LinkedIn not notifying when stories reach sharing milestones

This is not a humblebrag, but rather an request to see if this is happening to other people.

When you get 50 or 100 shares on a story it used to notify you that your story was shared. This notification no longer seems to be happening for me. I have to look at the stories themselves to see if they reached these milestones.

So today I have a story that got over 100 shares and I looked in my notifications and it isn’t listed there. I have to say that since the redesign things have functioned worse than they did before.

I think what is frustrating is that when there are changes it often isn’t for the better. Technologists and business people often try to change a winning formula and things end up worse. I still am seeing frequent comments in my LinkedIn stream that express disappointment with the changes.

So what can we do? Well we can move to another platform like Facebook. I think if enough people left MS would get scared and change things. Often you need to show companies that they don’t have you as a built in customer. I know that for example, I work in companies that have many Microsoft technologies. After working with them for so long, I recommend anything else. There really isn’t anything Microsoft does better than other companies.

Right now I am hard pressed to say that there is something LinkedIn does better than other companies. Honestly I have gotten more jobs off of than LinkedIn. There tend to be so many recruiters on LinkedIn that I think its easy for them and that makes it hard for candidates to feel its a fair playing field.

Of course there is nothing fair or equal in life. Recruiters have far more tools than candidates. What would be amazing is if LinkedIn allowed the content of blogs/webpages that the person controls to be the Interface for the person. I for example have a webpage and it showcases my skills and personality far better than what LinkedIn thinks is important. If they allowed people to show their webpages in a meaningful way rather than just linking to them, this would be a tremendous advantage. It would be more like Facebook and less like big brother.

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