Manage Macs/Windows? You need ManageEngine Desktop Central

I have several clients who bought this software and love it. I wanted to share this with everyone else. I am not getting paid to write this, this just seems like a great value and easy to use.

Manage Macs/Windows? You need ManageEngine Desktop CentralA major problem that many companies have is keeping things up to date. This is critical because of the security vulnerabilities old software represent. ManageEngine Desktop Central makes this easy for both Windows and Mac computers. It can easily update applications like WSUS server, but even better it keeps track of what is updated and can do so much more.

For example it can connect to workstations so you don’t have to buy a third-party product like Bomgar to connect to your clients. That is a savings of at least $8000 right there. It can deploy software without having to deal with Group Policy, or a complicated setup. It has programs already listed like Skype, you just click on it and it will install. If your program isn’t listed you request for it to be listed and they will add it! So you don’t need someone who has packaging experience or spend time looking for arcane command line switches.

It keeps track of inventory of hardware and software, and even manages your mobile devices like an iPhone! That is pretty cool isn’t it?

Of course some people choose to have a more focused product for managing mobile devices like MobileIron or Airwatch are the two most well-regarded. Still if you are a small company, this is probably enough of what you need to secure you mobile devices. Many companies who get those more focused MDM software tend to have hundreds or thousands of mobile devices so it makes sense they would want more control.

You can read more details from this webpage Review of ManageEngine Desktop Control.

Keep Healthy Apricot Coconut bars delicious

I tried a Keep Healthy Apricot coconut bar and it was delicious! It had all natural ingredients and was affordable. No I am not getting any benefit to saying this, just sharing something that I found that you might like.

One of the things I really liked about this is that most bars pair it with chocolate. Certainly delicious and good, but having it stand on its own allows you to further appreciate the coconut flavor. I tried one of the other flavors the Date Pecan and it was good, but I like the coconut best.

Unfortunately this isn’t a really common bar and I wasn’t able to find it at Whole Foods. When I asked for it, they said it had to go through a process to get it approved. I said I would buy a case every week if they had it.

I have tried many bars and gotten burnt out on them. It was on a whim that I tried this and really liked it. It was genius to pair these flavors together.

Ok, so its obvious I like it. What is the downside of this? I didn’t have any downside. That is part of the reason that I like it. With other bars you sometimes get an upset stomach hours later while you are digesting it. Oh and don’t make the mistake of eating two Luna bars at once like I did. Experiment as your own risk.

I guess the only improvement I could ask for is in the packaging. If it had biodegradable packaging like that Algae thing I wrote about before it would be cool. It is probably hard keeping things free with natural materials like that. Perhaps one day packaging science will evolve to be worthy of these natural bars.

I like the fact that since they are in NY and I am in the NY area it is locally sourced. It would be neat if areas could grow their food needs locally, but that day will probably never come. Till then we can do our part to eat local foods.

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