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Save your company money by switching to Macs

This isn’t just my idea, but what IBM is doing now to save money. They are saving a lot of money.

Apparently IBM has gotten tired of the high windows costs to support. It is about time. Now the 1984 Ad will have to feature a mac finder screen instead of big brother.

Isn’t it funny that over time, the enemy of Apple has changed from IBM to Microsoft, and now it is most likely Google or Facebook? Apple is still weak in network services and both of those have a huge market. Apple doesn’t seem to be able to create the same kinds of services that they do, even with all the time they have had to do so. I can understand that coming from a PC centric way of thinking to more of a distributed way of thinking takes some time.

Save your company money by switching to MacsApple has said in the past it is a consumer company, and many of its corporate ideas haven’t worked out. I was sad to see the Xserve go. I used them and thought they were great. I also am disappointed that Apple didn’t have better Active Directory support. It wasn’t easy and still has some issues. If they made this integration better, it would be easier for companies to adopt.

Of course you see this talk coming from a third-party who profits from this kind of integration. It is their best interests to push this. However I think it also shows the change that Windows isn’t meeting the needs of businesses anymore. That with the large amount of cloud based applications and services, the arguments for compatibility and needing Windows are largely gone.

Right now today, there isn’t any reason why a business can’t run on Macs. It’s a clear winner compared to Windows. The argument is that there aren’t enough Mac people to support it. I promise you that if you offer higher salaries, people will educate themselves and do what they will think gets the money.

Support always goes to the people who will pay the most. I promise you that from everyone I have worked with in IT.

Is the new PS4 Pro worth it?

Is the new PS4 Pro worth it? Not for me. Here is why.

You really need to have a 4K TV to make this worth upgrading. I don’t have a 4K TV and it is unlikely I will buy one for a while. As much as nicer graphics would enhance gameplay, 4K just doesn’t have the mainstream appeal to buy a set yet.

Which is amazing really with the low-cost of 4K TV’s. I can see 4K TV really becoming popular in the next year or so. Then this might be ready to go mainstream. I bought a TV six months ago and it is the best TV I have ever had. It is hard to spend more money on something that I can barely tell the difference on.

In some ways, this PS4 Pro is more for the early adopters than for its mainstream customers. While the CPU speed has doubled and the hard drive is much bigger, it doesn’t offer anything for its main customer base. I doubt that the majority of PS4 wannabe customers are buying a 4K TV just for this. The hardcore users are on PC already and they already have 4k output since they are dedicated gamers for other games. What would enhance this for more customers is if Sony offered the free PSN access or allowed it to be integrated into Windows 10/Mac OS X.

Remember that program that allowed mac users to play Playstation 1 games? That was a remarkable product. If that was built into the operating system and you could just connect to your PSN network on your PC, without needing a PS4 it would create tons of customers. People like PS games, but they can’t always afford the hardware to play them. Yes this would reduce the number of PS4 sold, but it would eliminate the need for dedicated hardware, and turn Playstation into a software company which would be ultimately more profitable.

Sony has shown that it is an inefficient manager of hardware development. They failed in the TV, computer, phone and many other hardware divisions. It isn’t the PS hardware that keeps it going, it is the software. So why not just focus on the software? Steam is successful in just being a software company, and their failure in hardware devices shows that isn’t what the market wants.

It is hard for a company that is making money to change its business model. I can understand why PS4 executives don’t want to do this. I think it is inevitable that it happens one day however.

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