Pets performing miracles

Pets performing miracles

How do these pets do it? I consider this a miracle.

Puppy Tossed into Frozen Ditch Gets a Second Chance - StumbleUponFrom the article below: When Terry McGlade, a U.S. marine from Zanesville, Ohio, collapsed from a seizure in 2014, his rescue pup knew just what to do – he grabbed the phone out of McGlade’s pocket with his teeth and stepped on the screen for several seconds, automatically dialing 911. It’s nothing short of uh-mazing, especially considering McGlade says the dog was never trained to perform that task.

But wait there is more! What about the Hero German shepherd dog that leads help to a fire?

Other miracles include what Two dogs taught a veterinarian. Dave Masons famous song we just disagree. Its a miracle of wisdom what he sings in that song. Marianne Williamson on Miracles of Midlife.

There are miracles everyday that we don’t acknowledge or are aware of. I am constantly amazed at the number of close calls I see in traffic, in public, and in peoples workplaces. So many careless or accidental situations turn out for the best. When you consider how many things can go wrong, isn’t it a miracle that things work as well as they do? Take computers for example. They are made of millions and trillions of connections and if one of those goes wrong, it could ruin everything. Yet for the majority of tasks, computers work reliability and as designed. It is amazing that given the contradictory and confusing way they are used they don’t break more often.

Puppy Tossed into Frozen Ditch Gets a Second Chance – StumbleUpon.

Amazing 1977 MIT tablet

Your 70’s iPad grandfather

This is a video of an amazing 1977 MIT tablet that has much of the same functionality of an iPad today. I love the Captain Kirk chair but the interface needs some work. I wonder if the Apple Newton and Message Pad designers were aware of this?

What would be even more cool is if they had commercialized this. I wonder why more research isn’t made available for sale to the general public? There have to be tons of great technology that never get a chance because of the limited numbers of people who are aware of them. I always am surprised at the limits of access to technology.

Isn’t it surprising how often places like Xerox Parc and other institutions sat on technology that could have made them millions? Of course hindsight it 20/20 but if it is useful to them perhaps it would be useful to others. Wouldn’t it be a different history if instead of Microsoft/Apple, it would have been Xerox which is the only computer company? It would have been worse for consumers without the competition, so things worked out for the best.

Tech Time Warp of the Week: The 1977 Tablet Computer That Took Up an Entire Room – StumbleUpon.