Stories from My Past: You don’t know until you ask

A friend recently got into a car accident and was rear ended. Fortunately the accident was low-speed and my friend went to a doctor and hopefully will be ok. So in order to have a car to drive he had to get a rental car and I went with him since I’ve had experience renting cars in the past.

The dealership was very busy on a Saturday morning, and it was a bee-hive with activity. As the worker bees were buzzing about I could see that the inventory was low. So it was no surprise when the employee said that the selection was limited. It was a big SUV or a bigger SUV to choose from. My friend didn’t like either choice but was going to accept the SUV. I knew that he wouldn’t be comfortable driving it, much less want to pay for all the gas that pig would take so I asked if a car from another location could be brought. He said yes and that it might take a half hour. So we waited. My friend loved the car he got and I was excited about finding the great customer service.

I called on Monday and complimented him to the manager and the manager was surprised and grateful for the call. She said that they don’t often get calls that are positive and really appreciated it. It is sad that when you compliment people they act surprised and often say they don’t get complimented much. When someone does a job well that is important to acknowledge as when they fail in their duty.

The point however of writing this is that you don’t know until you ask. My friend who was shy to ask for another car would have been badly served by accepting something that isn’t a good fit. It doesn’t make sense to anyone to accept something you don’t love and isn’t a fit for your lifestyle. For example my friend has limited parking space so trying to park that SUV beast would have been a stressful nightmare. He got a car that is small and easy to park and has fantastic gas mileage. What more could you want in a rental car right? Yes its a little smaller than I would like, but it’s not my car and it’s not my business. Whatever makes someone happy is what we should aim for. Not what we want if we were them. It is so critical to ask if something is ok because good intentions are not enough.

The earlier the better: bystanders save lives with CPR for cardiac arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest kills an estimated 200,000 people a year in the United States, but many of those lives could be saved if ordinary bystanders simply performed CPR, a new study shows. The early application of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by an average person nearby, combined with defibrillation by firefighters or police before the arrival of emergency medical services (EMS), was the one intervention that substantially increased survival from cardiac arrest, according to new findings.

Source: The earlier the better: bystanders save lives with CPR for cardiac arrest — ScienceDaily

I learned how to do CPR this year and I am so grateful to know it. Maybe one day I might save someones life, but I hope that I never have to use it. The class itself was easy. Just about 3 hours of interactive presentations, practice on a dummy and Q&A. I really enjoyed it. One of my customers paid for me, but I looked into paying for it privately. The private cost of CPR a few years ago was $150 for the basic class. The advanced class I was in did CPR, AED, and the Heimlich maneuver.

What is even more cool is that anyone can learn this and it was easy to learn. It seems to me like this should be a basic skill taught in middle school health or PE class. The link above talks about a 9-year-old who used it to save his sister. Imagine how many lives could be saved if this skill were taught. Why don’t we teach skills that can save people’s lives? I have never used math skills to save someones life. Of course learning math is important, but saving a life is important too. Don’t we have time to teach both?