Spotify vs Rdio vs Deezer vs Rhapsody vs Grooveshark vs BeatsMusic vs Slacker vs Google Play All Access vs Rara

I received an email yesterday saying that my online music service Mog was going away and going to be replaced with BeatsMusic.

The Pros – Most of my music was transferred within 24 hours. So that was nice. Two albums were not, one which was parental guidance and one which was not. I was able to find the album with PG, but the second one was not available from that artist. Not a big deal. I like the album but nothing is perfect. The app is more responsive on iPhone than Mog was when you interact with it.

Update: I sent an email to customer support for the missing album. Their advertising said that their library was “built on” the Mog library which doesn’t seem to be the case. To be fair, other music services haven’t had all the albums I’ve wished to listen to. If its not possible I will accept it, but the impression is misleading.

Update 2: It might take six weeks to get the missing album. More importantly is that I just realized I am missing a playlist that contains at least 50 individual songs. I sent an email to support about it. Waiting for the update.

The Cons – The interface is not intuitive. For example, I created a playlist but I can’t seem to delete it. Their FAQ didn’t solve it, and the first level support was useless. They said they would escalate the issue. I don’t think that they have updated their instructions because it isn’t matching what I am seeing in the iPhone app. The design is very web page centric, and I liked the design of the older mog service more. Also the webplayer is not as good as Mog, but the selections it is choosing are interesting. I had to comb through more music on Mog to find albums I liked, but there is still 90% that is filler. I have given it information on a couple dozen albums/artists so perhaps in time it will get smarter.

Update: It turns out that the instructions were not clear. It was not available on the webpage, but only through the app. This is something that Mog had. The way to do it on the iPhone is not intuitive and awkward but possible.

I’ll give this a month and see if it grows on me. If it doesn’t, I may just go back to evaluating online music services. I still like Grooveshark, but their lack of iPhone app is irritating. It is dangerous to try to adjust the iPhone in traffic when picking up my friend in his car and I can’t accept that risk. I’m not crazy about the backers of the project either, so I might disconnect just because of being forced to move off mog.

I have been researching and I found this very helpful article with a great chart. You should visit this page. It breaks down like this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 1.47.25 PM

So I have to immediately throw out Spotify for its offline storage limit. I have to throw out Slacker/Rdio for its low audio quality. Google play gets the boot for its anti-competitive practices. I just tried listening to Slacker and it sounded terrible. How can people accept that?

Rara is another music streaming service like Slacker, Spotify, iTunes Radio in which you can’t select music to play on-demand. To me, that puts it in the not interested category. Rhapsody/Deezer I have already tested and found them to be lacking. Avoid.



Problems with OSX Mavericks after…: Apple Support Communities

Problems with OSX Mavericks after…: Apple Support Communities.

Wifi MavericksNicely done Old Toad.

Try the following in order as necessary:

1 – boot into the Recovery volume (boot with the Command + R keys held down), select Disk Utility and repair both the disk and disk permissions. Reboot normally and check for improvements.

2 – boot into the Recovery volume (boot with the Command + R keys held down) and reinstall the system.


Magic Mouse right-click stopped working…: Apple Support Communities

Magic Mouse right-click stopped working…: Apple Support Communities. Looks like it is a simple preference file deletion. Thanks Seablayne.

Magic Mouse right-click stopped working...: Apple Support Communities

 Seablayne  on Oct 23, 2013 7:28 AM

I found a thread that suggested deleting (or moving to desktop) the following files then rebooting. number here).plist number here).plist.locked

I forget where they were located but I easily found them by searching with “”

Try at your own risk but it seems to have worked.  It’s possible that rebooting is all that was necessary so I would try that first.

Resorting to rebooting to get things to work starts to feel like the old days on Windows!  When in doubt, reboot.


Disk not ejected properly: Apple Support Communities

Disk not ejected properly: Apple Support Communities. Robin did some excellent standing up for herself and finding a solution. Sometimes you often get the impression with first line support that they want to blame the problem on you. Clearly it was a system issue. Here is the solution she followed in the link above.

Disk not ejected properly: Apple Support Communities


1. Pull out your ethernet cable and disable WiFi and any other network connectivity you have.

2. Open Finder, go to your computer and then select you Macintosh HD (or whatever you have renamed it).

3. Go to Macintosh HD – Library – Preferences

4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and you ewill see a folder called SystemConfiguration

5. Pull this folder onto the desktop.

6. Go to System Preferences – Sharing and change the name of your computer, even just a litlle bit.

7. Reboot

8. Re-enable Wifi and Ethernet

9. If you have installed Jettison, remove it and remove it from your start up items.

You shoudl be good to go.

My machine was constantly ejecting my USB drive, even if left for onnly 10-15 minutes, since doing this I have not had one single ejection and I am into 48 plus hours of run time.

If you like what Jettison does but don’t want to eject the disks everytime your computer sleeps and it will!, then try UnDock from the Mac App store.

Very similar functionality BUT it is a manual process.

In my case if I am going to be going out I will simply use the key combo I hae seletced Ctrl-Alt-Command plus U and all my external devices undock.

I really hope this helps one or more you you guys.




No sound on TV from your laptop Airplay Extended Display?

AirPlay Extended Display No Sound From…: Apple Support Communities. I have had this problem too. I rebooted the Apple TV to fix it. This post also suggests rebooting the laptop. Both are valid and work. However another post said that disconnecting from wifi and then rejoining fixes the issue. That seems like an easier solution to me. I can’t wait for this error to happen again to test this. I will update this if it fixes it.

AirPlay Extended Display No Sound From...: Apple Support Communities