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If you use an Android phone your personal data might be in China

This isn’t surprising that if you use an Android phone your personal data might be in China.

If you read this article you will learn that budget Android phones purchased in the United States have been sending your personal information back to a server in China. It makes perfect sense that China is controlling its users behavior, so naturally their devices would have this installed. While the article said this was never meant for anything outside of China, why wouldn’t they want this information as well?

If you use an Android phone your personal data might be in ChinaThere isn’t a reason why someone who can gain information won’t gain information. To me this behavior by the Chinese government to gather this information is the same as any government that gathers information. It is one thing to stop crime by gathering intelligence, but it is quite another when you gather information with no benefit to the person who you are gathering from.

Like most things, most people will not become aware that their information is compromised until they get their accounts hacked or their information resold. For this reason, I never liked Linux/Android because those smart people who used it, were exactly the kind of people who were going to hack their customers in the future.

More importantly, when you don’t understand technology you really make yourself at the mercy of it. This is why I have said before that security needs to be baked into every product, otherwise someone will seek to benefit from the weakness to exploit what isn’t theres.

It seems amazing to me that this stuff continues to go on. Why don’t companies understand that when they don’t make security important, they just create an environment for chaos to happen. Some would say that they profit from that chaos and that is certainly true. There is so much garbage that happens in the technology world that is just someone trying to make a buck from hurting someone else.

So my suggestion would be if you have an Android phone buy an iPhone immediately.

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Verizon Safety Mode slow but helpful

If you have Verizon wireless you know that they are perhaps the best network, but the worst at features for the money.

However they are finally catching up, and that is appreciated for those of us who have a Verizon device. I had a friend give me a Verizon iPhone so I have kept it. I had used AT&T primarily before and they were terrible in every way. I tried to go with T mobile but they couldn’t get their act together, and my experience with Sprint was a disaster. So out of the group Verizon seemed like the best choice.

Verizon Safety Mode slow but helpfulVerizon never had an “unlimited” plan until Safety Mode was featured. This means that when you run out of data in your plan, it goes to a 128kb rate. Not worth browsing the web on, but still useful to get email and very basic Internet services. It is also a helpful thing for those of us who stream music, and it really makes the smart-phone much more useful.

So what would have been more customer centric is to allow extra data you didn’t use to be available until you use it. Then you could use the LTE much higher speeds. It would have been more customer centric to allow unlimited data. Voice and text are already unlimited, but more people use data on their iPhone than voice & text anymore. You can tell the decision makers are out of touch with how their customers are using their devices in how slow and clunky this change was.

When other providers have matched features for years, it is clear that cell phone companies are a harmful monopoly. Rather than respond to market forces, they drag their feet until they have no choice. I would love it if the government broke up all the cell phone companies and turned them into cooperatives. Instead of trying to make money on a utility and necessity, we could save money by taking the profit motive out of it.

What can we make money on? Things that are truly luxuries and not needed for your health, life, safety or happiness. Not an easy assignment, but when companies can privatize things like water that used to be free in third world countries, some limits are obviously needed.

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