Reinstalling a computer every 3 years good idea

I bought a MacBook Pro in 2012 and it has seen a series of upgrades. It came with 10.9 and since then has been upgraded to 10.11.2. A few days ago I started to see screen corruption where parts of the background or “desktop” would increasingly get more distorted the more I used it. Since there is not an easy way to change the display “driver” like you would do in Windows I had to think how to fix this problem.

I could of course have thrown away preference files, spent time googling it, and really got down to the nitty-gritty. I also had another option. I could just reinstall the computer. Microsoft says that as a best practice a Windows computer should be reinstalled every year from a clean state. Meaning totally format the drive and reinstall everything. Almost no one does that. Some business come close in not allowing their users to save changes to their computer, but it’s not the same.

I decided to reinstall my computer to fix this problem. I had tried lots of software since I help customers with things, and in general it had gotten unusually slow on the internet. After I formatted the drive and reinstalled from scratch, it has gone back to its usual snappy and fast Mac self. The screen corruption is gone, and the battery life is even longer.

The point of me writing this, is to say that if a computer Mac/Windows has not been reinstalled in 2 or more years and you are having weird problems, its best to just reinstall everything. Yes it does require a computer person, or taking some time to learn how to do it, but it is the best use of your time. In addition to fixing the main issue, it often fixes other issues you don’t know about. Malware/Virus and other junk also frequently are on computers and many popular protection programs do not protect the computer enough. By getting rid of the bad junk on your computer, you are also helping those friends and family that you share files and information with. Many times many surprising issues are fixed by re-installation.

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Endpoint protection can cause your computer to be hacked

Products often open computers to hacks they otherwise wouldn’t be vulnerable to.

Source: Security wares like Kaspersky AV can make you more vulnerable to attacks | Ars Technica

Most people call it anti-virus but really it is more and called endpoint protection. Some big names on this list. Disappointing this exists. If these exist, there are probably other vulnerabilities just waiting to be used.

It makes you wonder if going bare naked on a computer is the safest way to use a computer. It seems crazy, but the less software you use, the better off you are. I have said before my idea of modular software in which you only pay for the things you use. The problem is that the computer as great as a tool it is, overwhelms most people with choice. I see everyday people who look at the toolbar/ribbon in Word and can’t find the tool they need because there are too many icons on the screen. You really have to look at something for a long time before it doesn’t seem overwhelming with choice.

It also seems crazy that we throw functionality at people but we overwhelm with choice. So for example this endpoint protection has all kinds of great features, but every feature also opens up the ability of malware to exploit it. Instead of assuming everyone is either an idiot like the iPad or a power user like most Linux users, there should be a guided tour of what is possible. Or better yet, context-sensitive functionality. That is, when you need to write then you have the choices presented to you as icons. When you need more detail you click on the icon and then go to an icon nested in that icon. It sounds more complicated than it is. I love how that system works. You just need to remember some icons which people remember and you can find anything.

Anyway, still continue to update your endpoint protection software and stay safe out there!

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