Can Gogo customers trust it anymore?

Can Gogo customers trust it anymore?

I bet thousands of people a day use the Gogo service. Apparently they are in 1800 planes. So when Gogo purposely breaks the security of how the web works, it opens the door to third-party attackers. I understand they want to inject their content, but there has to be a safer way. Good detective work Andrienne.

Gogo is not a stranger to being asked for information. The Fed’s asked Gogo to help them as well. Given that the NSA can crack VPNS and other things, it seems clear that the only way to keep your privacy would be to avoid using Gogo. It isn’t rocket science. When someone gives you something at a low rate or your “convenience” it usually is a bad deal. For example, fast food. Things that are healthy aren’t always convenient, and things that are convenient aren’t always healthy. One of the things I learned from working at Burger King is how unnatural fast food is. I think the best way to shatter someones myths of an industry would be to have them work in it for a living.

You can see that the person is using a Mac in the screen shot below. Have you noticed that many people in the security industry see to have macs? In companies I have worked most of the security people used a mac computer. I thought this was interesting. As a company many companies feel that using Microsoft Office and computers are the way to make their employees the most productive. However with the change of macs growing popularity and security issues like this people are switching sides. It is strange. Microsoft recently blamed its users for half of their security issues. Why would you blame your customer for problems using your product? Google blames Microsoft, Microsoft blames the users, the users blame the hackers, the hackers blame big corporations. Where does it end people?

Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi is spoofing its own customers | The Verge

Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi is spoofing its own customers | The Verge.

Stories from my past: A generous christmas gift

A generous Christmas gift

I have had the good fortune to work with many intelligent, interesting and dynamic people. I have even received very generous gifts for Xmas, but this is my favorite and I think you will soon see why.

It is difficult for people who don’t have experience with technology to often do the complex things that they are asked to do. They are intelligent and know how to do the process, but when software/system/security often changes it can be challenging to do their job. For many people the change from the old Microsoft Office interface to the ribbon interface took awhile to get mastered. You can’t blame people for things that require change. However people often feel dumb when they don’t immediately understand or have the mastery they once had. I read that it takes a genius 3 times of things being repeated to understand something, and the average person needs 5 times or more of repetition. I tell them if they can understand it after 3 times of being shown they are a genius!

So I shared that so I could share this. One of my clients who was an mature woman who hadn’t had much experience with computers was asked to do complex tasks in a challenging environment. I helped her walk through the process because it often changed. So when she called me to her office I expected I was going to help her again. However instead she gave me a generous and expensive christmas gift and when I said that the gift was too generous she said “You are worth this gift.” I was surprised. She continued “I have worked in other companies and many IT people are mean and don’t have your patience. I appreciate you making me feel smart and respecting me.” I thanked her. The best gift isn’t what you receive but when others appreciate who you are.