Technology in prisons

This excellent article discusses how technology can make prisons safer, and even be used to rehabilitate, reduce costs and better serve the families of the prisoners. I believe there was a study a few years ago that said that prisoners who had family support during their stay were far less likely to reoffend and return to prison.

I wonder why they aren’t paying attention the excellent rehabilitation techniques from Norway? I wonder why it has taken so long to find other ways to treat prisoners? It has been so costly and useless the current methods of prisoner treatment. It seems incredible doesn’t it that a society that put a man on the moon still can’t find a better way to solve crime.

There was a study that showed that when you give people rewards, they are more likely to do socially useful behavior. I spoke to a doctor about this once and he said “I don’t believe in rewarding people to do the right thing.” I can understand that logic. However when you reward people for a limited time, I think we can encourage good habits forming and that ultimately will benefit everyone. It is strange isn’t it? I said to that doctor that the cost of bad behavior was far more than a reward would be, so why wouldn’t we reward positive behavior if it is effective in saving money? People have a strange thought process. They like things to be their way, no matter if it has a helpful or unhelpful effect. However when they are asked and told what things cost, they seem to ignore it as long as they can have things their way.

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Loneliness is a modern epidemic in need of treatment

Loneliness is a modernFrom the article:

Among the four types of interventions examined, talking therapy that focused on inappropriate thought processes – a lack of self-worth, a lack of perspective and a skewed idea of how trustworthy others are and how they perceive you – had the largest impact.

Loneliness is a modern epidemic isn’t it? Isn’t it fascinating that no matter how many bridges people build to communicate with others, humans still find a way to construct walls?

via Loneliness is a modern epidemic in need of treatment – opinion – 30 December 2014 – New Scientist.

There was an earlier study that showed that up to 1 in 4 adults in the US people had mental health issues. I suppose it makes it difficult for healthy people to find other healthy people to have relationships with. However studies show that face to face conversations help mental health. Studies show that children with mental health issues are often bullies. I wrote about some of the signs of good mental health and behavior.

Mental health problems are linked to so many difficult situations. Homeless, drug use, prostitution, debt, boredom, and Internet addiction among others. Strangely we criminalize mental health problems instead of treating them like other countries. Places like Portugal use a medical approach to drug addiction and their rates of both crime and drug addiction are lower than ever before. Even heads of countries gathered to speak to Obama to see if there was another way to approach the losing war on drugs. I believe in evidence based approaches and when you spend 40 years and drugs are a bigger problem than ever, then clearly the war on drugs has failed.

We have many modern epidemics and many modern fantastic changes in the world. For example the use of cigarettes is at an all time low! If you quit smoking by 40 there are special health benefits. Amazing how forgiving nature can be isn’t it?