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Jeff and his daughter have recreated the American states in LEGO called 50 States Of LEGO with stereotypes in mind, and it’s safe to say that they are epic.

Source: 50 States Of LEGO: Illustrated Miniature Stereotypes Of America – StumbleUpon

This is the image for New York. The work on this is fantastic. It shows images that are often popular conceptions of what people think that state is about. The detail is great. I bet this took years to complete.

Isn’t it amazing when we see the wonderful projects and work by others? It really is inspiring how people took something and went the extra step to make something ordinary extraordinary. What is also nice is that the images are respectful and fun and it is something that everyone can enjoy.

I have noticed that kids have much more Lego toys than we did back in the day. I don’t know if this is just because Lego popularity has risen, or if they are coming in bigger sets. I was in an office once where the father was selling his kids lego set for $50 and it consisted of a staggering number of blocks. I was frankly amazed that one kid would have so many. It was great for him, but after he grew up he didn’t play with them anymore so Dad was just trying to find a good home for them. I was tempted to buy it, but honestly I would not have gotten $50 of fun from them.

Isn’t it funny that when we are adults the things that we think we would buy are no longer interesting to us? Yes many things would be fun for a short while, but long-term the interest just isn’t there. I wonder what kind of economy we would have if we spend it in reverse. Right now we save for our future, but with a guaranteed minimum income and IQ testing in vitro, we could predict the likely job that someone would have. Then as a child and young adult they could spend the money they would make in their career at the beginning when they need like college. If they tried to spend more money then they would have to shift to a higher occupation when they are young, and this might make people more productive.

What happens now is that people struggle with college loans, living on their own when they have the least amount of skills. When they are old, they have no way to enjoy the money they have saved. Often people go to rest homes or other palliative care because they can’t enjoy the money they saved. So they give their savings to their family’s, friends or put it in a trust so they qualify for government benefits.

I saw this first hand. I saw one of my relatives declare bankruptcy so that he could move into a rest home before he died. His only asset was his Social Security check and living with a relative. He had a job that was based on manual labor and he had no investments. He spent his money in his life from a basic job, and lived a very simple life. What more might he have done if he had the resources to attend college and contribute to the economy in a better way? As a society we waste the talents of people by making money a barrier and wall against progress instead of a tool and ladder.

Most internet anonymity software leaks users’ details: Report reveals IPv6 weaknesses in VPN services — ScienceDaily

Source: Most internet anonymity software leaks users’ details: Report reveals IPv6 weaknesses in VPN services — ScienceDaily

So companies that promise privacy can’t provide it? No surprise there. I have seen many hackers use VPN, proxies to disguise who they are, but eventually anyone who is persistent will find them. I had a friend show me once how to track someone down and it was amazing easy. It is remarkable what you can do when you know something.

More importantly, secrecy can be crucial for those living in places where they are not given freedom. Anything VPN can do to protect people who are seeking a way to overthrow an oppressive government should be protected in my opinion. I don’t like secrets, and I don’t like things operating in the dark, but at times they are a necessary evil. I don’t pretend to have the answers, but giving people who are looking to make the world a better place a tool to help them do that, what is the harm there?

We often hear that the government needs surveillance power like the old Freedom act to find terrorists. That was a failure. I think there was a report that said that no actionable intelligence was gained from the billions/trillions? spend on that. So many social programs could have been done instead. It is a strange kind of choice those in power make isn’t it? They would rather ignore the many things that need to be done like homeless, in order to protect a very small niche that may not be protect-able. Some people are going to die, and increasing security does little to fix that. Rather it seems that increasing our humanity and appreciation and love for each other would be a better use of money.

Of course I’m not in charge, I just get to watch the consequence like everyone else of those in power who made poor choices. When are we going to get tired of the weak and oppressed always getting the worst deal possible?