Why is there a chip on my Credit card?

Source: MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice | Chip-Enabled Credit Cards are Coming: What You Need to Know

I recently had to get a new debit card and it came with a chip on it. This was interesting because many merchants can’t deal with the chip. I asked many of them but they didn’t have compatible machines. They just wanted me to swipe the card.

If this helps make transactions safe and starve criminal networks of money that will be wonderful. Sadly, criminals seem to adjust to every technology. What is surprising is how long and slow it took companies to make this upgrade. It’s almost like someone did the math and said that the economics favored waiting and supporting criminal organizations indirectly.

Its strange isn’t it? Companies like the MPAA/RIAA sue consumers saying they are losing them money, yet banks and credit card companies delay plans to secure their infrastructure and lose money to criminals. If the law is important, why isn’t it important all of the time? Or is it rather than scaring customers who have little resources and recourse is safer than angering criminal organizations with the money and motivation to strike back?

I think that is what you learn as you get older. That the reasons companies give for decisions are lies, and that those reasons change depending on what is convenient to the company. Consistency is rarely supported by anyone who gains knowledge.

iPhone 8.4 hotspot not working?

Is your iPhone 8.4 hotspot not working?

I had a person ask me for help to get her iPhone 4 which was running 8.4 to work with her hotspot. The hotspot would start, but you couldn’t connect to it. It would give you a generic message from a HP laptop when you tried to connect to it.

iPhone 5 Battery ReplacementI did a hard reset, reset her network settings, changed her password on the hotspot, turned off the hotspot and back on, restarted her phone. Otherwise her phone is working ok. Strangely her coworkers who have the same model can work, but she can not. After messing with it, and seeing the age of the phone I suggested that she put in for a new phone.

Now of course I could have suggested that she give the phone to the IT department and they could have deleted everything and created a new profile on her phone for her. However she was someone who was key to the company and there was no reason to put someone through that. Many times just getting a new device is the long term cheapest solution and that’s why I suggested it. She of course was thrilled to be told she needed a new phone and I know that she will be more efficient for it.

What I have noticed is that companies often try to underspend to equip their staff. This only causes everyone pain and unnecessary frustration. A tool should be always ready to serve, and when you are spending time working on your tools you obviously can’t do your job. My goal has always been to give people the most appropriate tools that work, even if it means that investing in a good long term solution.