Anyone receive a scam call from 206-201-2152 about the IRS suing you?

At one of the friends places that I work I received a call from 206-201-2152. The robotic voice said that I was being sued by the IRS and that if I called them to make a payment then it could be avoided. Spammers are so dumb. Why would the IRS warn people they are being sued? Why would they have a robotic caller which would be perceived as a spammer? Why would the suggestion for a payment not be a tip-off for spammers?

More importantly how effective is spamming when searching the Internet for an answer is always a possibility. I did a search immediately and found others who received the same call and even suggestions on how to report it. It is amazing to me that people still fall for scammers. I wonder sometimes if scammers benefit more from laziness of not asking, or just appealing to fear. You can’t allow fear to call the shots in any part of your life.

What would be neat if phone companies offered a free call filtering service that would automatically reject robo-calling parties. Yes it is against the law, but they still seem to get through that. If the law doesn’t provide a deterrent, than third parties can step in. What is happening with many people in all ages is a rejection of the phone. Not as a way to contact someone in an emergency, but its been transformed into being a primarily data device for text messages and video chatting. Especially in business people prefer to send an email or chat rather than hear someones voice. I find it kind of interesting. I like talking to people, but I respect that some people don’t always want to be so interactive. It does make me wonder though how effective people can be with each other when they try to avoid each other as much as possible and hide behind technology.

Working with technology as a living you come to appreciate non technology approaches to life. Well I do at least. Many IT people avoid social interaction which seems counterproductive to being useful to a company and growing as a person. Yes there is a balance in life, but too often what I see is that people retreat from real interaction rather than embrace it.

Verizon Wireless not a bad data deal

I had a friend ask how much it would cost to get some data from Verizon Wireless so he could turn his VW phone into a hotspot. After speaking with them it turns out that for $120 a month, you can get unlimited calling, texting, and 10 GB of data! AT&T charges $50 for 5 GB, so this is twice the amount of data for the same price. What a deal!

So he did that and he said that for the most part, around the city of New York and surrounding states it works well. He travels to visit family in other states. He is thrilled at not having to carry a Mifi around and being able to just use his iPhone for this. I wonder if MiFi makers are scared when Apple gets faster cellular technology. I wonder if Apple will buy Mifi manufactures to gain technology?

I have learned that if you spend the time looking at your options, you have some great options in life to get what you want at a reasonable price. I’m not thrilled that a wired connection is $50 for an unlimited bandwidth, but when you consider many people just do email and light surfing, it’s not unreasonable. One day we won’t have data limits, and providers will compete on price and service. Won’t that be the day for Comcast customers!

Of course neither AT&T or Verizon respect privacy, have good customer service or deserve the money but they are probably the most reliable phone providers available. If only there were co-op utilities and services and we could choose from them instead of corporate interests. Maybe one day. Then they will be committed to providing a good value for our money rather than helping the CEO buy an airplane.