Rechargeable battery that lasts 400 years

Rechargeable battery that lasts 400 yearsIsn’t this an amazing technology? A rechargeable battery that lasts 400 years!

I was a kid when I first learned about rechargeable batteries. I thought how cool they were to not waste a battery. As soon as possible I bought rechargeable batteries and have used them all my life.

It has been a big money saver. More importantly it saves on the environment and that is the primary reason for doing it. I love the fact that rather than contribute to the waste, you are part of the solution. For this reason I love Tesla as well. Yes it still requires energy, but we are finding renewable energy to be increasingly cost-effective  over time.

The other remarkable thing about this battery technology is that it is looking and designed to be sustainable. We used to only create products that addressed the short-term, but now we have something that thinks in the long-term. I love that the designer of this was thinking long-term.

It seems clear that the future of products will be in how long they last, not in how quickly they make profits for companies. I recently shared that I bought a new laptop because my old 7-year-old laptop was no longer worth being fixed. I have yet to throw it away. While it has very little use for me, it just seems such a waste to throw away a perfectly working computer. I would have loved to have a computer like that for much of my life, yet with falling prices it doesn’t make sense to use an old computer.

I have seen computers donated to Goodwill and they sit in the case for a long time. Even people with low incomes don’t seem to want to buy older computers. I can understand why. If they are not technical capable, then it is a risky proposition. What would be helpful is if vendors were required to have longer periods of support for computers. Many cheaper computer vendors now only offer 60 days of support like iSpirit. Even big names are typically only offering 1 year of support. Imagine buying a car with one year of support. You wouldn’t do it right? So why buy something that is arguably more critical than a car and for many people is their primary means of paying bills and managing their information?

Peoples choices surprise me. I hope one day we can all value our environment as much as we do money. Sweden and other countries understand this and give financial benefits to citizens who reduce waste.

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