Now stolen data can be quickly found

New technology protects customer privacy while it crawls the Dark Web for data compromised in corporate breaches.

Source: Terbium Labs Finds Stolen Data Before It Gets Sold – StumbleUpon

This is amazing. A private and secure way for companies to discover if information has been traded/sold in almost real-time. This will really cut down the time for hackers to be caught I hope.

What amazes me is that hackers have such an ability to hide on the Internet. It must be hosting companies, ISP’s, banks that allow these criminals to do business. We hear each day of companies that were negligent in dealing with crime. Bernie Madoff for example triggered some warnings by executives but those were ignored.

Crime doesn’t happen just by itself but by everyone who allows it to occur. As a society we pay for crime in so many ways. When I worked for a hosting company part of the job was to lookout for illegal activity. Those were against the terms of service. Why am I bringing this up? Some employees allow illegal activity by not having the proper amount of computer professionals who can monitor the system. They say “they didn’t know” but how can they know when the computer professionals are overworked just trying to maintain the system?

If society is serious about stopping crime then we need to hold decision makers responsible when crime occurs at a company. Otherwise what is the incentive? No one pretends that companies with a financial penalty really change behavior. When they make more money by breaking the law, what are people who are concerned with this quarters stock results going to do? We set up a system and then act like we don’t know how it works.

We can stop crime, it’s just clear that those who profit from it do not want to.

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How important is Amazon AWS?

If you aren’t an IT person you can be forgiven for not knowing what Amazon AWS is. It allows a huge number of things that we have come to expect from the Internet like Netflix. This excellent article from The Atlantic has a breakdown why Amazon AWS is so important.

It is clear from many sources that AWS is the top cloud provider in reliability. Other providers have almost perfect records and much more affordable. As you might know from reading past articles, I used Rackspace for years and it was perfect. Now I am using Copyblogger/Websynth and it has been very reliable as well. Really the biggest problems you will face from those services are problems you created yourself or hackers create.

For example, I recently had a “Socket error” on my site that caused it to go down for a half hour. The problem wasn’t my hosting provider, but rather the company that I choose for my DNS. They were having a DDOS against them so understandably that error would happen. You can protect against everything, and you really can’t have two DNS providers, so its a limitation of the current system.

When I tried other cloud providers I found them from completely unusable (Google) to so confusing (Azure) that it is understandable why the average IT person wouldn’t use them. AWS was really the most understandable provider and it is easy to see why they have become popular. Whoever made AWS deserves respect for making it as friendly and reliable as they have. I only wish that Apple would jump in and help simplify cloud technology so that the average person could use it. For example, distributed computing should have been made more consumer friendly  by now so that people and organization could use this incredibly useful technology. It is amazing how it democratizes technology and if it just had a friendly peer-to-peer arrangement this could eventually eliminate the need for IT. I can see that one day it will be that people will have informal/formal grid computing networks and when they have work they will submit it to that network. Instead of having a huge computer that may rarely get used to its potential, we will share computing power and the kind of research won’t be limited in the way it is now.

Kind of sad isn’t it? I read an article today that talked about the sale of a $650k luxury car for people who were world famous. For that kind of money we could have a distributed network working on the cures for persistent stubborn problems for humanity. Its is almost like the people with money would rather hold onto an illusion than progress. The illusion of course is that money will protect them from the scary world. Unfortunately no amount of money protects you from life, but when there is a problem sometimes waiting for a solution isn’t possible. I hope that one day we will be motivated as a species by care for each other, rather than on things that don’t provide happiness.

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