iPhone is asking for iCloud activation randomly

I woke up this morning and my iPhone asked me for my iCloud activation when I went to use it. It had been working fine last night, and I had not changed anything on it or even used any iCloud features. Has this happened to you?

iPhone 5 Battery ReplacementI think if I had to guess what happened it would be that Apple wanted me to agree to the new terms and conditions of the Apple ID/cloud service. When I put in my apple ID and password the first thing it asked me to do was to agree to the terms and conditions.

What else was interesting about this is that it wasn’t a prompt as if the password had gone bad. When a password goes bad, or you forget the password, it prompts you with the Apple ID already entered and asking for just the password. In this case it acted as though I had signed out of the Apple ID, which I had not signed out of.

This could also be the fact that it hadn’t done a iCloud backup for a month or so. I am not sure why but when I went to Settings > iCloud > Backup and tried to do a backup it wouldn’t do it. I just went to do it again now as I write this, and now it is working. Strange. I have seen that the iCloud backups have issues when connected to networks that are slow or congested. That is certainly my home network. I normally have a PS4 using it, so perhaps it doesn’t share network bandwidth well. Well it finished backing up so maybe this was the problem.