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Will writing be done by machine in the future?

I hope not. What a boring read that will be.

In this Washington Post article they talk about how their beginning Artificial Intelligence will provide updates to Twitter.

Calling this “Artificial Intelligence” is a stretch. They are summarizing things that can easily be compared with templates. This is just cut and paste at this point. Writing means that the writer have a point of view, and spitting out facts does not make a point of view.

Will writing be done by machine in the future?I have met writers and the best ones do more than relay facts. They show insight, humor and a breath of qualities that people still care about. I think in the future people will tire of clickbait and want to return to intelligently written things. At least that is my hope anyway.

When we outsource every job to the machine, we give up far more than we think. It isn’t wrong to experiment with this. I like that we are trying things with Artificial Intelligence, but we are applying them to the wrong problems.

I watched a NHK documentary in which AI was working to analyze cancer and suggested helpful treatments. This of course is the life saving applications it should be going. Making our cutting edge things apply to entertainment is a strange way of applying technology.

AI would be ideal for those who are limited intellectually, as a safeguard for children, as a way to rehabilitate adults on drugs and other disorders. Imagine how much good a robot can do that would uplift and support humanity, rather than destroy things like we imagine in movies. I would love a robot that cooks, cleans and helps find things that will improve my life. We all need that kind of advocate.

If writing is done by machines in the future, the perhaps this means we value laziness more than experience. I hope we never get to that point as a species. We need human warmth to be fulfilled.

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Stories from my Past: I have cancer

What looks like a disaster often works out for the best.

I went to a coin machine that counts your coins and when I put them in, the machine stopped working. I was embarrassed worried that I had broken the machine. The woman who was responsible for it said not to worry it just ran out of paper to print a receipt.

So while she was loading it with a new roll of paper another customer wanted to use it as well. To pass the time I was making small talk with him and he shared that he had cancer. I listened as he talked for a while, and so surprised at his openness and willingness to share.

Stories from my Past: I have cancerThe machine got fixed and he was able to put in his coins and take care of business. I said bye and started to walk away. The woman who was responsible for the machine thanked me for distracting him and was grateful that I was there.

Isn’t it strange how in life we think that we might be causing a problem, but really we are part of the best possible solution? The guy who shared about his cancer was being treated and was ok now, but he needed someone to listen. Did it cost me anything to listen to him? No. Did it bother my day? Not at all. If anything I felt more grateful and happy that I am healthy. Did the woman appreciate it? Yes. So often what we do affects so many people in ways we don’t even realize.

Do we realize how often people just need to be listened to and not judged? I see everyday that when I have listened, it has helped peoples mood, ideas and life. Not judging their life allows them to grow and it often helps yourself as well. I felt good after that experience, and it was because I am open to it and allow life to teach me. What do you want life to teach you?

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