Internet Explorer crashing or home page changed?

Spybot – Search & Destroy 2.4.40 Download – TechSpot. I helped a friend today who had problems with his computer. He showed me that in the middle of the screen it said something like: “Warning. Your system and registry may be compromised. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx to fix this.”

So after some searching I discovered a webpage that said that Spybot fixes this adware malware. I ran the program and it found 900 items! When I pushed the button to clean it, it demanded payment. So I paid the $39 and it did clean the malware.

Previous to this I had used Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Malwarebytes, Eset online scanner, Bitdefender online scanner, homecenter Micro online scanner. All of them found things and deleted them, but only Spybot fixed the issue. If you have issues with IE not acting properly, and you have already deleted the cookies, deleted all personal data, and reset the browser, this would be the next step.

It is surprising isn’t it? People like the cheap windows systems but they don’t factor in their time and lost data. I just saw a system hit by Cryptolocker in the last month, and they didn’t choose to pay the $500 to get their data back. They had their data backed up, but it was lost. Why do people make these decisions? It was the second system I saw hit by Cryptolocker in the last six months.

Rootkits – how to fix them

Rootkits – how to fix them.

I helped a friend today with a particularly difficult rootkit he had on his computer. I scanned his system with 3 anti-virus programs but none of them found the issue. Even Malwarebytes which is normally solid, didn’t find the issue. I had to use RogueKiller.exe (by Tigzy) to clean the system.

How to discover hidden rootkits | PC News | TechRadar

RogueKiller immediately found the problem and it was linked to two Google Earth files. It cleaned it easily. You can also use other software to remove ZeroAccess rootkit.

Apparently this ZeroAccess rootkit is used for click fraud and bitcoin mining. However it can be used to install other programs so I wouldn’t ignore this kind of infection. My friend asked if a Mac would save him from this issue and the truth is that it would. It also wouldn’t. The mac gets malware and trojans as well, but Apple tends to update its scanner and stay on top of the issues. In addition the excellent Sophos for mac that I have used for years finds any PC trojans/malware and deletes them to help keep our Windows friends safe.

How to discover hidden rootkits | PC News | TechRadar.