New equipment sometimes means hurt feelings

New equipment sometimes means hurt feelings.

Let me give you an example. I once worked at a company that was pretty cheap. They didn’t spend money on regularly refreshing their equipment, so it was years old and very slow.

One day I was asked to upgrade some people to have two monitors instead of a tiny 15 inch one they had. As I did this, many people asked me if they were getting a monitor. I said that I had a list and only the people on the list got one. So there were lots of hurt feelings because they didn’t feel important enough to get a second monitor.

So guess what? A few days later one of the older monitors breaks. Now in any other company this would be an opportunity to just upgrade it with the new larger monitor. However in this case the political climate was to get the permission of their manager so that any hurt feelings could be addressed before this was done. Interesting isn’t it? Normally you would just replace something that is broken and let people deal with it as best they can.

In one way this is nice. It is nice that a company is aware of peoples feelings. In another way this is kind of treating people like children. Children don’t have the emotional capability of regulating their feelings like adults show, so you have to treat them more gently than an adult.

Of course the next day the monitor got replaced. However I see this happen in every company. Once someone gets something, everyone else seems to need it too.

It is a fascinating thing to watch. The person with the broken monitor said how terrible it would be if her monitor broke. Now that it did, she seemed kind of upset and nervous about the attention she would attract. She did attract attention.

It is ok to have feelings at work. However if your neighbor gets a new monitor or whatever, it doesn’t mean that you are less valuable. It just means people make decisions for reasons we aren’t always aware of.

NY Terrorism suspect message on iPhone

If you live in the NYC area you probably got a text message today warning you of a “Person of interest” related to the recent bombing.

This guys face is all over the media. Even in other countries they have photos of him. I read the BBC among other sites and it showed him and talked about the news. It is sad and unfortunate that this happened, and so many lives were affected as a result.

One of the greatest things about being free is the ability to do what you want when you want. It is no surprise that those who want to hurt others take advantage of that freedom. The CCTV footage was both a helpful tool and an unfortunate reality in our society. That area that was hit was one of NYC nicer neighborhoods, and I am sure that lots of people are scared because of this.

NY Terrorism suspect message on iPhoneWhat is surprising about all of this is that a POI was found so quickly. It makes you wonder how much resources was poured into this to find the culprit. I wish we had the same amount of resources for every crime that affected people. Like the millions that were affected by the financial sector. Doesn’t it seem a little disingenuous that the scope of the crime seems to have no bearing the resources used to solve it?

Of course we all want to see the person who did this caught and have a fair trial. Ideally it would be even better if we could find a way to make peace with the kind of thinking that causes these situations. Rather than react with the police, perhaps we could establish a fund for people who feel they have been harmed by the US and allow people to make a legal case for recompense. Or have attorneys for free to investigate their claim. Certainly it is cheaper and better for everyone to do this than to clean up after frustrated people lash out isn’t it?

I don’t have all the answers. I just wish that no matter how angry someone is, they find a way to address the root causes than attacking innocent people. Please people, we are in this together.

Update: If you use NYC Notify alerts you will get an email about this.

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