Being grateful for what you don’t have.

Source: Today in History: November 23 – StumbleUpon

Broward County Canvassing Board member, Judge Robert Rosenberg, stares at a dimpled presidential punchcard ballot on November 23, 2000 as the board begins counting the county’s ballots that were considered questionable. After review by the three-member panel, the vote went to Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush. (text from article)

As Thanksgiving approaches, we consider more all the things we have to be grateful for. History is such a mixed bag of tragedy, elation and happiness. Being grateful for what you don’t have is just as important as being grateful for what you do have.

So many things to be grateful each day aren’t there? To not be in these photos, to not be in the time they were taken, to not be the people who were part of that history. When you think of the incredible chance of life, and then our live in particular it has to make you wonder why.

Even if there is no reason why, you can still appreciate the odds of being here and being alive. I read earlier today that of the 1 million people alive this week, they would all be dead by the end of the week. Isn’t it amazing how many people die, born and live in this small planet?

I wonder sometimes how life would be different if we lived on another planet that was larger. I think that we would have the same problems, and that it would just be more difficult since it would be hard to solve by moving to another planet. I wonder how long it will take before people start living on the moon and mining that. I suspect it will happen in less than 25 years.

Are you more happy with what you have, or what you don’t have in your life?

Find yourself randomly thinking of songs during the day?

Do you ever find yourself randomly thinking of songs during the day? I do, and this is the one that often comes to mind. One of the lyrics goes “Things are never as bad as they seem, so dream, dream, dream.” Do you find music to be inspirational as well?

It is funny about music isn’t it? No matter how much we listen to it, we still seem to enjoy the emotional and spiritual feeling it gives us. Lots of things in life say that they will make us happy. New possessions, relationships, ect. Yet how few things really give us happiness so unconditionally? Yes relationships and everything material is work, yet how easy music is for us to acquire and enjoy.

For example, I have shared in this blog many times and ways that I have had to adjust my music collection and I have been richly rewarded each time. Every service, every problem in dealing with a playlist has brought some kind of reward. I would have happily stayed with Rdio until they sold out, but now I found something better. Well something better for me. I don’t like the radio station approach to music. I am very specific in what I like, and I find most radio to be a complete waste of time. Even when you customize the songs you don’t like it still is harder to say no than just say yes to what you like.

I think in the future all content will be free. It will be cheaper than other forms of advertisement. Music I think is being transformed into “bait” into getting people to reveal themselves. Remember how Apple said that they used to identify the person who bought the music in the music itself? Now I think that streaming services are dying, artists are seeing that their effort isn’t worth it. The ones who benefit in this system are people who are using music to gather information on the people who listen to it.