5 disadvantages of using Chrome

I used to believe in Chrome but now I have been using Firefox for the last several months. In that time I have seen enough problems that I wanted to share why you may want to reconsider your choice of browser.

  1. Chrome incompatibility. It used to be that Chrome was amazing because it was compatible with all websites often working better than Safari/Internet Explorer. This is no longer the case. It is probably the least compatible browser. Chrome made a change in its plugins that stopped many companies and technologies from working properly with it. For example, if you play games on the Internet you may have installed Unity Plugin in. Well Chrome doesn’t allow that, so my recent post on a fun free Unity-based game means you couldn’t play it in Chrome.
  2. Privacy. It used to be that Microsoft was the evil empire seeking to destroy your privacy. It still may be, but Google presents a much bigger threat. Since normally most people use google to search for things, there is a ton of information about you available and you don’t control it. You may delete your information, but don’t doubt that some information about you still lives on. It is clear that Google’s need to sell advertising triumphs their promises of user privacy. You just can’t trust someone whose business model is to sell information.
  3. Battery life. Google is working to be more efficient, but if you have laptop/smart phone then using Chrome sucks up your battery power. I noticed a big difference on laptops by using Firefox instead of Chrome. Even if you have a desktop, why waste electricity and money if you don’t have to?
  4. Speed. Chrome slows down when you use plugins and crash. When I tried to use 2 plugins in Chrome that were popular and well-regarded, it crashed. You don’t save time when you have to start and reload where you were working.
  5. Updating. When Chrome wants an update it will cause Chrome to work erratically. Things will be slow or not work right. When Firefox needed to be updated it was updated when it was started (in the distant past) and honestly and I don’t even remember having to do an update. It is unobtrusive. Exactly like a software program should be.


Want to share your posts from your website to Social Networks automatically?

Don’t use a plugin to share your posts use Dlvr.it

You can use the excellent dlvr.it website. It allows you to connect your website and automatically post to most Social Networks for free. If you want more options you can pay for the upgrade which gives you more choices. The other advantage of not using a plugin is that it doesn’t slow down your server. I am starting to see that one of the key things of a website is the ability to outsource its work to other services.

One advantage of the Dlvr.it service are that it gives you time to change your post if you make a mistake. Sometimes even though you read it for mistakes you find a mistake after you Publish it. Well since it takes 30 minutes before it posts, you can change and fix your mistake and no one notices. The other advantage is that it includes the photo that you have in your post. I didn’t see any attached photos when I used JetPacks Publicize.

I had to switch to this service because the free Publicize which was part of WordPress JetPack was no longer available to me. I had written earlier that JetPack has a bad reputation for reliability, so I had to stop using it.

I had my site crash again yesterday and it was due to plugins that were not supported in the latest version of WordPress. It is crucial that you spend the time finding plugins that are compatible. I did not because I thought it was “good enough” that I found plugins that worked. It is not good enough. My goal is to have 100% plugin compatibility with the newest version of WordPress.

This is a list of the  Not useful WordPress plugins I’ve had direct experience with. If you have a blog look at that list and if you use any of those plugins you might have greater stability and speed if you stop using it. I have to say that this process of finding compatible plugins has sped my site up to the maximum speed score that places like Pingdom and Yslow evaluate. This discusses How to find plugins that affect your site performance. This is the best image gallery plugin I have found and compatible with the latest WordPress version. I once tried to secure my site using the Wangguard plugin but eventually I had to disable it. My current host has told me that they don’t allow any kind of security plugins since it can conflict with their site-wide security. This is a review of peformance testing plugins. I have found P3 to be very helpful in getting rid of plugins that hog resources.