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Source: Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson Elegantly Debunk The Right Brain, Left Brain Myth – StumbleUpon

I like how he focuses on having a conversation with someone. I don’t like labels either. They don’t help anyone.

I have seen the older I get the less permanent characteristics seem true about people. If anything, people tend to make decisions based on the situation, rather than their personality.

I used to be nice and not challenge people on their mistaken ideas of racism, sexism or any other isms. Now I point out their error and that it is not acceptable. The color of a person has no bearing on who someone is and their character.

The people I want to know are people who are unique, interesting and not afraid to be who they are. I admire people who don’t slavishly follow popular culture but find out what makes them happy. What makes you happy?

Isn’t it refreshing to see people who are smart and also personable and human? Some people have that gift like Fenstein, Asmoiv and so on. They share their intellect in a way that the average man can understand. It is inspiring to read people who can not only understand difficult things, but have the gift to share and break it down for the common man. It isn’t just smart men who move things forward, but also normal intelligences who value the benefits of research and science. It is always a team approach that makes things happen. It is surprising when this isn’t obvious to everyone.

What teams have you been a part of that have done more together? The greatest things in the world have been accomplished as people have worked together. Isn’t it amazing all we have done by cooperation?

Lexmark has a funny way of working

I occasionally find friends who are seduced by a low price or just don’t know anything about the history of equipment. One person bought a Lexmark which I have only had problems with as a tech. This is another example of why Lexmark is a printer brand I avoid. I prefer Canon for home and HP printers for a business.

The Lexmark was a color laser printer and the print quality was average. It had gotten very slow to print and ultimately would fail to print, take a long time to print, or distort whatever was printed. I looked into it and had to call Lexmark for support since it was acting so strangely. It wouldn’t connect to the network and I couldn’t manage it through its physical controls. It turns out that you have to clear the NVRAM and reset the printer to factory defaults several times and let it reboot. So I test on the iPhone, iPad, laptop and everything works great. I go to the manager’s office with the printer and it fails to print from the iPhone and iPad and very slow on the laptop.

At this point after spending 3 hours on the issue, it is time to throw in the towel. It just isn’t worth investing this kind of time in. I discuss getting a new HP color laserjet and I get approval. I test it, install it and it works perfectly. Part of being a professional is knowing when to throw in the towel. In my opinion they should throw away the printer and I told them that. You don’t waste your life dealing with junk.

So why did I say Lexmark has a funny way of working? The Lexmark tech told me that this printer can either work and accept jobs wirelessly, or wired but it can’t do both. It had a Wireless access point at the top. This is completely different from any other printer that I have used. I have had the most experience with Airprint on HP devices and they worked great through a wireless network no matter what manner the signal was sent to them. Choose quality and simplify your life.