Two people can have the same Social Security number

Source: A tale of two women: same birthday, same Social Security number, same big-data mess – StumbleUpon

Even though the Social Security Administration promises this can’t happen, it did and does. This causes both of these people no end of problems.

It is remarkable isn’t it? The government asks us to trust them and that they don’t make mistakes, but all the time you find mistakes they make.

I wonder if the SS administration will fess up and take responsibility for this?  I wonder if the government will pay the two women who have been jerked around all their life because of this? I wonder if the damages that people experience will be made whole by the failure of this branch?

Have you ever read about people who were found to be innocent and yet served years or decades in prison? They get a small amount of money as a payment. To me, no amount of money is worth the lost time and the harsh punishment of being incarcerated. I wonder how much money people might be paid if the majority of people who were found innocent were white instead of black. It is remarkable how often things get changed when the decision makers are the ones who suffer.

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