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10 Ways of knowing you are a New Yorker

It dawned on me that I had adjusted to life in NY after I realized one of these below. It is such a pleasure to live in NY. I enjoyed living in Chicago but NY has so much more culture and opportunities. In addition it really gives you an experience of open-mindedness and freedom.

10 Ways of knowing you are a New Yorker
New York Central Park
  1. You think the cab drivers are too slow in traffic.
  2. People ask you where the tourist sites are- and you know.
  3. Nothing in the subway surprises you anymore.
  4. You have less money to spend every year because your rent goes up.
  5. You want to see more of the culture but lack the money to do so.
  6. You start to learn words from other cultures because you live and work with other cultures closely.
  7. You see frequent identical things without looking for them. Like the same cars next to each other, or people wearing the same clothing.
  8. You don’t want more stuff, you want less stuff because you have no place to put it.
  9. Good food is always a good memory and anytime is a good time to eat.
  10. You have jobs that you could have never had where you came from. You are needed in many places because of your knowledge and experience.

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Laptop acting funny? Don’t let it get cold

I helped a friend yesterday who said that for two days in a row when he started his laptop in the morning, it gave a blue screen of death. This is a pretty common thing for an IT person to hear in the Winter. It doesn’t mean the laptop is broken, often it means that it just got cold.

Frosty the SnowmanSo I asked him if he had left it somewhere cold and he said that he left it in the trunk overnight. I don’t know why, but people leave their computers in their car without a second thought. Besides it possibly being stolen, computers don’t like extreme temperatures. If you look some manufactures actually state this in the owner’s manual. Computers like to be comfortable like humans. If it makes you sweat or makes you cold, then the computer doesn’t like it.

It is really amazing really. Laptops are packed with all kinds of tiny and fragile things. It is amazing they are as durable as they are. Being frozen and then coming back to life, well that is something that only Frosty can relate to.

I actually wrote about this in one of my first posts to this blog. I used to live in Chicago and it got very cold. Besides laptops, iPhones or smartphones need to stay warm as well. There are cases that help protect them from cold weather. However the best advice is to keep it in your pocket or close to your chest in cold weather.

Besides the cold, computers also hate: dust, humidity, acid, motion, and natural disasters. Motion would be major things like moving the computer up and down while you were using it, or trying to use it on a roller coaster. Laptops seem to handle being in a bumpy car pretty well, or most standard forms of transportation, although I’m sure they would have a longer life if they were not used in those situations.

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