Blue’s Tiki USB Microphone Reviewed


Blue Microphones Tiki USB Mic

Blue’s Tiki USB Microphone Reviewed. I just was given one of these by a friend and I must say it works pretty well. He wanted me to test Mountain Lions dictation feature with it. It seems to me to work better than the built-in microphone in the MacBook Air. The apple store has one of them setup for demonstrations that I visited today. For $60 this is worth buying.

Here is the output of the Tiki microphone:

It was human events it becomes necessary
Dark and stormy night
It was a dark and stormy night
When I saw her, it was like wow!
Into the extreme
Five 1015 2025
Two BR not to be question
To be or not to be that is the question
It was a dark and stormy night
Is Johnny she said
Is Johnny she said
Pools Johnny she said (Im trying to say Who’s Johnny she said)

Verizon LTE Jetpack MiFi 4620L hotspot review


Verizon High Speed Internet

Verizon High Speed Internet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Verizon LTE Jetpack MiFi 4620L hotspot review. This has a great battery life. I have had clients who bought the older mifis and they say they are lucky if they can get an hour charge out of a fully charged one. This is worth testing to see how it stacks up in the real world.