Touching funny comic-Adam Wade

I listened to an album called The Human Comedy and it was really funny. I thought the funniest bit was the track called “Debbie my Cabbage Patch doll part 2”. I was crying laughing. It also made me cry because either he is a good lier, or he is a sweet guy in his relationships.

Touching funny comic-Adam WadeThe reason I am sharing this is that his simple stories of his youth could so easily let us identify and sympathize with him. While I didn’t go through exactly the same situations, I did have an understanding of how he felt. In a way the album was like therapy for anyone who has ever been picked on or made fun of.

It was also surprising the choices he made. In one of the tracks he describes a bully who he was a college roommate with. As he is leaving to go to New York the bully still has another 2 1/2 years to graduate and got a night manager job at a local burger joint, he still acts like a jerk to Adam. Adam had a secret that would have devastated him but rather than tell it, he has compassion on him and is quiet. I would have told that jerk the secret and let him know that he wasn’t as wonderful as he thought he is. Still I can respect his choice and perhaps it is a more mature one than hurting someone because they hurt you.

You can’t help after listening to this album to consider your own life and the choices you made. I don’t regret my past, but I wonder if like Adam how I would have dealt with those situations he had. He wasn’t the smartest person, but if his album is even partly true, certainly one of the most kind and loving.

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Another funny insightful comic Bo Burnham

I stumbled across an album called what by Bo Burnham. It was creative and insightful and funny.

It really has a mixture of music like They Might be Giants, philosophy, and social commentary. What makes it interesting is that he really surprises you with both the silliness and seriousness of his presentation. If you like Eddie Izzard he is reminiscent of that as well. The music based comic delivery is fun and makes you want that from other comics.

Is is touching that not only does he make you laugh, but he makes you grateful for your own life. It does make you wonder if later in life he is going to have mental issues. My favorite comedians talk about the real world and how to relate to it like Richard Pryor and George Carlin. It is possible in time, he will have the same impact they did.

For example, he does a surprising original poetry reading. It actually was quite well done in his rhythm and surprising word choice. He is not perfect, but would be lots of fun to attend a show.

Now I can see that some people might feel this humor leans too much on gimmicks and sound effects. However this is a continuation of any good sense of humor. The idea that jokes can only delivered in words is really limited thinking. Many comics used non verbal communication to be funny. It seems the next step for a multimedia show in comedy. It really is amazing his production values.

What makes it interesting is that he appeals to many different ages. He references things that people of all types can relate to. He acts as though he plays out the hidden fears and assumptions we have as a society. It is instructive that he maintains a positive approach like Mika. He even references Carlin and Steve Martin and other classic comedians. Clearly he had lots of influences.

Nicely done Bo. I look forward to your other work.

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