Carsabi points the way forward for buying a used car online


Used Car Lot

Used Car Lot (Photo credit: Hugo90)

Carsabi points the way forward for buying a used car online. Helping people decide what a good car to buy is a great service. I wonder if people who have used this have found their buy better than they could have done otherwise.


YouTube vs. Vimeo. A comparision

This is a nice comparison between both of them. I must admit that I haven’t used Vimeo as much as YouTube but I will check it out more now. YouTube was always the first one that I thought of for video sharing. Great marketing isn’t it?

War between YouTube and Vimeo? Copyright According to Nielsen analysis of consumer behavior suggests 70% of worldwide internet users watch videos online. And I agreed with them as I also most of the time while searching for a product demo, song, tutorial video, national/international advertisements just move towards and when Im looking for talks related to specific topics Vimeo is the way to go. Younger the faster or Older the wiser? Though Youtube … Read More

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