Multiple Apple ID’s only cause confusion

I help people who often try to set up their iPhone themselves. In the process it seems that some people create multiple Apple ID’s, and this only causes confusion.

What commonly happens is that they setup an ID and then forget the password. Rather than resetting the password, they just create another ID. The problem is that when they get a new phone, they don’t remember which Apple ID email password they used. So then normally it means we have to reset two apple ID accounts instead of one.

It is interesting isn’t it, that for many services people perceive it easier to create a new account than to reset the password? This multiple accounts also happen if people change email addresses, or forgot the original email address. Some people keep their iPhones for many years and since people feel overwhelmed with passwords they don’t remember.

Multiple Apple ID's only cause confusionSo why am I bringing this up? Unfortunately for some people having multiple Apple ID’s is required. When people work for a business, businesses often set them up with an Apple ID that is connected to their business email. Businesses spend money on apps, and they want them only to be used by employees. So then this means that someones personal collection of data, apps and everything that Apple ID is separate.

The problem with two Apple ID’s is obviously people don’t want to have to switch between accounts. Traditionally most businesses give people a phone and that phone has their business Apple ID on it. This option gets a lot of push-back from people because people don’t like having to carry two phones. So then another option businesses use is to allow people to use their personal phone, but to install software so they can wipe the phone of all data when they are no longer employees. They have to sign a form that clearly says they understand this will delete their personal data as well.

After their personal data is deleted from their iPhone, then they can set up their personal Apple ID and continue with their life. Alternatively people can use and log in to whatever Apple ID and see their Apple captured contacts, mail, calendar’s if they want to use two Apple ID’s. Unfortunately not everyone can afford two phones. Most people who use Apple ID also use the iCloud option just to manage their information easier than they can on their phone.

So if a company allows you to use your personal Apple ID that is really the best scenario. If they require you to install software on your iPhone to protect their data I would allow that. This is a much easier and faster option than trying to deal with two separate accounts.

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Clouds at water level

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