The average Android smartphone user isn’t like an iPhone user

The average Android smartphone user isn’t like an iPhone user. Coworkers are often surprised by how often their choices do make a difference, and a recent customer learned that lesson.

She wanted to scan documents with a scanner, but since the company didn’t have any personal scanners I suggested that we could download a smartphone app to scan. She didn’t have an iPhone but her own personal Android phone. I asked her if she wanted me to help find an Android app and she said no. She said she hadn’t had a good experience with Android apps.

She isn’t alone in this opinion of Android. Almost every person who has had problems with their android asked for help and they had problems using Android applications. I have noticed that most people who have android are people who get them for free, or almost free and really want an iPhone or saving up for one. I have had conversations with other IT people who talk about the superiority of Android in a technical sense, and perhaps in some ways that is true. They do have newer hardware than iPhones at times, and iPhone clearly needs the competition.

The average Android smartphone user isn't like an iPhone userThe bottom line for people however is how usable it is. Developers for both Android and iPhone seem to prefer iPhone apps for a variety of reasons. In order of preference it seems to be that iPhone users spend more money on apps, easier to develop for iPhone, and less piracy. Many android people jailbreak their device and get apps for free. So security wise, having android in a company makes for a more difficult security posture. I have only seen companies who used to use Blueberry, and then transition to iPhone. It has been remarkable to see this transition.

The average Android user is more of a techie, more young, less rich, and more willing to support the phone themselves. The average iPhone user is more the common man, different ages, working for a company or rich, and less willing to support their phone themselves.

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