AWS top cloud in reliability

The link at the bottoms discusses a list of different cloud providers and their uptime. It makes sense that AWS would be at the top. They would probably lose millions of dollars since they host Amazon if they weren’t.

I tried all the major cloud providers and AWS was the best. For the average IT person, Amazon was the least difficult to use. It is difficult for IT people to trust VPS servers and not be able to control the machines, although managed support is very attractive for smaller companies. Ideally being able to do either to connect to the computer and have it managed would be the best. If the user could be logged in what they do and then roll back if it was the user problem and charged appropriately I think most people would be open to that.

What is the most exciting about the cloud is how easily it gives non IT people leverage to roll out IT services. Instead of having to have a ton of IT experience anyone now can use Office 365 to set up an email account. I don’t know who other than IT might want to do this, but its possible. So things that used to take high amounts of skill are no longer so complex. Yes this signals danger (to job employment) and change for IT, but it also gives IT another tool to improve the reliability and responsiveness to business needs.

Amazon Web Services tops list of most reliable public clouds — Tech News and Analysis.