Pentagon accidentally mailing out plague and anthrax

The Pentagon accidentally mailing plague and anthrax, it turns out

Source: What Are The Real Risks of Bioweapons Research? | Popular Science

So in this article they say that this is a people problem. You bet it is, its a problem with everyone involved in that department.

Is it just me, or does the government make a staggering amount of mistakes? Not just the volume of mistakes, but also the severity of those mistakes. Did you hear about the lost nuclear bombs they have (broken arrows) they call them. I don’t wish to go into a listing of how the government messes up, but compared to even general business incompetence it seems rather amazing we aren’t already dead.

People argue against computer intelligence, but when I see this I have more reasons to argue for it. We are concerned about Skynet? I am concerned about Norm the government worker who doesn’t question that he is mailing out Anthrax! It isn’t just one person who does this, but a team of people. How many people did not do their jobs or care for this to happen? Everyone involved should be fired.

I had the opportunity years ago to work for a government branch that had a terrible reputation. I didn’t accept it. Mostly because I want to be proud of the work I do, and no matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t fix a problem that took a team of people to screw up. Good people don’t like to work in places that have bad management, which is why most good people have their choice of assignments and work.

More generally, people who don’t engage in their job are a danger to society. How many people could have died because of this anthrax or other issue? How many deaths have been caused by ignorance, laziness or lack of follow through? I bet many in the history of mankind. If you can’t engage in your job, then for everyone else’s sake, find a job you like. Don’t be the guy licking the stamp on the envelope of anthrax you are sending out.

You have a small apartment? So do the rat tribe.

Source: China´s “Rat Tribe”: the hidden world of one million migrants – StumbleUpon

Some of these photos and stories will break your heart. People living in air raid shelters and places that were never designed for long-term usage. Very sad and disappointing this was allowed for so long. The government is putting a stop to it thankfully.

For example this woman lives in a space that isn’t enough for a dog. No one deserves to live like this. Prisoners and dogs about to get killed get more space than this.

That is the saddest thing about Greed isn’t it? That no matter how much money someone gets they don’t get any happier. That people get rich by making other people’s lives miserable and the money doesn’t help them. Where does the money go? Sometimes it just vanishes into economic terms that are barely understood like inflation, currency devaluation and the other lovely things the geniuses in finance find to rob people of their hard work.

It should be the right of every person to have a minimum of space, food, education, opportunity. What kind of civilization says that it cares about its citizens, but then abandons them in places like this? Is this really the kind of world that we want? Where the people struggle for even basic ability to be human?

When I see this, just like homelessness or any other social problem, I see a failure. Certainly it is ok to make money, but at what expense? We can make money and have enough things for everyone. The idea of scarcity is so convenient to control prices, but completely artificial. We have the technology to distill water and make deserts bloom, but not the political will to make it happen. It is surprising isn’t it that we would rather have sultans who can number their fortune in the billions, while thousands of people die in their country to maintain their way of life. Not just as slaves in one country, but economic slaves in every country. I don’t think capitalism is evil, but I think it can be tempered to help those who may not have the genetic luck to be as productive as other members of our society.

For example, we have social security and medicare for people who are older who may not be able to afford care. We don’t say that is against capitalism. It hasn’t destroyed the American way of life has it? Yet it was argued against when it was first voted on. We can help those who need a “hand up” as Clinton has famously said. Not a “hand out” but a way to become even more useful and productive. What an incredible waste we have when people live like this. It’s not healthy for their spirit, the emotions, their psychology, or anyone. What we need is a way to maximize people, not minimize them as this does.