Your bank can print checks on demand

I needed a check to pay but don’t have a checkbook. When I asked my bank, it turns out that they can print out 3 checks for $2. A money order or cashiers check is $5 so it’s a big savings. The funny thing is that the check pattern was exactly the same, and the number was the next number in series. So clearly they remember the last check that was used.

Which brings me to my next point. The branch that I was at was closing. It is part of many branches that are closing for many banks. It makes sense. As people do their banking online, clearly all of the local offices don’t need to exist. Eventually it is clear that local offices won’t ever be needed. Cash clearly is dying, and with it the old way of anonymity.

As I spoke to the employee I said that I was sad to see the branch go. However strangely, the employees themselves seem to prefer to not work with customers. In a twist I was at another branch location the day before and when I approached the employee for help he said that I could do the transaction at the ATM. I said I wanted to do the transition with him. Why else would I walk to see him? Why would you tell people that you aren’t necessary? Are bank employees trying to hasten their own demise?

What is the best survey tool to use?

Source: Three Popular Online Survey Tools – What They Give For Free

I had the opportunity recently to create a survey for a friend and used Surveygizmo to do so. It took a few minutes to get used to the user interface, but then I was quickly making a survey. It took about 20 minutes to create a ten question survey with a variety of forms and selections.

I enjoyed it. I had used SurveyMonkey in the past but I think SG was better. Apparently they also offer a free account if you have less than 50 responses. This is a great feature and worth trying out for any company or website. Even if you reach the limit of 50 responses, it still is a worthwhile thing to learn.

The article above talks about the features of each of these and the authors personal experience with them. I liked that all the detail was given so that your questions were answered. I wish there were more detailed articles on the Net that were useful like this.

Good luck in getting the answers you are searching for!