Publish to LinkedIn from your WordPress blog automatically

I have been using a third-party free website to do this, but inexplicably it stopped working a few days ago. This wasn’t the first time this has happened, so to me, if something happens multiple times, it’s probably a flaw in the system. I looked for other options to publish to LinkedIn from your WordPress blog automatically and found this – NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

Publish to LinkedIn from your WordPress blog automaticallyI am not receiving any benefit for this review or any review I write on my blog. Just sharing what I find useful. I tried probably a dozen different publish to LinkedIn plugins. Most of them required you to take the ugly and time-consuming step of registering for a LinkedIn API and then copying and pasting it back into their software. Part of being an outstanding program is making things easy for the average person. So anything that isn’t easy or intuitive doesn’t make the cut. This software was remarkable. Once I installed it, it automatically picked up my Twitter/LinkedIn account probably from scanning my browser history. I didn’t have to do any setup. Well I had to do a test post and reconnect to LinkedIn, but that was just a button press, and easy to do.

Setting it up to work with Twitter requires the setup of a developer account which isn’t straightforward. However it is ultimately less time than trying to use a failed third-party update. It turns out that I couldn’t even post to one network even on their basic account. So I deleted my account and just using this plugin.

It doesn’t matter if this problem is due to LinkedIn or the third-party website, but when you have other free tools then it is worth investigating. What is neat about this NextScripts tool is that you can connect to so many different networks. This would be a great help for a social media manager or webmaster who handles marketing for a company. Or for non-profits who don’t have the ability to hire a full-time staff person. It is really neat how for a very low-cost, non-profits can reach an audience they never could in the past. Technology is an enabler ideally.

Update: What happened is that the third-party website changed its pricing structure and only allowed 1 delivery instead of two. Too bad it was a great service.

DC Online very busy

I have written before about DC Online. It is an online game that is relaxing to play. However lately it hasn’t been relaxing, and it is confirming my fear of online games.

With non online games, if you want to play it, you can. You don’t have to deal with problems. However it seems that online while it has lots of advantages, just doesn’t fulfill it first obligation of being reliable. It should be a law that online games should be able to be able to played locally at reduced functionality of course for things that require network access.

So in the last week DC Online has delayed me getting connected for several minutes. This is especially frustrating because I am a paying member, and you see the status of non paying members also connecting. It is a simple formula. Paying members get first access, and then everyone else comes second. DC Online has chosen to allow people who have paid in the past, and people who don’t pay, to also connect during high population player times, although having to suffer a longer delay. This is not acceptable. Would any business give people access while its paying customers are asked to wait? What should be the case, is a different server for those who are not members to play.

DC Online very busySo what is the big deal of having to wait 5-10 minutes before you connect to play? It is another small irritation of many ways in which the developer doesn’t respect their audience. Another example is the bad quality control of the last update. They had to pull the update a few days because of glitches, and then when they pulled it, the game still had glitches. Then then brought it back, and the game still has glitches. Listen I know nothing is perfect, but quality control is asleep at the wheel for not having some testing before this was rolled out. You can not use your production system to test software which is clearly what is happening here.

I think part of the problem is that many online games struggle overtime with content issues and burnout of players. Many big online games close, and it makes sense for a business to only support when they have a profit. This does not excuse the fact that in the time I have played this game, the quality has been lower than other games I have played, but I accepted it since it was my first online game experience.

Don’t misunderstand. I have played plenty of games that required internet access, but none that were an MMO. MMO’s at least DC Online, tend to be plagued with issues. Not only technical issues of reliability, but also issues with other players. I would say that most of the time, maybe 80%, people are just like the real world. However the 20% of the time, those people just make the game not fun at all. What would be nice besides being able to ignore those people, is to be able to ignore large swaths of people who are just crude and time-wasting.

You would think that online you would be able to customize your options, but that isn’t the case. Unfortunately people can harass you in many ways other than directly messaging you. It should be standard for protection for minorities, and for security. The lack of visible player protection has always bothered me. I am not asking for police to patrol online games, but perhaps something like the Guardian Angeles for online, where harassment and incivility can be handled informally. Perhaps one day that will happen. I would join that organization.

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