Strategies to get emails read

Some Strategies to get emails read

Did you know that more than 95% of commercial email is unread? I didn’t know it was so high. The strategies he mentions in this article below are things I have learned in my experience as well. You really have to show people why they will benefit from reading what you write.

Something else I have learned is not to give people more than the minimum amount of detail to understand something. I thought in the past that it would help give perspective or background on the issue if they knew some of its history. I was wrong. The feedback I received was that was considered the past and that those things no longer applied. People seem to prefer to make off the cuff decisions rather than considering the big picture.

Another important suggestion is that you should always ask for the kind of response you want. People don’t always understand what they should do, even if you state what is needed in the body of the email. So always at the end I ask for an action: a decision, piece of information, whatever. Then I suggest what I will do with that and ask if that seems reasonable. People like to know what you are going to do with their information or decision so don’t make them wonder. Tell them how what you are doing will benefit them.

How To Write E-mails Your Customers Will Actually Read.

Trouble with Naymz – Neil Turner’s Blog

I was invited to Naymz today by one of my LinkedIn contacts. I had never heard of it before so I researched it before I signed up. I found an article that said some things that were not respectful, so I am avoiding it.

Trouble with Naymz - Neil Turner's Blog

Specifically Naymz spams your contact list and keeps irritating users with demands to pay for the premium service. It looks as though it could be useful right from the picture to the side? However it only has about 2 million users compared to LinkedIn‘s number of users is reported to be 332 million.

For me, LinkedIn has been an incredible source of job leads and networking. I had a recruiter suggest I should join it in 2006 and I am so glad that I did. It has produced useful things in my life unlike Facebook, MySpace, GeoCities, web rings or banging rocks together to get attention.

One of the other disturbing things of Naymz is that the people who get caught in its trap can’t seem to get the emails to stop. I know that if that were to happen to me I would find a way to stop it. No business has the right to harass you, and you don’t have to accept it. I would change my email if that was the last step but no one has to control your life. There is always a choice and there are always options if you explore and research.

Trouble with Naymz – Neil Turner’s Blog.