Sneaky adware caught accessing users’ Mac Keychain without permission

Genieo installer finds it easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Source: Sneaky adware caught accessing users’ Mac Keychain without permission | Ars Technica

This Genieo company needs to be banned from Apple for making a choice that only the user should be making. No program should access a security choice for any reason. There are no ways to protect from programs that make choices on behalf of a user.

What is even more surprising is that Apple allows this to happen. For a company that tightly controls things, for a developer to bypass their security seems very strange. I would not be surprised that once Apple learns of this that this program will be pulled.

More importantly, any program that thinks it knows what the user want deserves to fail. It is up to individual choice to determine how much we interact with companies. We can’t start down this road of allowing the fox to guard the chickens as they say.

Even better, any program that access personal data on the mac should have a red flag come up and the user should be immediately made aware. This has been a problem in the past with contacts being accessed without user permission by other developers. I thought Apple learned from that experience. They promise that their users data is safe, but how can it be when developers are allowed to bypass security restrictions? And what is security unless it can authenticate who the person is who made the choice? This is a failure of all parties involved.

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This is a nicely written article that talks about how the time-lapse feature works. I wish there were more websites that would go into this kind of detail. It is the detail that makes an article worth reading.

If Apple continues to integrate third-party functionality it is concerning for developers. It really is third-party developers that make a platform. It is nice that Apple integrates functionality, but they need to buy developers out not just imitate them. Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery if your a developer.

Source: How Does the iOS 8 Time-lapse Feature Work? – StumbleUpon

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