Networking beneficial study shows

Is networking beneficial?

So according to the trustworthy University of Erlangen-Nuremberg:

Networking can be considered an investment that pays off in the future,” it concludes.”

A nice list of 5 networking apps. What I learned about networking a touching story. Want to share your website to social networks? A fourth grade class goes off the grid and makes a difference. What is the tor anonymity network? Finally the FBI is working 24/7 to block hackers and their networks

The link below has some practical suggestions on how to be an effective networker. I think the best way to network is when you aren’t looking for a benefit from someone. Otherwise you feel like you are being used. Maybe sometime in the future something will come across that one of your contacts might be interested in. I think the job and purpose of networking isn’t to improve your life, but to make yourself a valued resource for others. If you can improve things for others, then generally you have a valid reason for access to resources. I really like the idea of meritocracy. That things should be judged by their value in an objective way that you can measure. However you still have to have kindness and compassion, because the intellect can only take you so far.

The network effect – StumbleUpon.

Robots amazing capacities

Robots amazing capacities

In the video you can see a autonomous robot draw art in the sand. Wouldn’t it be neat if art is part of all robots capacities?

I like that this robot can help your grandma avoid the nursing home. Smart phones are even becoming brains for robots. I was into Danbos awhile back and here is a cute robot. Robots are even able to fly themselves as a drone. If you are bored you may want to chat with the most human-like robot ever. It sure is better than Eliza. ASIMO is a robot that can learn. Cutting edge developments in robots and other technology. Are we going to have Robotic Servitude? Will robot rights one day be a thing? Can robots make us more human? It is kind of funny to think of Open Source robots. I love to see things like this Bionic legs that are practical and life-changing for those who are lucky enough receive them. Nice interview with Dr. Warwick one of the pioneers in the science of cybernetics.

Of course one day androids like Lt. Data on Star Trek will become reality. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have him as a teacher? Rather than read dry facts on a screen he could creatively narrate almost anything you wanted to know. Computers are a great tool but our memories seem to need an emotional reason to remember things. If we don’t feel a use for knowledge I have noticed it tends to be forgotten. If this knowledge could be made more practical and life-like I think people would remember it. Lt. Datas ability to perfectly recreate voices would be a fun way to participate in history. Maybe even have a virtual reality environment or programmed dreams. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Maybe in the future.

Robot sand artist turns beach into giant canvas – tech – 06 January 2015 – New Scientist.