Playstation desperate for sales

Playstation desperate for sales. A friend bought a game for $40 directly from the Playstation store.

It was Final Fantasy 15. Without the cost of distribution or cd production it was much lower price than past versions. In the past FF cost $80 at game stop. I haven’t actually been to Game Stop for 5 years. There has been no reason to go since you can easily download the games on your PS4.

Part of the reason is that places like Game Stop were always bad experiences. They were always small, crowded and overpriced used games. It used to be that you could get a used game for half or less than the price of a new game and it would be worthwhile to do that. However since I have been playing DC Online, I have really ignored the used game marketplace. I wonder if other people have been doing the same?

Playstation desperate for salesThe Playstation or Sony of course, had many nice things that make it better than the Xbox. I think however the ability to play games anywhere is a really compelling thing. The Vita combination is a really nice way to extend the ability to play games. I have a friend who is playing FF7 on that and it is a really fun way to do retro gaming. Of course she could plug it in to a big TV but it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Giving gamers options is fantastic. I like the fact that you can play anywhere there is an internet connection. I would have had a much different childhood if that was an option. Playing Super Mario brothers was cool but if I could have played it in school I would probably not have read all the books that I did.

In some ways having these things available means that children and others today have more discipline and self-control than we ever did. I have to admire people who have choices and yet still do what is a challenge and difficult to grow. It is a noble pursuit and use of time.

Being good is good enough

I have spoken about playing online video games before. I mentioned that many people play them so much that your skills are always weak in comparison. Now that I have had more experience with this, this is actually a helpful thing.

Why do I say this? I have been playing DC Online and since I haven’t been playing it as often as I did in the past, I was no longer at the top of the player skills. It takes constant attention of several hours a night to be at the top, and that is more than I want or enjoy. However what I have seen in being slightly below the top is that the very strong top players I benefit from in teamwork, and I have leveled up quicker than I did when I was playing it alone.

Being good is good enoughSo the formula for online gaming seems to be to play it enough to be in the top 25%, but not so much that you are always at the bleeding edge. In this way you have a group of people who are strong who help you level up quicker. For example, the last two times I have played my character has never leveled up so quickly. I was amazed. I don’t need to be at the top of my game to enjoy it.

That is the thing with men I think in particular. We like to feel we are at the top of our game, so we overdo things so that we achieve a kind of mastery that is unhelpful. Rather than spend all that time on this I have enjoyed doing other things. So that time in trying to go it alone and be independent and focus on myself is ultimately a waste of time.

The older I get, the more I see that focusing on the community ultimately helps individuals the most.

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