LinkedIn improved job searching

LinkedIn improved job searching and we all are grateful.

Searching for jobs in the past had lots of issues. It was slow to update, kept showing jobs that had already been applied for, and awkward. The new version is an improvement in almost every aspect.

First, the responsiveness of using it is almost immediate. It doesn’t take 15/20 second for things to update. The jobs that you are not interested in do not come up as often as the old system. Most importantly the interface has been redesigned so it is more informative and intuitive.

LinkedIn improved job searchingWith the old system it was unclear about the details of the position. The new listening has more of the key information so that you can make a better decision. This is a great service for people who have slower computers and don’t always have the time to wait and click on every entry. One of the downsides of designers is that they take all the available space whenever they can. Rarely are web pages useful on small devices.

Yet the statistics and research show that more people than ever are accessing the web through mobile devices like smartphones. For many middle and lower-income people, using a smartphone is the main and only way they access the internet. So in a real sense webpages that aren’t optimized for smartphones are excluding the poor and most vulnerable people. When you are looking for a job, this magnifies the problem that the poor have. Most poor don’t have access to networks to help them gain resources, so hopefully LinkedIn is helping to narrow this gap.

One of the best parts of using LinkedIn to apply for jobs is that it keeps track of what jobs you apply for. It is difficult for many people to remember where they apply, and keeping track of where you apply is another hurdle that can make it difficult for people. I have been told by recruiters that when people apply twice for the same position possibly through different recruiters or agencies, then their resume gets thrown out. By helping people remember when they apply, they increase the chance that the person will get an in person interview.

For me, LinkedIn has given me opportunities I would not have otherwise had. It has been the single most effective website for job searching. My second choice would be Anything LinkedIn can do to help people is appreciated.

PS4 Won’t update-solution

I tried to update DC Online but it was just waiting for minutes on the update screen. It didn’t show any progress. Has this happened to you?

So I went to the system and network properties and viewed the network connection. Everything tested fine. I went back and the PS4 application then started to load.

PS4 Won't update-solutionI think the problem is that I recently moved to another area so the PS4 is set to register its location for game sharing and other purposes. So it probably was a little slow in registering my new location. Once it was sure everything was ok, then the game started to download.

Like most PS players I have plugged mine into an Ethernet connection. I never found wireless to be worth it. It always slowed down the games so much even when it was next to the ISP provided wireless access point and equipment. I tried it at my last ISP and it was far better to have it hardwired in.

Sony is no doubt getting ready to sell the next version of the PS4 nicknamed Neo. It is supposed to be upgraded hardware and have a VR system. I wasn’t convinced about the VR system until I read a review of a Star Trek VR game. That would be fun to play. Many new hardware things have failed because the games were not compelling. Anyone remember Nintendo’s attempt at VR? It was basically lines and that wasn’t fun at all.

It is hard to see that companies like Oculus have a change against Sony. With Sony’s trust and head-start, investing in a PC and all the equipment is a big step to ask people to take. I am frankly surprised that Sony and Microsoft didn’t get together and develop VR that is cross compatible. They are making their games compatible now, why not go all the way when the architecture and design is open?

Will I be getting a VR system? Perhaps when that Star Trek game is released and when the current system breaks down. Even then its going to be a stretch for me. It is not the money but I don’t want just a visual interface. Yes things take time, but one day an entire bodysuit or holosuit will happen. That will be wonderful for so many reasons. Perhaps people will take out their frustrations and anger in a virtual world instead of the real one.

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