Safari has issues with Flash

I have talked about Tidal before and I enjoy the service. I tried to access it today using the newest Mac OS and Safari browser, and had issues. The problem was when I played a song. It asked me to install Flash. Ok, I installed the newest version of Flash. Then I tried to play the song again and it stuttered and mostly didn’t play the song. When I listened to it in Firefox it started and not a single stutter.

This isn’t the first time that Safari has issues with Flash. For years I have tried to use Safari and it has always had flash issues. Since many free web games are flash, Safari isn’t a good browser to play free flash games. I used to use Chrome to play those games, but since have used Firefox. It seems to be more reliable, and Google as I wrote before doesn’t deserve support.

Safari has issues with FlashYes I know that Flash is being discontinued by Adobe. However it isn’t that way yet. Unity seems a natural successor to Flash and many of those free games were remarkable in what they could do. I don’t mind that flash is dying. It has been painful for IT people to support with constant updates. Plus the average person gets tired of always being constantly being asked to update. Even when it is set for auto updates, it requires things like rebooting or closing applications to fix. Annoying I agree.

Flash was a good idea but terribly executed. Many great ideas in IT occur, but get corrupted by so many reasons. Java was a great idea, but it became a mess. Safari was a good idea, but Apple should just give it up. I have tried to use Safari time after time, but there are always issues that prevent me from using it. Besides Flash, Safari has also had problems with compatibility with many websites or crashing. I think that third-party browsers are more stable just because they don’t try to integrate into the weaknesses of the underlying OS.

Perhaps when Flash is no longer popular I will give Safari another try, but I doubt it will be any more compelling than the alternatives.

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Companies stuck in the 80’s

Isn’t it funny how companies seem to be stuck in the 80’s? Even now companies want you to fax things to them.

My friend was told by his insurance to fax some paperwork to them. When he asked if he could just email it as an attachment that wasn’t available. Companies believe that if you fax something to them, there is less chance of illegal behavior. Isn’t that silly?

Companies stuck in the 80'sSo I had to find a Kinkos to help him out. The self-serve fax at the Kinko’s was about $2. It was interesting that there is still a demand for this. Fax is a technology that should have died with the first email attachment.

Bankers, regulators, doctors, lawyers and others say that they have a legal responsibility for faxing. This of course is a stretch and based on a poorly understood HIPPA suggestion. There are far more secure email services that can be used with a little research. In fact many mainstream providers now say they are HIPPA compliant. Office 365 among others in the link previous offer full HIPPA compatibility and even will sign an agreement stating that.

It is strange isn’t it? People get stuck on certain technologies and don’t want to give them up. I think the main reason that people use fax is that their IT is too lazy to find better ways to move information. I don’t see any reason why any office needs to have paper anymore. I view paper and workflow as a failure of IT to give people the tools they need. Everyone can be more efficient by having the ability to automate information, and when it isn’t electronic that is the first hurdle. I have helped companies get rid of stacks of papers and documents and get them into a system that is organized. You have to do more than just maintain what people have, you must have the vision to find better ways to work.

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