Thoughts on Windows 8.1

Thoughts on Windows 8.1

I have used Windows 8.1 on and off and consistently been disappointed by it. Is this really the best that Microsoft could do?

The problems have been documented by other reviews. I can’t add anything there. Yes, there are some advantages compared to Windows 7 like faster boot time and faster shut down and restart. They are almost like a Macintosh. However it is not enough.

It not my purpose here to complain about the faults in this system. I just find it interesting how out of touch Microsoft is with its audience. The longer that companies exist, the more they seem to be out of touch with their audience. It seems like companies can’t remember what the purpose of the customer is. It is to make their life easier, and yet how few of them seem to be able to do that.

Windows XPWith decades of computer experience I found the 8.1 experience confusing and hostile. The average person will not like it. I wonder why the focus groups said this was a good idea. Did they take the computer out into the world and see what the average person reacted to it? So many ways that Microsoft failed with this.

I see very few companies that seem dedicated to making their customers lives easier. Tesla comes to mind, perhaps Toyota when they are being honest, Apple is becoming less helpful as it gets bigger. How many of their customers are going to buy the Apple watch? Apparently enough of them. It does make you wonder where their focus is. The average man, or those who have lots of cash. You always need to pursue money as a business, I just wonder where this will lead.

Where is the customer-friendly business? One that is socially responsible, that solves more problems than it creates? Oh, perhaps Whole Foods that donates a portion of its profits to charitable foundations. I agree with an article that said that the only businesses that will survive in the future are those that are sustainable. I don’t see the sustainability in Microsoft, or any business that thinks that the status quo is ok. Microsoft took a big step back with windows 8/8.1, this is a critical “jump the shark” moment that they may not recover from. One can only hope.