Best Music streaming service so far

If you have been reading you know that I have tried MOG (bought out by Beats), Beats, and now I am using Rdio. Beats continued to have problems and lots of annoying issues. I won’t list their problems here, but frankly it wasn’t worth it. I manually moved over my music to Rdio and I love it. The pricing is the same at $10, but it does so many things that Beats didn’t do. It also has some very nice surprises and features that I hadn’t seen on a music streaming service before.

1. I did a random search for a Neil Diamond song “Love on the Rocks” and it showed a video of that song in the window. What a nice touch that was.

2. It shows a very nice layout of music and graphics. It is more intuitive and has a great design. Easier for people to learn.

3. It has real suggestions of new music, instead of the lame beats suggestion of just suggesting albums you have in your library. What were they thinking?

Anyway, go try Rdio and see what you think if Beats isn’t doing it for you.

Update: I’ve been using it and the music search/suggestions are excellent. Also the chart I had earlier was wrong. They don’t have 192 Bit streaming, but 256 bit streaming. It sounds just as good as beats/MOG to me. Also the customer service responds faster, and responds. Beats customer service failed to respond to me the last time I emailed them. They have songs that Beats didn’t have. I am really excited to see how its streaming reliability is walking around.