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FullContact For Gmail Is The Latest Email Plugin To Take On LinkedIn’s Rapportive – StumbleUpon. I installed this and it has some nice information and features. It allows you to easily send a google calendar invite easily, do a google hangout or visit their other social media options. If I were a recruiter or just anyone who deals with a large network, this would save time.

FullContact For Gmail Is The Latest Email Plugin To Take On LinkedIn's Rapportive - StumbleUpon


Using the Gmail App but don’t have syncing google Calendar on your iPhone?

I had the same problem. You can follow the steps below from this fine article from The Verge to fix it. Thanks Verge! Unfortunately you can’t use the built in iOS google setup to sync to your calendar because Google has increased security. You could ask Google to lower the security in your account on a per device basis, but I wouldn’t recommend that.

Part 4: Syncing Calendars with CalDAV

The steps required to integrate Google Calendar with iOS are very similar — go to Settings and navigate down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars once again. This time, tap Add Account… and select Other, and then Add CalDAV Account. Just like above, you’ll enter “google.com” for the Server field, your user name and password, and add an optional description. After clicking Next, navigate back to the Calendar app and the entries should appear shortly. To sync multiple calendars, go to this page and select the calendars you want to sync, then click Save. If you run into any problems, double check that SSL is enabled in both your CardDAV and CalDAV accounts.

via The best way to use Gmail and Google Calendar on your iPhone | The Verge.