Why does the Open Source Community love Apple?

Why does the Open Source Community love Apple?. I had a discussion today about Open Source and its value and how Apple hardware seems to be developers Open Source platform of choice. Many developers that I have supported in the past used Apple hardware and worked on open source projects. It really is surprising how well Apple has integrated open source projects.

Why does the Open Source Community love Apple?

Of course Apple isn’t perfect. The SMB/file sharing continues to have issues especially in networked environments, but its a big improvement over how it used to be.


Macbook air sound problem in Google Chrome?

Macbook air sound problem: Apple Support Communities. So a new macbook air 2013 makes noise in Chrome but doesn’t happen in other browsers. I wrote earlier that since upgrading to Mavericks my Chrome is crashing and it happening with others as well. Perhaps we should avoid Chrome until they put out an updated version.

Google Chrome IconI found a solution for this just now (I had this problem).

The static sound is probably not a hardware issue.  It comes from the internet browser Google Chrome or, I’m assuming, any other program that utilizes an integrated Adobe Flash Plug-in.  The issue is the computer is using the integrated flash plug-in that comes with Chrome rather than an actual Flash Player from the computer.

To fix this (if this is occuring in Chrome), this is what I have done:

1) Open Chrome and type “chrome://plugins/” without the quotation marks into the address bar

2) Disable the Adobe Flash Player

3) Download Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome (Mac version)

This should fix the problem, as the Flash player is part of the computer and not of the browser.

I have contacted Applecare to tell them to search up on this issue with developers.

 I hope this solves your problem, Cheers!


Avoiding STEAM and why

I had tried the STEAM game service in the past and found it to be disappointing. I have not used it for more than 2 years and never plan to use it again. I am writing this to share my experiences and reasons for this decision.

If you have a mac and have tried to use it to play games, you probably have been frustrated in the last decade. Game developers rarely have mac versions, and when they do, they are often junk. Mac seems to be an afterthought for most developers. It is for this reason that I bought a PS1 in the past since the options were too expensive otherwise. So I was excited about the possibility to play games on the mac using STEAM. Unfortunately things didn’t turn out like I had hoped.

  1.  Crashes – It crashes often on macs, and very frustrating. I had games that were simple and games that were complex like Civ 5, and everything crashed on it. I borrowed/tested it on friends macs as well including high-powered desktops and it would crash as well. There wasn’t a mac I tried where the games didn’t crash.
  2. Freezing – If it didn’t crash the game would freeze. It would fail to load, or while playing just stop and you had to force quit it to stop it and play again.
  3. Not working – Games like Telltales port of The Walking Dead didn’t work properly. Major features like being able to replay past levels didn’t work at all, and when I contacted them about this I was given a non answer and no support.
  4. No support – The original maker of the game won’t support it and deflects technical support questions to Steam, and Steam claims it’s the games fault. This is why people buy a mac so that someone takes responsibility for it to work.

Doubtless people have had success with STEAM and had good experiences, but if you are a serious gamer you might be frustrated.


Google Play privacy issue, sends app buyers personal details to developers – StumbleUpon

Google Play privacy issue, sends app buyers personal details to developers – StumbleUpon. This is absolutely unacceptable. No one would want their personal information available so easily. I will never recommend Google products and redouble my efforts to find another email provider.

Google Play privacy issue, sends app buyers personal details to developers - StumbleUpon


Striking It Rich In The App Store: For Developers, It’s More Casino… – StumbleUpon


Casino Velden Panorama

Image by geek7 via Flickr

Striking It Rich In The App Store: For Developers, It’s More Casino… – StumbleUpon. Interesting theory. Some developers give their thoughts as well. I wondered why certain apps are so popular. Angry birds doesn’t excite me, but I can understand why its popular. Its easy enough, and many easy games are popular.