New equipment sometimes means hurt feelings

New equipment sometimes means hurt feelings.

Let me give you an example. I once worked at a company that was pretty cheap. They didn’t spend money on regularly refreshing their equipment, so it was years old and very slow.

One day I was asked to upgrade some people to have two monitors instead of a tiny 15 inch one they had. As I did this, many people asked me if they were getting a monitor. I said that I had a list and only the people on the list got one. So there were lots of hurt feelings because they didn’t feel important enough to get a second monitor.

So guess what? A few days later one of the older monitors breaks. Now in any other company this would be an opportunity to just upgrade it with the new larger monitor. However in this case the political climate was to get the permission of their manager so that any hurt feelings could be addressed before this was done. Interesting isn’t it? Normally you would just replace something that is broken and let people deal with it as best they can.

In one way this is nice. It is nice that a company is aware of peoples feelings. In another way this is kind of treating people like children. Children don’t have the emotional capability of regulating their feelings like adults show, so you have to treat them more gently than an adult.

Of course the next day the monitor got replaced. However I see this happen in every company. Once someone gets something, everyone else seems to need it too.

It is a fascinating thing to watch. The person with the broken monitor said how terrible it would be if her monitor broke. Now that it did, she seemed kind of upset and nervous about the attention she would attract. She did attract attention.

It is ok to have feelings at work. However if your neighbor gets a new monitor or whatever, it doesn’t mean that you are less valuable. It just means people make decisions for reasons we aren’t always aware of.

App store makes ordering legacy Apple software easier

If you have a mac older than 3 years, going to a local Apple store won’t be very helpful. Why? Most of the apple stores don’t carry legacy parts they are called, and they don’t have old software either.

Why does this matter? If you work for companies like I do who have older macs then getting older software is a priority. Many places like schools, libraries have older macs and you can’t just easily get the software since it originally came from Apple. It isn’t available on the app store directly.

App store makes ordering legacy Apple software easierI went to the Apple website and searched in vain trying to find a link to let me order legacy software. I had to refresh/reinstall two macs that needed Mountain Lion version of the software. I ended up having to call Apple and a representative tried to walk me through where it is on the website. Unfortunately my screen didn’t show the same options as hers so I had to ask her to email me the link. The link worked though. It was dynamic or I would share it here. It allowed me to get to a page to order the software with my Apple ID and the credit card linked to it.

This was a completely different experience than ordering legacy software in the past. In the past I simply called Apple and they took my CC info and mailed me out the disk. This time however, they sent me an email after my CC cleared apparently the next day. Then in those two emails they had a password protected PDF and the password. Then after I did all that rigmarole, I had to put that redeem code in the Apple store redeem window. Then it allowed me to go to a screen and download the application.

This experience was both helpful and unhelpful. It still required me to spend a great deal of time to download the software and then burn it to a disk. I would have rather had the old way where they mail me the disk. I don’t mind waiting a few days for it. A better experience would have been to ask the customer if they would prefer an electronic or physical mailing or both. Charge us more money if you need to cover the expenses.

I realize most of you will never have to do this, but if you do, now you know. And as a famous cartoon said, knowing is half the battle.

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