Most internet anonymity software leaks users’ details: Report reveals IPv6 weaknesses in VPN services — ScienceDaily

Source: Most internet anonymity software leaks users’ details: Report reveals IPv6 weaknesses in VPN services — ScienceDaily

So companies that promise privacy can’t provide it? No surprise there. I have seen many hackers use VPN, proxies to disguise who they are, but eventually anyone who is persistent will find them. I had a friend show me once how to track someone down and it was amazing easy. It is remarkable what you can do when you know something.

More importantly, secrecy can be crucial for those living in places where they are not given freedom. Anything VPN can do to protect people who are seeking a way to overthrow an oppressive government should be protected in my opinion. I don’t like secrets, and I don’t like things operating in the dark, but at times they are a necessary evil. I don’t pretend to have the answers, but giving people who are looking to make the world a better place a tool to help them do that, what is the harm there?

We often hear that the government needs surveillance power like the old Freedom act to find terrorists. That was a failure. I think there was a report that said that no actionable intelligence was gained from the billions/trillions? spend on that. So many social programs could have been done instead. It is a strange kind of choice those in power make isn’t it? They would rather ignore the many things that need to be done like homeless, in order to protect a very small niche that may not be protect-able. Some people are going to die, and increasing security does little to fix that. Rather it seems that increasing our humanity and appreciation and love for each other would be a better use of money.

Of course I’m not in charge, I just get to watch the consequence like everyone else of those in power who made poor choices. When are we going to get tired of the weak and oppressed always getting the worst deal possible?

Stories from my past: The look of understanding

If you ever had to spend time in the DMV, Post office or other government office, you probably know what I am going to say next. There is a special kind of inefficiency that you experience when you are there. I don’t know how they manage it, but time seems to go slower when you have to interact with a government agency.

I went into the Post Office and I had a simple transaction. Unfortunately so did the other 10 people ahead of me. They had simple transactions too, but the gentleman who was employed had his own speed. Part of the problem is that he had a pattern of speaking and advertising that slowed it down, but I guess it helps make money for the Post office. So he had to go through his spiel with each person.

While I was waiting the lady in front of me asked a simple question and got the spiel that all of us had heard a half-dozen times with other customers. She looked over at me and gave me the look of understanding that said “Can you believe this guy? He is acting like a robot?” I just smiled and she went back to her business. What can you do but just tolerate certain situations in your life?

Just as an aside, is there a reason that Post Offices refuse to use the latest technologies? Many of them don’t have a stamp dispensing machine, and often their credit card scanner is out of date and slow. Do they get a kickback from card companies to take as long as possible to transact a charge? Couldn’t some credit card transactions have priority like say those of hospitals, police stations (bail), and post offices? Do people need to wait 1 minute to have their credit card go through so that Bob can buy some socks at Target faster? Why is the speed of services inversely proportional to their importance? It takes forever to get charged for an emergency room visit, but if I wanted to get a candy bar from a food dispenser I’m practically done in seconds.