Does your mail or Internet stop on your iPhone?

Does your mail or Internet stop on your iPhone? Well it happened to a coworker and this is what I did.

She called me and said that her mail stopped the day before and needed it to work. I looked at her account and her account was working and not locked out. This is a common problem when things don’t work. Then I did a series of tests of her account since we were migrating to Office 365. I spoke my coworker who was doing the Migration and he said that it shouldn’t affect her.

So then that left me puzzled. If we weren’t having a system problem, then the problem must be on her end. I had her do the reset > reset network settings under general in system. That didn’t fix it. I had her delete the email account and then try to reset it up but it would not verify her password and details. She had the right information and I reset her password. I was sure this wasn’t a system problem.

So that left her device. In a last-ditch attempt I explained how to do a hard reset of her iPhone and asked her to call me back and test email. She called me back and said that worked.

She was thrilled everything was working fine. I was pleased as well. I expressed to her that if that didn’t work then taking her phone to an Apple store would be the fastest way to resolve the problem. Since I knew Apple/iOS better than anyone else at work there wasn’t anyone who had greater experience at the company than I.

Sometimes I am convinced that the problem isn’t a system problem and have asked users to go to the Apple store when they have a personal device. That has worked great when one user had a problem with his iPad not starting, and I knew it was a failure of the hardware.

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iPads and bad sims: What should you do?

Have you ever bought an iPad that has cellular coverage and it said “This iPad needs a data plan?”

I worked for a company that had this problem. It turns out that when they bought the iPad, Verizon said that because of internal limits they had, they had to reorganize their order. This is a terrible answer, and quite ridiculous on several levels.

In order to fix this, I had to have several sim chips sent to me and then the next day I was able to get the iPads working again. If you just walk into a store you often wait in line with someone who doesn’t know anything about business iPads, and/or isn’t authorized to help you. So they call their 800 number just like you did in your office.

iPads and bad sims: What should you do?I have been there, and I have done that. What else happens in these situations in that once you get the sim, you often need to call them up to activate it. Sometimes it activates, but most of the time it does not. Then you read the very small numbers on the card, and they tell you to power the iPad off and on and then hopefully it works.

All in all, a time consuming and silly process. Did you know that Apple and other vendors fought to have sim cards this way? It was going to be that sim cards were done in software, but those companies fought against this time and cost saving procedure. Why? They were afraid that they would lose proprietary control, and that is always what companies are trying to lock you into.

I don’t mind being locked into a proprietary system when it is better. However when a small number of iPads have the same problem with sims, it looks more like Verizon’s incompetence than anything. Not that AT&T is any better. I worked with their iPads and they had the same issue. It was sad and disappointing to use them as well.

All big companies tend to be terrible, but it doesn’t have to be this way. As customers you can demand not to deal with this. Tell Verizon and AT&T that you find these sim games silly, and they will stop.

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