Check your iPhone for suggested contacts

Strangely when I was typing an email today a contact for a company I worked for years ago came up. I had deleted those contacts, so there is no reason why they should have shown up. I verified that the contacts were deleted by going to and they were not in my account. So where did they come from?

I don’t sync my phone to my device. Even if I did, I have reinstalled my computer and never use iTunes. I used to love iTunes but it got too complicated and the interface was just terrible. It was more confusing to use with each version and not worth it for anything.

iphone-education-application1I have to think that because the device was the same as what I had been using when I worked at that company, it had a cache on the device. Yet I remember deleting those cached contacts after I no longer worked for that company. I guess the next time I work for a new company I will just delete everything on my phone and that will solve the problem. I could erase everything on the phone now and that should solve the problem as well. I just might do that since it is a quick way to solve the issue.

The other part of this is that as far as data security goes, this is a terrible thing. Those email contacts were private to that company and they should never have gotten into this position. Even if your phone is wiped, it shouldn’t copy Exchange contacts into your iCloud contacts. Apple should be smart enough to ask the user “Do you want to synchronize your work contacts to your personal account?” That would trigger people to say “no” and prevent this from occurring. Why put your core customers in this position?

Update: Wiping the phone does not fix the issue. I deleted them manually from the pop up in the mail program. I have done this before so if the issue occurs tomorrow I will call Apple and update this article.

Need to copy info from an iPhone/iPad?

SynciOS is a free tool for managing your iOS device from your PC. It lets you transfer content to and from your mobile device with ease, though it stumbles a bit as a contact manager.

Source: Review: SynciOS takes over for iTunes | PCWorld

If you need to get information from your iPad/iPhone and the screen is damaged or iTunes doesn’t recognize it, you will want to use this SynciOS app. It even helps copy things from your iPhone that iTunes doesn’t easily copy. Its helpful if you support iPhone’s for anyone, and keeps your personal iTunes library from being co-mingled with other iPhone data.

I have used this program for years with good results. It allows you to copy things even when the iPhone has no free space. It allowed me to copy data off of iPhone’s no matter what the problem with the iPhone was.

It isn’t a replacement for iTunes. It can’t connect to the App Store, nor update yourĀ  phone. However if you buy the professional version it offers a one click backup. It might be worthwhile for backup purposes if you don’t to use Apple’s iCloud automatic data backup.

I have paid for programs that have this functionality and I haven’t noticed any advantage of those programs over this. In addition it doesn’t have any silly limitations like 1000 song maximum like other free utilities. I receive no financial compensation for this review, just sharing a useful tool that might help you.