Playing favorites with IT people

It is funny how people like playing favorites with IT people.

I have worked at many companies where I am the new hire. People are used to a certain IT person and so they reach out to that person every-time for help. The problem is, that person is often not available.

They might call the persons phone but that person is helping someone else. So their phone rings while other people are not working on something as urgent. Also it happens that people call the main number and say they are looking for someone and when I offer to help they say they prefer someone else.

Does this mean that I am a terrible IT person and people don’t like me? Not at all. I fix those issues for others who do not care. When I say that I can help them they don’t seem to care. Which is fine with me if they want to wait to get their issue fixed.

The manager of course is aware of this behavior and finds it silly. His attitude is that everyone should be open to whoever is available to help them. Conversely there are some people who prefer me over this other gentleman, and they specifically call for me and ask for me. The other people in the department can help them as well.

All of this is to say that companies that have ticketing systems do so for a good reason. Often IT peoples priorities change due to emergencies and having a ticket or written statement is easier than an email where critical information is often left out. A ticket and a willingness to allow new people to try to solve your issue will get it solved the quickest.

One other interesting thing about this other IT technician and myself. He knows things that I don’t know, and I know things that he doesn’t know. Often with things that we don’t know how to fix we can ask the other person to take a look at it and we always seem to fix the others issues. Critically we can learn from each other when others allow us the opportunity.

Playing favorites with IT people doesn’t make sense for any reason.

Switching to Office 365 and Airwatch

If you work in a company and are switching to Office 365 using Airwatch or Mobile Iron can make the process easier.

How? It can help automate many of the things that need to be done with iOS devices like iPads/iPhones. Rather than take so much time configuring things manually, it is remarkable how things can be automatic and self-configuring.

Having used Airwatch and Mobile Iron I have compared them in the link above. There is really no best tool, just a better fit for the kind of environment you have. Personally I really like the interface of Airwatch and I think its ultimately an easier way than Mobile Iron to work.

One frustrating thing with switching to Office 365 is that Outlook for iOS doesn’t have the ability to self-configure. However it is really the most easy email setup ever. You just start Outlook and put in one email address and it asks for the password and configures everything automatically. How great is that?

Using an iPad and Office 365 is a wonderful combination. It really allows a great deal of functionality and in an easy way. I am not an iPad fan, but people who who typical users find the iPad very useful. They like it being easier than a laptop while still having most of the apps they use on a daily basis.

I like that people feel that iPads are useful and they are less complex than laptops to mange and configure. One day all companies will move away from bulky desktop computers and into laptops or smaller form factors. It is frankly silly that any company uses a non laptop/iPad to work.

The advantage of having a mobile computer is too great to easily dismiss. Rather than spend time configuring other workstations, being mobile always makes people more efficient.

The laptop/iPad will one day have its day and Airwatch/MobileIron will be part of its success.

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