Facebook friend defaulted? You are a bad credit risk

Source: Facebook Wants to Redline Your Friends List – StumbleUpon

It is a stunning example of a bad idea. Facebook patented a tool to track people’s credit risk based partly on their friends defaulting on loans. Isn’t this crazy?

The article talks about historical risk and the risk that banks try to judge based on present credit models. Everyone wants to be repaid, but how often those models are just simply wrong. I have worked for rich people and rich people often don’t pay their bills. Where are the companies that fault them?

For example, one rich person I knew didn’t pay anyone who worked for her. Yet she had a stack of credit cards. Where is the model that protects the bank from that? On the other hand I have known poor people who paid everything they could to predatory companies like short-term title loans or so on, and they were marked down as bad credit risks?

Isn’t it crazy that being sick and being laid off of a job are the biggest risks to someone having a good credit score? You might as well re-title a credit score as someones “lucky index” about how lucky they have been to avoid sickness and job layoffs.

Yes I can hear the people now with good credit saying “Well it was hard work and character that got my credit score. I paid my bills, and I am a good member of society.” Great, I’m glad for you, really I am. However not everyone is in your position. For the vast majority of people who are not genetically lucky, or have steady work, this credit system is anything but fair.

My way of responding to the credit system is to buy as little as possible. I try to support small businesses when possible, and to find the most economical companies with the best support. Very difficult to do, but possible. As a society we have to demand with our money respect from those we do business with. It is our right and our choice what we support.

Ford Sync review and comparison

Ford continues to improve Sync, its comprehensive in-car infotainment system; the latest version is easily worth ponying up for, despite various flaws.

Source: Ford Sync (With MyFord Touch) Review & Rating | PCMag.com

So I was in a friends Ford Explorer 2015 and I used this Sync system. It had some helpful and unhelpful things if you are thinking of choosing a car based on its electronic features.

First I should say that nothing in my opinion beats the Lexus Enform system. It is beautiful and with lots of features. I also like the Chrysler Uconnect, which was fairly easy to use. The BMW system is complex but it is logically designed. In last place was this MS Sync powered system which was confusing and not very responsive.

It didn’t help that my friend’s car didn’t have navigation. The error message when you hit navigation said “insert SIM card”. Not the best message to give the average person. It should say instead, this feature is unavailable. Or even better, don’t offer a feature in the interface that you don’t have. It is a waste of time and energy.

As far as the Sony powered sound system the Ford had and was controlled by this system. It was average at best. No amount of adjusting the sound really fixed the hollowness of the speakers. But that isn’t the fault of the Sync system that is can’t fix a lack of good sound options. What was the fault is that the system was pretty stupid in how it dealt with light.

As you know if you have any car from probably 2005 and newer, is that there are sensors for light on the car that try to adjust the car based on the amount of light they receive. So if you go in a dark tunnel, many cars will automatically turn on the lights and dim the in dash LCD and interior lighting. The problem with the MS sync system is that because the day was overcast or shadows from trees on the road, it kept switching from being brightly illuminated to dark contrast. It was irritating when the dash stay dark even though it was fully light outside. This isn’t just an inconvenience in adjusting the sound/temperature it was also affecting the dash that tells your speed. A dangerous oversight in my opinion.

Does it connect a iPhone and play? Yes. If you care about sound quality you probably aren’t buying a Ford. The voice control isn’t very smart. It wouldn’t recognize anything I clearly said to it. It probably was because there were other people talking in the car. It is a disappointing system. I would not recommend you by a Ford if you like electronic conveniences.