Times and tastes change

Video Game Glee

Image by Clover_1 via Flickr

Have you ever started to eat something that you haven’t had for several years and you find that you no longer like it? In fact, you can’t stand it? I discovered that when my doctor explained that as we age our tastes change.

I used to love to eat sweet things but I don’t have the same relish that I used to have. Sure sweet things are still fun to eat, but I don’t feel drawn to them as I once did. Part of this I know is due to my doctor helping me cure my allergies. As I stopped being allergic to foods, I strongly stopped craving them. Strange isn’t it? That we crave things that are not good for us too much.

I don’t believe that most things in life are inherently unhelpful. When it comes to food I’ve been willing to eat almost anything. One of the most recent daring things I ate was Edame or stinky beans. They were delicious and went down easily, but I woke up in the night and the consequences weren’t so pretty. It is worth taking chances even if you sometimes have to pay the piper.

So the reason I am sharing this is that over time as I have grown I have seen my love of technology stay the same. I often read op-ed pieces where people bemoan the fact of the dominance of technology in life. It is the easiest thing to wish for the past, but rarely helpful. Certainly the danger with anything is within ourselves. Isn’t it interesting that people hate the things they least understand?

Take people who never learn technology and are deathly afraid of it. I have helped more than one of these people. They don’t want to learn anything but get mad when things don’t work perfectly. It’s curious how their brain just turns off when they run into something they are afraid of. These are intelligent and professional people who just refuse to learn.

So if times and tastes change why for some of us like myself, is our love of technology constant? My theory is that it’s a way for me to transcend my limitations and feel unencumbered. I think that the most important things that people value allow us to experience something greater than ourself like love, justice, faith, truth. It seems that we hold onto those things as a guideposts in life and the interpreter of everything else that happens. We don’t always realize what our soul wants, but it finds a way to express itself.