Stories from my Past: Another spammer bites the dust

If you produce content of any kind you have no doubt had to deal with people stealing it. It is very easy to steal content on the Internet, and websites are often the victims of this. I have had different spammers copy my website and once I get no response to my nice email, I start having to pursue legal tactics.

Every web hosting company has a department that deals with CopyRight infringements of their customers. Recently for several days my content was copied, so I asked nicely for the spammer to stop it. When he didn’t, I contacted his hosting company and requested they look into it. They responded several days later saying that he had removed the content. When I looked, the posts were still there with the titles, but the body of the post was gone. That isn’t what I consider removal. So I had to take matters into my own hands.

I looked on his website and discovered that he had scraped content from many other sites. So I contacted the site owners after I did a google search on the articles he copied. I let them know the scraped article URL, and their original article URL and they thanked me. All ten of them. I don’t know how many complaints a web hosting company has to get about a website, but I think that should do the job.

You know if he had borrowed some content and asked nicely I wouldn’t have done anything. Even if he had stolen the content and wasn’t trying to monetize it, that might have been ok. He was running ads on his site basically getting paid for doing nothing. However when you aren’t credited for your work and you get no response, its clear what the intentions are. Don’t do it people. Give the people who create content the dignity of at least crediting their hard work, even if you plan on stealing it.

Squarespace vs WordPress – Which one is better?

Squarespace vs WordPress

If your needs are simple and you don’t plan on trying to sell things and grow, then Squarespace is fine. I have a friend who uses it and likes it, but he is only doing a personal blog. If you hope to one day have a store and want options then WordPress is better. In addition you have limited options to export data from Squarespace so you don’t have to recreate your work. Being able to move your data and work seems very important to me.

What makes WordPress so great? Probably its ability as a CMS and manage content easily for the average person. Databases are scary for most people but a CMS takes the best part of a database and makes it simple. If you have used a Microsoft or Apple program then you have the skills for WordPress. If you are considering upgrading your website you might want to also look at my suggestions for a good experience.

If you are new to WordPress shared hosting compared then you might want to read that link. It talks about my experiences with my attempts to used shared hosting. Shared hosting is when other people share the same server and you aren’t separated in any manner. So if their server causes a problem, then you go down. I experienced frequent downtime with shared hosting so I realized it wasn’t for me. I use VPS with InMotion and it works very well with me. I did not like my hosting experience with GoDaddy or Fatcow. Like many people I liked GoDaddy’s low domain registration prices but I learned my lesson. Now I use Namecheap and love it. Easy to work with and had features like privacy that GoDaddy charged more for.

Squarespace vs WordPress – Which one is better? (Pros and Cons).