Use Gmail? You can be hacked for $129

If you use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail you can be hacked for $129. Is your privacy and life worth paying for an email service now?

I had mentioned I use Fastmail and I love it. It has been everything that I have hoped for. It is clear that the time for using free web-services is over.

Use Gmail? You can be hacked for $129I had a customer who got hacked, and another IT person in our organization tried to further secure their account. They got hacked again. I said the first and second time, that I would move from that email provider. If hackers are determined to get someone, you have to hide their account, not try to dig in and fortify a corrupt building.

What is amazing isn’t it, is that rich people are so thoughtless when it comes to their money. They want a professional to handle it, yet when they handle it, they let anyone have access to it. I have seen people who are worth millions and billions of dollars use free web accounts. When they have had problems with security like above, I suggest that they change, but they are resistant to the idea. “I would have to move all of my information and tell people I’m somewhere else.” they say. I respond with, if you have been broken into once, what is the risk to you of losing your private information to people who will take advantage of it?

People think that Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail are going to protect them. What a surprising way to think. Isn’t your responsibility to safeguard your finances first?

People who are rich are famous for being cheap, and studies show that they tend to be more economical than those who make less money. One multimillionaire I knew wore and kept clothes from the 70s. It was an interesting fashion choice. Why live in the past when you have opportunities with a wonderful present?


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MS Outlook not updating? It could be a corrupt profile

People love to store as much email as possible in their email programs. Email was never meant to store that much email, and Microsoft says there are problems when there are more than a thousand items in a folder. I tell this to people who promptly ignore me, and then ask me to fix issues when it doesn’t work.

I had someone who wasn’t receiving any emails, and someone who I encouraged to remove excess emails. In addition she had many thousands of emails in that folder. She had stacks of sub-folders and hadn’t received email for days. In this situation it is sometimes caused by a lack of RAM, but she had 8 GB of ram and that was all she was going to get from the companies perspective. She had rebooted her computer, and compacting the email database didn’t help. Since she was in a rush to take care of her responsibilities, I decided to just recreate her email profile and that solved the issue.

MS Outlook not updating? It could be a corrupt profileWhy am I sharing this with you? Well besides advice of how you can fix the issue, the larger issue that is information needs to be organized. Email might be convenient and easy to search, but it is not easy to deal with and it is time-consuming. Everyone that I have helped that have had big email collections, reports slow speed and multiple issues. Sometimes they can’t find an email because the search index becomes corrupt, or it slows down their machine so it is unusable. For people who have extremely large email collections, I have even suggested a second machine like a laptop to be dedicated to dealing with email. I have been shot down each time. However if they followed my advice, not only would they do their work quickly, but they would have less email problems as well.

I can’t force people to take my suggestions. If people don’t want to have a smooth experience, I can only make the experience as pleasant as they wish to cooperate with my suggestions. It has been my experience that people want to do it their way, no matter how little they know or consider the consequences. I can’t help but think of another experience I had with another email user who had 30GBS or more of email. The typical user might have 4GB which is tens of thousands of emails.

That user asked me to help organize their email so I was patiently going through her email box and moving folders and waiting for them to copy. It was taking hours. I figured it was an all day job based on her amount of emails. She got impatient and took away the computer and moved folders so quickly that it caused Outlook to stop responding. She she took the job over I left. I found out that she asked another IT guy how she could “fix her computer not responding or updating her emails” and he said that she would just have to leave her computer on and hope it will synchronize. I never found out what happened after that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she lost emails in her process of pushing Outlook too hard.

This is not to say that I know everything, but if you hire someone for their experience, let them use their experience. Or let them go and hire someone who is ignorant or doesn’t care.

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