Chrome is crashing in Mavericks

Like other people the newest version of Chrome is crashing in Mavericks. It has happened twice, and both times I couldn’t even do a force quit. I had to turn the system off with the power button to resolve it. Both times I only had a few other tabs open like google email, and this WordPress site.

Researching solutions there seemed to be two.

  1. 256px-Chrome_Logo.svg_2One of them was uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome. When I looked in my Applications folder my Chrome was 3.45 GB! It was amazing how large it was. Apparently Google caches older versions of itself. I deleted that and then reinstalled a new one. I also went to Chrome menu and said Clear Browsing Data and deleted all data. I have actually done that 3 times since upgrading to Mavericks and it didn’t help. I also uninstalled all extensions but two, which are: AdBlock 2.6.11 & Shareaholic for Google Chrome™ 5.7.0
  2. Use Firefox which doesn’t seem to have this issue. This is a last resort. I like Chrome. I have tried Safari on Mavericks but it was slower than Chrome and crashed with online games that I tried to play. So unfortunately not a good second choice for me.

However I had Shareaholic before Maverick and didn’t have an issue. Adblock was just before Mavericks so I didn’t have much time to test it. However in my research others who just have a stock version of Chrome report crashing as well. It also seems to happen in other programs in Maverick as well such as Safari. So this could be Maverick specific.

This is still happening. I am going to try using Firefox for awhile and see if the crashing continues. I will update this if that turns out to be the solution.

Firefox still crashed. I downloaded and installed Google Canary and I haven’t had it crash yet! Maybe this is the answer. No it is not. It crashed after using it for 24 hours. How disappointing.


Bringing it all together: 15 GB now shared between Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos | Google Drive Blog

Bringing it all together: 15 GB now shared between Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos | Google Drive Blog. This is nice that they are offering 15GB. Still given their recent killing of Reader it doesn’t make me more likely to refer people to them. I think you need more service as an individual than Google currently provides.