside a plastic sleeve so it didn’t get wet and it was in great shape. I am going to wear it to work tomorrow.

This has become my favorite shirt. I will be going back to Visible and ordering other things. I will try some pants next and see how those fit and then report back. I am so thrilled that this has turned out so well. I also received my bamboo socks from the other store mentioned in the article and they are keeping my feet very warm and toasty.

It is a pleasure to know that your choices are helping others. It was part of the reason why I shop at thrift stores like Goodwill because I know it directly helps people. Plus it is kind of exciting to see or find something new or in perfect shape and never used. It is hard to believe but some people donate new clothing with the tag on it. I have shared before that my best find at Goodwill was a jacket that retail is $900 and they were selling for $100. I was so thrilled and felt lucky to find it.

I often get complimented on my clothes, but people would be surprised if they learned how little I pay. I don’t mind paying for clothes, but now that I have found this fair trade company I can have comfortable and durable clothes and help someone. That is a win/win situation!

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