Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block – StumbleUpon

Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block – StumbleUpon. Having privacy online is like wack a mole. You protect yourself from cookies with AdBlock, and now you have to worry about fingerprinting. You should get permission from people to do something rather than expect the person to download a cookie to not even stop the flow of information but just have a companies promise.

Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block - StumbleUpon


Crashplan vs Backblaze vs Mozy vs Carbonite vs SOS vs Livedrive

Online Backup Comparison Chart (Updated July 2014). Nice matrix that shows the features. I have a friend who uses Carbonite and loves it. Great work Tim.

Feature Crashplan Backblaze Mozy Carbonite SOS Livedrive
Unlimited Plan(s)
Limited Plan(s)
Business Plan(s)
Free Plan(s)
Free Trial
2+ Computers per Account 2 2
Multi-Device Syncing 3
No File Size Limit
No File Type Limits1
No Fair Use Limits
No Bandwidth Throttling
Windows 8/8.1 Support 4
Windows 7 Support
Windows Vista Support
Windows XP Support
Mac OS X Support
Linux Support
Other OS Support
Native 64-bit Software
iOS App
Android App
Windows Phone App
BlackBerry App
Windows 8 App
Desktop File Access
Web App File Access
Transfer Encryption (128-bit)
Transfer Encryption (256-bit)
File Encryption (128-bit)
File Encryption (256-bit)
File Encryption (448-bit)
Additional Encryption Option(s)
File Versioning (Limited)
File Versioning (Unlimited)
Drive-Level Backup
Folder-Level Backup
File-Level Backup
Backup From Mapped Drive 5
Backup From Attached Drive
Continuous Backup (≤ 1 min)
Backup Frequency Option(s)
Idle Backup Option
Bandwidth Control (Simple)
Bandwidth Control (Advanced)
Offline Backup Option(s)
Offline Restore Option(s)
Multiple Backup Destination Option(s)
Locked/Open File Support
Backup Set Option(s)
Integrated Player/Viewer
File Sharing 3
Backup Status (Email Alerts)
Backup Status (Other Alerts)
North America Data Center(s)
South America Data Center(s)
Europe Data Center(s)
Asia Data Center(s)
Africa Data Center(s)
Australia Data Center(s)
Phone Support
Email Support
Chat Support
Forum Support
Self Support

Even online, emotions can be contagious – tech – 26 June 2014 – New Scientist

Even online, emotions can be contagious – tech – 26 June 2014 – New Scientist. No doubt that we are influenced by others. How often we don’t realize it. For this reason I try to choose positive things and people in my life. It makes life more enjoyable when you hold onto the positive things instead of dwelling on the things we can’t change.

Even online, emotions can be contagious - tech - 26 June 2014 - New Scientist


DCUO rewarding me. Glitch or normal?

I have talked about DCUO (DC Universe Online) before, but I wanted to see if anyone has had this experience. I choose not to fight during the 1vs1 PVP contests and that means that I almost always lose. Which is fine I don’t like violence. I have entered 1vs1 where there is no other player, and no player shows up. This has happened to me on a regular basis. Is this a glitch or are people leaving without me being aware of it? I check the status tab but there isn’t listed any other players in the instance.

Another unusual thing is that I logged into my account in the last week and received several marks of triumphs in my inventory. I didn’t win any of my goals when I had logged out the last time I had played. I knew they weren’t in my inventory because I was grinding to get marks of triumphs. Each mark was about 12,500! I had never had so many. I had played a level 6 instance a few days before, but I was rewarded in that instance so I didn’t think that was the reason. When I enabled all of those marks of triumphs I got about 70k in marks. I was able to buy two pieces of tier 5 gear. Is this a random reward or a glitch? I am a legendary member but I didn’t receive any Promethium boxes and even if I had, I would have only gotten two rewards not 4.


Spotify vs Rdio vs Deezer vs Rhapsody vs Grooveshark vs BeatsMusic vs Slacker vs Google Play All Access vs Rara

I received an email yesterday saying that my online music service Mog was going away and going to be replaced with BeatsMusic.

The Pros – Most of my music was transferred within 24 hours. So that was nice. Two albums were not, one which was parental guidance and one which was not. I was able to find the album with PG, but the second one was not available from that artist. Not a big deal. I like the album but nothing is perfect. The app is more responsive on iPhone than Mog was when you interact with it.

Update: I sent an email to customer support for the missing album. Their advertising said that their library was “built on” the Mog library which doesn’t seem to be the case. To be fair, other music services haven’t had all the albums I’ve wished to listen to. If its not possible I will accept it, but the impression is misleading.

Update 2: It might take six weeks to get the missing album. More importantly is that I just realized I am missing a playlist that contains at least 50 individual songs. I sent an email to support about it. Waiting for the update.

The Cons – The interface is not intuitive. For example, I created a playlist but I can’t seem to delete it. Their FAQ didn’t solve it, and the first level support was useless. They said they would escalate the issue. I don’t think that they have updated their instructions because it isn’t matching what I am seeing in the iPhone app. The design is very web page centric, and I liked the design of the older mog service more. Also the webplayer is not as good as Mog, but the selections it is choosing are interesting. I had to comb through more music on Mog to find albums I liked, but there is still 90% that is filler. I have given it information on a couple dozen albums/artists so perhaps in time it will get smarter.

Update: It turns out that the instructions were not clear. It was not available on the webpage, but only through the app. This is something that Mog had. The way to do it on the iPhone is not intuitive and awkward but possible.

I’ll give this a month and see if it grows on me. If it doesn’t, I may just go back to evaluating online music services. I still like Grooveshark, but their lack of iPhone app is irritating. It is dangerous to try to adjust the iPhone in traffic when picking up my friend in his car and I can’t accept that risk. I’m not crazy about the backers of the project either, so I might disconnect just because of being forced to move off mog.

I have been researching and I found this very helpful article with a great chart. You should visit this page. It breaks down like this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 1.47.25 PM

So I have to immediately throw out Spotify for its offline storage limit. I have to throw out Slacker/Rdio for its low audio quality. Google play gets the boot for its anti-competitive practices. I just tried listening to Slacker and it sounded terrible. How can people accept that?

Rara is another music streaming service like Slacker, Spotify, iTunes Radio in which you can’t select music to play on-demand. To me, that puts it in the not interested category. Rhapsody/Deezer I have already tested and found them to be lacking. Avoid.