Why are cheap iTunes cards for sale?

Source: Inside the Shady World of Cheap iTunes Gift Cards – StumbleUpon

I always wondered about those places that offered to sell a $200 iTunes gift card for a ridiculous low price. It seemed to me to be shady, so I avoided it. However the author of this article did it, and tried to share the research that he found. It wasn’t much.

Basically the bottom line is that since it is just a code it is untraceable by the end-user. I don’t like supporting anything that feels illegal. There are plenty of legal things have terrible consequences like diamond mining, so we don’t need to add misery to the world to save a few bucks.

What seems very selfish to me is that the people who I have seen are the most stingy are the richest. Very few people are like Warren Buffet who has given away so much to charity. Those are people who are singularly good people. They could surround themselves in whatever fantasy they wish, but the fact that Mr. Buffet drives a normal car and lives in a humble home is just an incredible message on the value of money.

Sometimes the most effective actions are concrete behavior that people do. Words are so easy to say when someone is insincere. What is moving is when people live out their values by acting on what they believe. To me, not adding to crime is the first test of being a responsible and rational consumer.

iPhones and Cars not always easy

I have a customer who has an iPhone 6 Plus and a Lexus. She is loaded as you can tell. The problem is that since she updated to the latest iOS version the streaming no longer works on her car through USB. She doesn’t like to use Bluetooth because she is concerned about ionizing radiation. So that means she hasn’t been able to listen to her music. So I did many troubleshooting steps to fix this but nothing worked until yesterday.

Lexus automatically jumpI had: Gotten her a new phone since her old phone had other issues, restored iOS on it from scratch using iTunes, reset all the settings, done a hard reset, tried different apple cables, reset the car personal information, really everything that was out there. I was at the end of my rope. I didn’t know what else I could try. Just for fun I thought lets try downloading a song from the Apple iTunes store and see if it plays. I remembered having authentication problems with my first iPod device so I thought maybe it needs to authenticate somehow. So once I downloaded the song, the music that was on the iPhone in the Music app started playing! I was amazed. I tried her third party music streaming app and it worked too.

It has been a couple weeks and it seems to be working. If you can’t make your USB play or recognize your iPhone try it and let me know with the About Me page. Thanks!