GPS shut down freeway symbol

I ran into a new symbol on my GPS today that I had never seen before. It showed a red circle with a line horizontally in the middle and a zero. Then the highway color turned from green to black. Since the traffic wasn’t moving, I had to assume that the highway had been shut down.

Normally if there is an accident you see a symbol like a car or ! showing a problem. In this case I was luckily near an exit and so I was able to take local roads to get around the problem.

GPS shut down freeway symbolI am going to contact the GPS maker tomorrow and ask that in their next version they program a legend for the symbols. I read the owners guide and don’t recall them explaining that symbol. I have had GPS for 10 years and have never seen it on another system. Do you know what it is? I tried googling it but nothing came up.

That would be a nice feature wouldn’t it? You take a picture of something and then upload it to a search engine? Then you can point at the thing you don’t understand and it would search the internet for that image or explanation. That would prevent having to be on hold with the vendor that’s for sure.

I must admit that I am not fond of the Toyota GPS system. I thought Garmin was the best at GPS. The problem is that having to update the maps yearly is a pain, in comparison to them automatically getting updated through your regular service appointments. However driving around NYC really challenges the GPS of any car. I have driven several different kinds of cars with different GPS systems and they all have had issues. A Chrysler 200 car took me down a one way road the wrong way! Yikes.

Perhaps using another Garmin is the way to go. It’s not pretty having to plug it into the power socket, but I trusted it completely and it rarely took me on a wild goose chase like almost every other GPS has in NY. Perhaps its time to get one.


Night Shift in iPhone works great

A new feature in the 9.3 update is called Night Shift. It seems like a small feature, but for many people it will significantly change the quality of their life.

What it does it to change the white point or color of the screen when it is dark. According to studies the white blueish light that electronic devices give off interfere with sleep. So theoretically this should allow people to sleep better.

I tried it last night and it worked great. It was strange at first to see the more yellow than blue tint on the screen but you could control exactly how much tint it showed. I thought it was fantastic. So many people suffer from bad sleep, this could be the thing that help prevent that.

Night Shift in iPhone works greatI know that many people use the iPad as a reader, so I can imagine that this could help possibly millions of people. What is more exciting is that this kind of ergonomic or health related aspect was seen as important by Apple. Perhaps in the future they will have more medical and pro-social uses of the iPad. For a population that is getting older, this would be a huge selling point. I can imagine that perhaps a decade in the future the iPad might be the brains of a home robot. A robot that could be used to assist people who have limited mobility or energy. I was just thinking of a client that I had who is blind. He loves Siri and the ability to get information at anytime. Apple has increased the quality of life for so many people, it is a great benefit that it is so affordable.

Yes there was speech recognition before Siri. It cost hundreds of dollars and required a computer. It took time and money to train, and so for many people it wasn’t practical or affordable. Now that iPhone are subsidized by the carrier or even free for signing up, this opens doors to people who couldn’t do it before. It is hard to imagine for people who have money, but sometimes just a very small increase of money can make a big difference in people’s lives. I know this first hand when my first job made me less than minimum wage. Too many people don’t have their needs taken care of, and it isn’t because of their intelligence or willingness but opportunity.

That is another article however. Night Shift and Siri are going in the right direction to help those less fortunate.

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