Favorite Flash online games

Favorite Flash online games

This is a fun strategy game. Its like any RPG but based in an intergalactic environment. Other fun games include Hexiom connect, Electro city, Record Shop Tycoon, Stormy castle, Pixel legions, The Last Shelter, Freedom tower, World Dominator, an intellectual Strategy - Star Squadrons play online - StumbleUpongame A slower speed of light.

Of course there are are many other aspects to games. Like this book that explores why games make us better. Video games that treat dyslexia. That you could download games for your Atari 2600 in the 80’s. Games that turned science into art. Atari games in HTML5. The ever popular question are games being dumbed down? The games people play.

I played many video games growing up. I mostly had an NES, although I also had an Magnavox Odyssey which honestly had better games the the NES. It wasn’t better graphics, but more fun gameplay that made me enjoy the Magnavox so much. I was so pleased to find it later at a garage sale and be able to enjoy it again.

What was even more fun than playing games though was reading. I thought it was amazing all that things that were inside books. I could never understand why people weren’t more curious about life and want to understand more. I still wonder why people seem satisfied with looking at the internet or TV and not find real answers in real life. I suppose that some people value fun over growth.

Strategy – Star Squadrons play online – StumbleUpon.