Big Trak programming toys in the 80’s

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Did you have ever a Big Trak programming toys in the 80’s? As a kid I was given this gift and loved it. You could program it and do all kinds of things. I always wondered why more toys like this weren’t popular.

What was so wonderful about this toy is that you could also give it voice commands. Imagine that in the 80’s! It really chewed up the D batteries that it required, but it was worth it. I wish that they had allowed it to plug into popular game consoles so you could program it easier but it was still fun.

What was neat about the 80’s is that there were toys that don’t really exist now. This and other science toys have been dumbed down to protect the children. I also had a chemistry set that I really did all kinds of experiments with. Very dangerous of course but I survived. Sometimes you had to do things the hard way to find out the truth in life. That is another post however.

As I write this I can remember how loud this thing was when it moved. It was a grinding sound that really made you wonder if it was breaking. It couldn’t carry much weight either. I think what finally broke it is when I put heavy things on top of it to carry it to me. Of course as a kid you try to make things easier on yourself. If they had a more powerful model that had a wagon or carrying capability, this thing would have flown off the shelves. It is the extensible and ability to work with other things that make something popular.

What would have been perfect is if you could have customized the body or design of it. If it was a motor, pad and then spaces where it could hold things. If it was modular like the other toys of the type like Lego, or even supported Lego exterior that would have been amazing. If toy manufactures would just work together, they could make some amazing things that would benefit everyone. Why don’t they do this?

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American Express card is often spoofed

More so than any other credit card I have used, American Express is often spoofed. I received an email that looked like it came from Amex. I will paste it below.

Account Access Alert:

Important Alert Notification

Your Card Number Begining: 55XX

Dear Valued Client,

We have recently made some changes to make our Valued Customers happy with better security and more benefits for staying with us. All Customers are advised to Update to our new system procedures for total on-line access and benefits, All valid Card holders are to follow and comply with the given instructions below for our new system update.

By updating to our new system, You will be By passing back and forth secret information that only Valid card holders and us know, this way, you can feel protected and more secure with your on-line access. This is for our recognized Valued Users only.

All Valid Users are required to review needed information to reclude a recurrence of any future attention with card and on-line access.

To Start System update, we have attached an HTML Web Page.

Find below Attached for HTML Web Page
Download and Save it to your Personal Device Desktop
Go back to your Desktop to open the HTML Web Page
Complete System update by Filling your Information
We Thank you Valued Client for staying with us. We continue to serve you best.

American Express Cards
View Our Privacy Statement

Add Us to Your Address Book
This is a customer service e-mail from American Express. Using the spam/junk mail function may not block servicing messages from being sent to your email account. To learn more about e-mail security or report a suspicious e-mail, please visit us at We kindly ask you not to reply to this e-mail but instead contact us securely via customer service.

Copyright 2015 American Express. All rights reserved.


This was professionally designed with authentic Amex icons and photos. One of the major clues that it wasn’t Amex was a spelling mistake in the subject of the email. Of course saving the file to the desktop was also a sign that this was a hacking attempt. It makes sense that hackers would target Amex. I have seen them get used for companies more than other types of cards. So it would give a hacker a bigger payout than some random individual.

Of course I reported it to: