The Most Dangerous People on the Internet Right Now

This article discusses the NSA, Harris Corporation, U.S.Marshals Service, Edward Snowden, Kim John-un, Cody Wilson, Amir Taaki, Verto, and Preet Bharara. Lots of risks and rewards for many people who use the Internet.

Also dangerous people on the Internet include the 96% of people who will shock others for money. The danger of a cobra that a dog saves his family from. The 17 most dangerous places on the web, The top 10 most dangerous things you can do online, The incompetent and dangerous Internet Explorer. Did you know that Microsoft is scrapping IE and developing a new browser because even they can’t fix IE? How sad is it that over a decade of development was wasted? I wonder how Netscape staff is feeling? Was Netscape better? I don’t know, but it didn’t crash like IE always has.

Danger in using Skype, and recently NSA was found that they have access to Skype, Skydrive and Outlook. Really makes you want to use Microsoft products doesn’t it? It is also dangerous for the recent rise of public shaming, mob justice. Business also are showing more disregard for their customers who they are supposed to protect like Googles recent publication of a security flaw after Microsoft doesn’t fix it in time. Debt is always a danger to health. If you are feeling brave you might want to live on a cliff with a waterfall. What could go wrong with that? If you like to Kayak why not do it across an active volcano? Seems like a good idea right? Using a mac is getting more dangerous too. There is a surge in malware for Mac. Or you might want to try to help people out and pick up a hitchhiker. Didn’t work so well for me when I was accused of talking Donald Duck.

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