Platform agnostic? Not really

I have been replying lately to authors on the web who I feel haven’t considered an issue as fully as they could. This is the content to one author that I respectfully disagree with.

I disagree with this article, and would have posted a comment if I were allowed.$!7K/

I work as a IT person as a profession, and I see 3 things that customers still prefer in operating systems.

1. They prefer the hardware of a Mac Air over a chrome book. The device still needs to be packaged into some sort of hardware and that means that there are still vendors who are more reliable than others.

2. They like the exclusivity of choice. Unlike many people, lots of people make decisions based on exclusivity and perceived benefits. Yes macs get virus, but admittedly less than PCs. For security and obscurity, people choose macs.

3. They like to be contrary to authority/subversive. Tell me that using a non mainstream isn’t subversive when a company mandates a certain platform. In every company I have worked, there are people who go against the grain because they feel knowledgeable enough to do so. Sure they may accept the pc/mac you give them, but they are secretly running Mint and everyone knows it. Because the IT department has to deal with the adverse consequences of it.

As much as it simplifies things to imagine the population going to be platform agnostic, I don’t believe that will ever be the case. People like to feel like they have a choice, and I see that whatever platform gives them a choice they will use. I have had customers use the Chromebook and I have used it too and I am not impressed. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an Apple fanboy. Apple has plenty of flaws, just like Windows and everyone else. However I don’t feel constricted on it like I do dealing with the errors and garbage of other OS so that is why I use it. Personal choice? Yes. I imagine that the first time there is a widespread internet outage/power goes off people who have a chromebook will reevaluate their choice. Lots of parts have to work to make the chromebook/cloud work.